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Facts About Teachers

“What makes a teacher is a love … for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into the higher consciousness of a mission.”Nearly everyone has a tale about an instructor who inspired them.

The teacher who taught learning to be enjoyable or ignited a passion for a certain subject, or even made students work to achieve their goals.

Facts About Teachers: These are the teachers whom we remember. Their legacy remains in the personal and professional accomplishments of the students who went by their class. They still invigorate, even after the end of the class.

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7 Facts About Teachers that could surprise you

1. more than 3 million teachers are working in the U.S. Public schools have an average of 3.2 million equivalent full-time teachers, as per the federal statistics. It sounds like a lot when you realize around 51 million students in K-12 schools instruct!

2. The vast majority of teachers are female. The fact that so many teachers are female is probably not surprising. However, the proportion could be higher than you thought. It’s close to 77 percent. Plus, more than 54 percent of principals are female also.

3. They probably work more than you think, not just inside the class. We’re all jealous of the vacations that teachers enjoy; however, according to research, teachers work at least 50 hours per week. It’s possible that they don’t have any summer vacations: Around 70% of their employees work additional jobs.

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4. When they’re not teaching, many teachers take classes on their own. About sixty percent of the teachers possess graduated from postgraduate programs. To further their careers, further training is usually needed. In contrast to the corporate world, this training is completed on teachers’ time (typically at their own expense).

5. They spend their own money to pay for their classroom. If teachers do not have sufficient supplies or wish to supply them with additional supplies for their pupils, nearly all (94 percent) have to dig deep into their pockets. The cost for the teacher-funded supply? Around $500 per year. This isn’t pocket money, particularly when you consider teacher salaries are average $55,000 across the country.

6. Frequently, that assistance goes far beyond school items. More than 65percent of teachers who participated in the survey reported that they had provided food or the costs of field excursions for students in need. In addition, 33% of them have purchased coats, gloves, or other winter-related clothing for the children who are in class. They’re committed to more than just education. They are committed to the health of their students.

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7. The best gift isn’t an apple. Although the image is classic of an apple on a desk in the middle of the class, educators say there are better ways to express your gratitude. Consider a gift card to the local coffee shop or even an office supply store to help them with their expenses in the classroom. If you’re among the 88% of students who claim that a teacher has hugely positively influenced their lives, however, the most important thing could be a personal note that reads, “Thank you for doing what you do.”

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