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Facts About South America

Are you interested in learning more information about South America? Here are 25 interesting facts concerning South America that you probably didn’t realize before you started

To make this more enjoyable, I would like to make you think twice about it. What number of the South America facts did you knew prior to having read this? Tell us your answer in the comments section!

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Facts About South America

1. Twelve countries are that comprise South America

These include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Apart from these state-owned sovereigns there are 3 dependent territories. They include The Falkland Islands (UK), French Guiana (France) South Georgia South Georgia, as well as the South Sandwich Islands (UK).

If you think that flags are fascinating, make sure to test your knowledge with South American country flags.

2. Certain tribes of the indigenous have zero contact with contemporary society.

In this globalized world we’ve learned that it’s difficult to believe that there are some indigenous tribes around the world that have had very little or no contact with modern society.

Certain tribes of indigenous people have been discovered in recent years, deep within the Amazon rainforest. Scientists believe that there are other tribes hidden even deeper within the forest.

This is certainly an extremely fascinating details regarding South America!

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3. Over 300 different languages can be heard across the continent

English, Spanish and Portuguese are the three most commonly spoken languages, however there are also indigenous languages that are spoken by many people, like Quechua (8,9 million people who speak it), Guarani (4,9 million speakers) and Aymara (2,8 millions speakers).

Alongside that experts estimate that there are over 300 languages being spoken every day across the continent.

Photo: Pablo Rogat /

4. Amazon Rainforest Amazon Rainforest is the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem.

Although it is true that the Amazon forest is afflicted by illegal deforestation and legal deforestation and the trade in illegal pets It is the home of over 40 percent of the world’s species of plants and animals. It’s incredibly biodiverse which is why it has protection.

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5. It was once connected to Africa

Around 550 million years ago It was believed the South American continent was puzzled together with Africa, Australia as well as Antarctica and as along with the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian peninsula that together formed the supercontinent referred to as Gondwana.

It split 180 million years ago and the continents that they are now were formed.

6. La Paz is the highest capital in the world.

The Bolivian capital is situated at an elevation of 3,640m (11,942 feet) that is one of the top city in the world, and the most affluent capital in the world.

A lot of visitors flying through La Paz will need some days to get used to the higher altitude.

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7. Home to the driest spot on Earth

It is said that the Atamaca Desert is considered to be the driest spot on Earth and some areas of it have not seen rain since recordings began. It’s extremely dry, and some areas which have received rain had not seen rainfall since more than 40 years.

8. Brazil is the most populous nation in South America

Brazil encompasses 47,3% of the planet and is the biggest nation both in terms of population and land area. Brazil has over 210 million people and is also among the most populous countries around the globe..

9. Suriname is the tiniest country in South America

On the other hand of the spectrum, Suriname holds the title as the smallest nation of South America, and it is also among the most sparsely populated nations around the globe.

Suriname has a population of around 568,000 and an of 163,821 square kilometers (63,252 sq miles).

10. Aconcagua is the world’s highest mountain.

The highest mountain outside of Asia and the highest one located in South America is known as Aconcagua and is majestically situated at 6962 metres above sea level in Argentina.

11. The world’s tallest waterfall is located here. in the world

This is also the place to see the highest waterfall on earth in the form of the Angel waterfall in Venezuela and has an incredible height of 979 meters!

12. There were numerous great civilizations that have lived here

The Inca people are perhaps the most famous of civilizations, and their empire was spread across vast areas of South America. However, other civilizations like Chavin, Paracas, and the Nazca civilizations, for instance, have developed the enigmatic Nazca line in Peru.

The oldest advanced civilization known dates to the period 3000-2000 BC and is referred to as Caral Supe that was located on Central Peru. Another well-known kingdom is called the Tiwanaku empire, which flourished on the banks of Lake Titicaca.

Today, many of the sites from the past remain in use, including Machu Picchu might be the most well-known.

13. Christianity is the most important religion.

The majority of South American population consider themselves to be Christians and more than 80 percent of them of them are Roman Catholics, making Christianity the primary religious system within South America.

14. There are numerous natural resources found in South America

Metals like Iron, Gold, Silver and Petroleum are few of the richest sources that are available across the continent. Even even though Europeans took over the continent with gold, there’s still vast quantities of gold remaining.

Photo: steve estvanik /

15. More than 20 percent of the oxygen content is created here.

Around 22percent of the planet is covered in forests and they’re alive with life. Amazon rainforest Amazon forests are the biggest one, but there are other rainforests as well as cloud forests too.

They are essential in the production of oxygen for people around the world It is believed at 20% oxygen on the planet is produced within these forests.

Photo: R.M. Nunes/Shutterstock

5 Fun Facts About South America

  • Brazilians are among the top internet users across the continent.
  • It was named for the Italian Explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
  • South Americans are famous for their beauty
  • Maria Gabriel and Gabriel are the most well-known names used in South America
  • The Guinea pig is a speciality throughout Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru

5 7 South America Facts for Children

  • More than 40 percent of the world’s plant and animals are found here.
  • Many of the most well-known footballers are South Americans
  • The Itaipu Dam in Paraguay is the second-largest hydroelectric project in the world.
  • Dance styles like Tango, Caporales, and Samba
  • Human life evidence within South America dates back to 9000 B.C
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