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Facts About Snowboarding

There’s nothing better than ripping the slopes on your snowboard and your team and the fresh snow in the mountains! It’s amazing to feel the speed adrenaline and feel the wind and sun on your face as you go across the slope. Also, check out Facts About Snowboarding!

The sport of snowboarding has made significant strides since its beginning during the 1960s. Since then, the sport has always evolved, with more than 7.2 million people taking part and numerous international competitions taking place all over the globe. Whether you’re an expert snowboarder or simply intrigued with the game, here are some interesting facts about snowboarding to discuss with your group.

  1. The sport has been popular since the 60s.
    The invention of snowboarding was made in the 1960s by Sherman Poppen, an engineer living in Muskegon, Michigan in the 1960s.

Since he strapped two skis together and then used rope to steer the skis, it appeared to be surfing. So his wife praised the action with the title “Surfing,” combining the words “Snow” and “Surfing.”

  1. Tom Sims is a legend in the field of.
    In 1963, Tom Sims crafted a snowboard during his wooden class in school. Sims was a fan of skateboarding and wanted to mix it with his other preferred sport that was skiing.

In 1976, Sims won the World Skateboarding Championship. Sims was the founder of Sims Snowboards to sell skating and snowboarding equipment.

Sims continued competing and was named World Snowboarding Champion in 1983.

  1. The first Championships began to emerge in the mid-80s.
    Paul Graves organized the first National Snowboarding Championship in 1982.

Snowboarder cutting through the snow

  1. Young entrepreneurs took an interest in snowboarding!
    Another young snowboarder, Jake Burton Carpenter, founded his own snowboarding company in 1977, at 14 years old.

Carpenter’s company, Burton Snowboards, is still in operation today.

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  1. Is snowboarding less risky than skiing?
    Snowboarders are 50% to 70 percent more likely to be wounded than skiing. However, snowboarders are three times less likely than skiers at the ski slopes.

Broken shoulders, broken wrists, or collarbones are among the most frequent injuries sustained by snowboarders.

  1. It’s not always been a pleasant experience.
    In resorts, snowboarding was prohibited in the 1980s.
  2. It has helped change the sport of winter around.
    In the past, skiing was targeted at the older population, and snowboarding was seen as something for younger people.
  3. The 80s were an important time to snowboard.
    Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont was the first resort that opened to snowboarding in 1983-84. The resort remains popular with snowboarders.
  4. Even Bond went to the board!
    In 1985, in the 1985 James Bond movie “A View to a Kill,” Roger Moore featured snowboarding down the slopes.

Tom Sims was the stunt double in the sequence. James Bond’s downhill tricks helped popularize the sport and bring new snowboarders to the slopes.

mountain gondolas transporting skiers and snowboarders to the top of the mountain

  1. It’s an important draw for fans of sports.
    Today, 30% or more of the total revenue from winter sports is from snowboarding. That is quite a lot considering that over 500 million people worldwide participate in winter sports.
  2. The snowboarding craze first came to prominence at the 1998 Olympics.
    Snowboarding was first introduced during the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.
  3. There are numerous snowboarding competitions.
    There are five major Snowboarding Events, FIS International Ski Federation World Championships, the Winter X Games, the Burton Global Open Series, Shakedown, X-Trail Jam, and the US Open of Snowboarding, among others other events.

A Snowboarder riding the chair lift to return up the mountain

  1. Rebagliati can be a controversial but important person!
    The First Olympic gold medal for snowboarding was won by Ross Rebagliati of Canada. He was disqualified for a short time because his blood test showed positive for cannabis in the blood. However, after the exclusion was reversed, he smoked to celebrate his win.

He began to support medicinal marijuana. He owns his medical marijuana dispensary.

  1. The public has paid thousands to get the best boards.
    The most expensive snowboard ever made was $31,313.13.

The snowboard is the one from 1977. Burton Experimental Prototype was listed via eBay one day before the first day of July 2014.

  1. A record worth breaking!
    The year 2017 saw 1498 snowboarders taken to the slopes at Sheregesh ski resort located in Siberia to break the world record for the highest number of skiers wearing Bikinis and hitting the slopes.

Snowboard bindings

  1. It’s hard in the snow.
    Winter Olympics end up with more injuries than summer sports. In the case of snowboarding, 27.4 percent of snowboarders suffer any kind of injury.

This means that one in every four snowboarders push themselves to their limits.

  1. It’s a fantastic method to get in shape!
    One hour of skiing can lose about 450 calories which is equivalent to drinking three beers. If you’re not planning to gain kilograms, the only thing you need to do is to snowboard for 3-4 hours each day.
  2. There is a myriad of snowboarding terms.
    Snowboarding is a unique sport with its community that has developed an exciting lingo such as sheep (shredding the pipe).

A snowboarder leaps off an incline.

  1. Most snowboarders are men.
    More than 70% of snowboarders are men, So we can confidently claim a gender gap!
  2. Impressive stuff!
    In 2017 Yuki Kadano Yuki Kadano, a Japanese snowboarder who was able to complete a quad-jump called the Backside Quad 1980deg – the most powerful rotation ever done on snowboards.
  3. Snowboarding is more intricate than it appears.
    More than ten snowboarding styles have developed over the past 40 years with snowboarding enthusiasts. Most of these have been introduced to international and national competitions.
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