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14 Amazing Facts About Strawberries You Didn’t Understand

They’re tough, and they have seeds that stick to the exterior.

It’s a joy to spot this season’s first sweet and ripe fruit at the nearby farmer’s markets. In 2013, the mild temperatures aren’t coming as quickly in certain areas in the United States, which means that the strawberries are still green.

However, the color shouldn’t deter you from purchasing the popular tart, green strawberries. The chefs use unripe strawberries, fresh or pickled, and in all kinds of dishes from soups, salads, and desserts cake. If you like your strawberries sweet and juicy, then you’re likely to be with the majority.

Whatever you prefer, we’re betting you didn’t know Facts About Strawberries this deep up to now:

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Amazing Facts About Strawberries

  1. The Strawberries are the sole fruit to have seeds visible on the outside. A typical berry is covered with around 200. It’s no wonder that it takes only one bite to have seeds stuck inside your mouth.
  2. Strawberries aren’t berries at all, unlike blueberries or grapes. A berry is a fruit that has seeds inside. In addition, to be extremely technical, each seed of a strawberry is thought of by botanists as an individual fruit. Whoa, meta!
  3. Strawberries belong to the rose family of roses. If you happen to see an acre of them, you’ll see that they smell just as delicious as they taste.
  4. Strawberry plants are perennial. That means that whether you plant one today, it will return next year and then the next. It might not be fruitful immediately; however, once it does, it will be productive for about five years.
  5. Americans consume around three tons of freshly picked strawberries every year. The figure is closer to five pounds when you add frozen strawberries. A study found that over half of the nine-year-olds selected strawberries as their most-loved fruit. They’re nature’s candy!
  6. Belgium is home to a museum that is dedicated to strawberries. In The Musee de la Fraise (The Strawberry Museum), it is possible to purchase anything from strawberry-flavored jams to beer.
  7. Native Americans ate strawberries long before European colonists arrived. As the first spring fruit, they were delicious, fresh-picked, and eaten, or made into cornbread.
  8. The early Romans believed that strawberries were medicinal properties. They employed the fruit for everything from depressive symptoms, fainting, kidney stones, fever, sore throats, and bad breath.
  9. Sex & Strawberries? In France in France, where they’re considered to be aphrodisiacs, the strawberries are served to newlyweds during traditional wedding breakfasts in the shape of rich sweet soup.
  10. Strawberries are believed to lower the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer. The fruit is low in calories and high in vitamin C B6, B6, K, and folic acids, fiber amino acids, and potassium.
  11. Strawberries have high levels of Nitrate. It has been proven to boost blood flow and oxygen flow to muscles. Research suggests that athletes who consume a large number of strawberries before exercise have more endurance and can burn more calories.
  12. California produces around 80percent of the strawberries that are grown in the U.S. They produce around 2.25 billion pounds of heart-shaped fruits each year. Every state within the U.S. and every province in Canada produces its own.
  13. To preserve fresh strawberries, clean them, then cut off the stem. If you intend to store them in the refrigerator for a while, be sure to wait until the day after eating them to clean them. The process of washing them can cause them to spoil.
  14. Strawberries can also be picked. Particularly when picked in the green variety or not yet ripe. If the berries are ripe, you can make jam!

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