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10 Nutsy Facts About Squirrels

What exactly makes National Squirrel Day (January 21) so well-known? Perhaps it’s because squirrels are cute and extremely entertaining to observe. It could be because of the many costumes they sport (not actual hats- please do not wear hats to squirrels). Have a look at these cool Facts About Squirrels!

This is because they can play various roles like acrobat gardener, bandit, trickster, and many more. I decided to find out what makes these animals worthy of their own time, And, after reading the details, I discovered it might be possible to like squirrels a bit more.

Facts About Squirrels

1. Squirrels may find food under a foot of snow.

Food is essential in the winter months of cold for squirrels. It’s only natural, therefore, that certain species can smell food beneath one foot of snow. The squirrels will then dig into the snow to dig a tunnel, following the scent towards their (or another squirrel’s) hidden treasure.

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2. The front teeth of squirrels never stop expanding.

It is a feature of other rodents and also. The term “rodent” originates from “order,” which is the Latin “order,” meaning to chew.

3. Squirrels can lose up to 25 percent of their food to the thief.

This is just from the same species! People who are scattered hoarders (squirrels with many food caches) have difficulty watching the food they hide away. Birds and squirrels often benefit from this in exchange for free food.

4. They move around in zigzags to escape predators.

If squirrels are afraid when they feel threatened, they flee in a zigzag style. This is a highly effective strategy to escape hawks or other predators. However, it’s not working as well with automobiles. Think about slowing down and even giving squirrels a brake!

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5. Squirrels can appear to bury nuts to deter thieves.

Squirrels are known to engage with ” deceptive caching.” This is when the squirrel makes an opening and then vigorously over it and does not deposit the nuts. It appears that the purpose is to ward away potential food thieves.

6. A squirrel that is just born is around one inch long.

If you encounter one of these tiny squirrels, take a look at these resources that will tell you what to do. This will give the squirrel it’s the best chance of survival.

7. Humans introduced squirrels into the majority of the major parks in our cities.

The tale of why U.S. Parks are full of squirrels is fascinating and worth reading.

8. Squirrels are intelligent, acrobatic, and flexible.

If you’re still not convinced, try to put up the bird feeder without creatures posing a threat.

9. They grow bulky to stay warm during winter.

In addition, putting on weight is just one-way squirrels remain warm in winter’s cold months.

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10. Squirrels can’t eliminate the entire hidden nuts, which results in more trees!

They’ve contributed thousands of tree species to the forests of our country. If you’re me, that’s a pretty excellent reason to love squirrels.

Shreya is a young mind who is always in search of creativity, be it in work or living a life. She's a keen observer who loves to pen down her thoughts on anything and everything. With a factful mind, she's here sharing some with you!


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