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10+ Amazing Facts About Softball!!

The history of Softball is rich, deep, and fascinating. Even the most dedicated fan does not know many facts and figures about Softball!!

Millions of baseball fans watch the game on the MLB’s big stage. Many people are familiar with all the rules. Softball has many aspects that are not well known.

There are many facts about Softball that are well-known, but more facts will be surprising to you. These are some fun facts about Softball that you may not have known.

Unexplored Facts About Softball

Unexplored Facts About Softball

1. George Hancock Invented Softball.

Before it became the iconic sport we all know today, Softball was first created in Chicago in 1887. George Hancock, a Chicago Board of Trade journalist, is believed to have invented the sport. It was initially meant to be an indoor version of baseball.

2. The first Softball wasn’t a ball.

While waiting for results from a Yale-Harvard football match, Softball was invented. George Hancock, a Yale fan, threw a boxing glove made from rubber to someone supporting Harvard. The Harvard supporter grabbed his stick and began to defend himself against the balled-up boxing glove. It was an instant classic

3. The first rules of Softball were published by the National League in 1889.

Softball was first played in 1887. George Hancock published the first rules for Softball in 1889 due to its popularity.

4. Walter Hakanson invented the term “softball.”

Walter Hakanson, a member of the YMCA, is credited with inventing the term softball at the National Recreation Congress’ annual meeting in 1926. The sport was popularized across the United States by 1930.

5. Softball has seen many name changes.

This sport is now known as Softball. However, it has had many different names. It has remained relevant throughout the years. It now represents all that is good and necessary about the game.

Softball has many names, including mushball and kitten ball, diamond baseball, indoor baseball, pumpkin balls, cabbage balls, ladies baseball, and many more.

6. There are two types.

Another one of the most basic facts about softball is that there are two types of Softball: slow pitch and fast pitch. Their names are what make the difference.

Slowpitch requires that the pitcher pitch slow and winding pitches to the batter. This makes it an easier type of Softball for beginners.

Fastpitch pitchers throw with speed and underhand, rather than lobbed in an arch to the batter. This results in a game that requires more athletic skill than its slow-pitch counterpart.

7. Chicago still plays the mushball

Chicago is the birthplace of Softball. Today, it’s still played as a variant of the original game, 16-inch Softball.

This game uses a softball that is bigger and softer than a boxing glove. The ball is not caught and fielded with a fielding glove, just as it was back in the day.

8. Softball can be played all over the globe.

Softball can be found in more than 140 countries on every continent. This demonstrates its international appeal. Although the original game was played in the United States, the popularity of Softball quickly spread to other countries.

9. After only 12 years, Softball was removed from the Olympics.

Softball was a popular sport at the 1996 Summer Olympics. It was first played in Atlanta in Georgia. Many people were saddened when the Olympic Committee pulled Softball out of the Olympics in 2008.

Although it is not currently in the Olympics, softball enthusiasts have made many efforts to bring Softball back as a Summer Olympics sport.

10. International softball tournaments are still being played today.

Softball is no longer considered an Olympic Sport. However, the Softball World Championships continue to host international softball games for men and women. The women’s fastpitch championship is held every even year, while the men’s championship takes place in odd years.

Softball is also featured in the Pan-American Games, which are held every four years. The ASA hosts World Cup tournaments each year.

Some interesting facts about softball:

  1. George Hancock invented Softball. He is also credited with inventing the game and creating the undersized bat.
  2. Walter Hakanson, a National Recreational Congress member, coined the name “softball” in 1926.
  3. In 1889, the first rules of Softball were published.
  4. Softball is also known as indoor baseball, playground softball, and kitten ball.
  5. Softball is sometimes called ladies’ baseball, as women primarily play it.
  6. There are two types: slow-pitch Softball and Fastpitch Softball.
  7. Slow-pitch softball, which is the most popular, is the best. The ball must be pitched in an arching motion. It is not allowed to steal or bunt.
  8. Fast-pitch Softball is fastpitch. Bunting and theft are allowed. Each team has nine players on the field.
  9. Softball must be played underhand.
  10. Softball games are seven innings long, compared to nine in a baseball game.
  11. The ball is not soft, even though it is called Softball. It measures approximately 12 inches in diameter, which is more than a baseball. A baseball’s 9-inch circumference is also typical.
  12. Softball’s infield is smaller than a baseball diamond. Softball bases are 60ft apart, while baseball bases are 90ft apart.
  13. Every softball game sold out at the 1996 Olympics.
  14. In 1965, Melbourne, Australia, hosted the first World Softball Championship game. It was a women’s tournament.
  15. Softball was made an Olympic sport for women in 1991. It was first made a medal event at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
  16. After the Beijing Olympic Games in 2006, Softball was voted out of the Olympics.
  17. In 1996 and 2000, the USA won the gold medal at the Olympics for Softball.
  18. 1934 saw the establishment of the Joint Rules Committee on Softball. They standardized the name and rules for the United States.
  19. More than 110 countries are members of the International Softball Federation. The game can now be played on every continent.

To Sum Up:

These facts can only be discovered when compared with other parts of the game and baseball.

Keep watching for more interesting facts about sport!! Until then check out 20+ Unbelievable Squid Game Facts That Blow Your Mind!!

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