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17 Fascinating Facts About Soap

For years, soap has been an integral part of many people’s hygiene routines. Soap is essential for those times when extra hygiene is required. Have a look at these Facts About Soap below!

Although it may seem like a common product, its history is fascinating. These 17 facts are about soap.

Facts About Soap

  1. Soap has existed for at least 4,800 years: Even the ancient Egyptians used a very similar soap to modern soap.
  2. Soap is made with alkali and animal fat (tallow). Soap is both eco-friendly and biodegradable due to its natural origins.
  3. The fictional Mount Sapo is the source of the name “soap,” also mentioned in an ancient Roman legend.
  4. William Procter, a candlemaker, and James Gamble, a soap manufacturer, founded Procter & Gamble – also known as P&G – in 1837.
  5. The soap capitals of the 19th century were Italy and Spain.
  6. American William Sheppard was granted a patent in 1865 for the first liquid soap. This soap was viscous and syrupy. It was used mainly in places where hygiene was essential, such as hospitals and restaurants. Hospitals and restaurants.
  7. P&G was the first soap brand to advertise soap products to housewives in radio broadcasts, starting in 1927.
  8. Radio broadcasts were soap operas. The most popular of these was The Guiding light. Irna Phillips developed this show in 1937. P&G White Naphta Soap sponsored it. The show was broadcast on television in 1952. We still call such shows “soaps.”
  9. American entrepreneur Robert Ridgely Taylor created hundreds of variations of the soap bar at his kitchen table. But his real success was yet to come.
  10. P&G spent $161 Million on TV advertisements for soap in 1966.
  11. Taylor’s brilliant move was to create a liquid soap that could be easily pumped out of the bottle with a dispenser. It was called Cream soap on Tap. It was soon sold in luxurious ceramic dispensers and quickly became a huge success!
  12. Taylor set out to do more in 1980: liquid soap for the common man.
  13. He designed a dispenser with a cap to cover the pump for this Softsoap. The product was able to be placed on shelves without additional packaging.
  14. Taylor invested $12 million, which was all his company’s worth, in his idea. He ordered 100,000,000 soap dispensers from two companies capable of making them.
  15. Softsoap was a huge success, and Taylor sold his company in 1987 to one of his rivals for $61,000,000.
  16. Shortly after, in 1989, Guy Chuan Shiau from Taiwan invented the soap dispenser. Shiau wanted to improve hygiene in public restrooms with it. Automatic soap dispensers are becoming more popular in public toilets. However, they are also more common in homes.
  17. motion sensor is used to make an automatic soap dispenser. The dispenser detects when soap is placed under it and releases small amounts of soap. The whole process is more hygiene-friendly since you don’t have to touch it.

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