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Facts About South California

Everyone loves visiting beautiful locations in Southern California; it’s also enjoyable to understand the state you reside in by understanding some interesting facts. Look over these eight things to discover and Facts About South California the ones you’re already aware of.

From the past to population growth and even the little-known facts concerning wild group animals that live in SoCal, you’ll be left with new knowledge that you didn’t know about SoCal.

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Facts About South California

Eight Fun facts about the Golden State that will turn You into a Southern California Expert

1. With an estimated total population of 39.5 million people, California is among the top states in the United States. With 1,040 miles in length and 560 miles wide, California is the third-largest state in terms of landmass, coming just behind Alaska and Texas.

2. The California Grizzly Bear has been the state animal since 1953. The animal is visible across SoCal in different types of artwork, and even on the California state flag, the symbols representing the California Grizzly can be seen throughout.

3. nine parks belong to the National Parks spread across all of the states; California has the most national parks in the whole nation.

4. Alongside having the highest population density and most national parks in any other state globally, California is also home to the country’s largest county.

5. The highest temperature recorded in the world was in Southern California in Furnace Creek in Inyo County. The temperature hit 133.3 degrees on the 10th of July 1913. That’s scorching!

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6. It is the Citrus Capital of the world just here, in SoCal.

7. To locate the Avocado Capital of the World, go towards the small town of Fallbrook, in which you’ll find avocados abundantly.

8. The island is located at Catalina Island, a short ferry ride away from SoCal, an unruly herd of bison is a common sight. It dates back to the 1920s the first bison herd was transported to the area of SoCal to be used in a silent film. Bison were never removed from the land, and now the herd is bison strong.

You’re now an expert! Did you have these fun details about Golden State? If not, then we’re sure that you’ve had a blast with these fun facts.

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