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10 Surprising Facts About Stephen Curry

One of the world’s most well-known and admired athletes in the 21st century, there’s a small number of things that people aren’t familiar with about Stephen Curry.

The most acclaimed shooter of all time, Curry’s professional and personal life has been the subject of great public scrutiny.

Yet, at times, a story is revealed about his life, which his admirers usually do not notice. In this article, we’ll examine some of these interesting facts.

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Facts About Stephen Curry

#10 Steph Curry and LeBron James were both born in the same place

This may come as a surprise for certain people. Stephen Curry was born in Akron, Ohio, the same city LeBron James was raised in. His father, at the time Dell Curry, an ex- NBA basketball player Dell Curry, was playing as a player for Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a coincidence, they were admitted to the hospital where they were born, Akron General Medical Center, which is the exact location. But, Curry spent most of his childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte, North Carolina, while his father was a player in Charlotte’s Charlotte Hornets.

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#9 is a confessed popcorn lover

Steph Curry has not just inherited the ability to shoot sharply from their father. His, however, could have also inherited an enthusiasm for popcorn. As his father did, the 31-year-old loves to indulge in popcorn to the point that he has power rankings for all thirty NBA arenas.

Steph has been as thorough as assessing popcorn quality on a 0-5 scale with saltiness, freshness, crunchiness, butter, and presentation as the five factors. The arena with the highest score from Curry has been the American Airlines Arena (home of the Dallas Mavericks), with an average score of 24. The arena with the lowest is Staples Center (home to the LA Lakers and LA Clippers), with an average score of 10.

#8 He’s a keen golfer.

Steph Curry takes her golf seriously. The assassin with a baby face often has time to participate in golf tournaments in the off-season. Curry has mentioned several times in interviews that if he had were not a basketball player, the possibility of becoming a golfer. Curry has even played golf alongside the likes of Barack Obama, speaking of that.

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#7 He has a good relationship with Barack Obama

If you’re a three-time NBA winner attending the White House and meeting the president of the United States becomes mundane. On the other hand, you will become acquainted with the president and his family.

Due to his fame, Steph Curry maintains good relations and friendships with Barack Obama. If he can find the opportunity, Curry likes to engage in some golf competitions and friendly exchanges with Obama, who was the past president. United States president.

#6 He was once featured in a Burger King commercial as a young child

The son of a famous NBA player is rewarding, not to be understated. In an age where most youngsters are gaming on video, Steph Curry played courtside with some of the most famous NBA players and was featured in commercials. Because of his father’s popularity, the actor appeared in the Burger King commercial alongside him.

#5 His favorite player growing up was Muggsy Bogues

As a child with a big heart, Stephen Curry was always the underdog as a child. However, this didn’t deter Stephen Curry from taking inspiration from the most diminutive NBA player, Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues, who was 5’3 inches tall. Apart from his father, Steph admired the former NBA point guard, known as a player who could blast through his foes.

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#4 Nike’s mistake of $14 billion

Many the fans don’t realize that Curry was wearing Nike shoes at the beginning of his career. It was not until 2013 that Curry changed over to Under Armour. However, not until Nike gave him the notorious contract.

They misspelled his name incorrectly as Stephon. However, they also did not bother to alter the PowerPoint presentation to Curry that was originally intended to be a tribute to Kevin Durant. And to make matters worse, some of the most senior executives didn’t show up for the meeting. This was when Stephen Curry decided to leave Nike.

#3 Stephen is his middle name.

A lot of fans believe that Stephen Curry’s name is his initial. In addition, to his shooting ability, he has a common surname with his father. His father’s name is Wardell Stephen Curry II which is why he’s often referred to as Dell Curry. His younger brother Wardell Stephen Curry II is known in the NBA as Stephen to the NBA.

#2 I can do everything

Stephen Curry is a devout Christian who isn’t afraid of displaying his religious beliefs. Stephen Curry can write “I can do all things” in every game on his Under Armour sneakers. These words originate directly from Philippians 4:13, a verse found in the Bible (I can accomplish everything through Christ, who is my strength). A former MVP of the league has been practicing the same routine when he first became a player at Davidson.

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#1 Steph Curry’s mouthguards

Those who are genuine NBA fans collecting memorabilia directly connected with the players is worth the risk. In the end, they bring in the money for them. For instance, ask Stephen Curry. His mouthguards used in games were auctioned off for hundreds of dollars; one (worn in the fourth game of The 2018 NBA Finals) had an estimated $30,000. This is quite a sum for a mouthpiece that is used.

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