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15 Amazing Facts About Smart Wearables That You Did Not Know!

In recent years, smart wearable devices have seen a rapid increase in popularity – such as smartwatches and smartwatches that can track heart rate, fitness, sleep, and other metrics. These technological marvels are advancing us closer to a Brave New World than was possible just a few years ago. Explore amazing facts about Smart Wearables here!

Where’s Rex? You can check his pet tracker. What distance did you run? Your smartwatch is on the right track. What is causing you to feel so tired at work? Take a look at your ring’s sweeping report.

We are at the forefront of a technological revolution. Devices are hurling data at us at warp speeds – from all over our bodies. They also have an ever-increasing sophistication.

Facts About Smart Wearables!

You don’t have to wait any longer. Here are 15 facts about smartwatches that you might not know but won’t forget.

  1. Today, almost 1 billion people use smart wearables daily. The world’s population is just 7.5 billion.
  2. One in five Americans uses a smartwatch, or fitness tracker, regularly.
  3. Men are less likely to use smartwatches and fitness trackers regularly than women (25% vs. 18%)
  4. Even though women worldwide tend to use the most fitness trackers globally, men still own the majority of smartwatches.
  5. Wearables are more popular among younger people. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are more popular among those between 18-49 (25%)
  6. Smart wearable owners have more disposable income. A third of Americans who have annual household incomes above $75,000 regularly use fitness trackers, compared to 20% of Americans whose household incomes are between $30,000-$74,999.
  7. Smartwatches really can make us healthier. People who wear fitness trackers are more active than those who don’t. They average around 2,000 more steps per day.
  8. Research has shown that devices like pedometers or step trackers are associated with greater physical activity levels in over 70% of the studies.
  9. 40% of owners of smartwatches or fitness trackers say they are concerned about privacy. Privacy concerns increase to 60% when users subscribe to a service that generates health and fitness reports using their device’s data.
  10. The global fitness tracker market was valued at USD 36 billion in 2020. It is expected to rise to $114.36 million in 2028.
  11. Salesforce reports that 79% of businesses who have used wearable technology in their business say it’s or will be a strategic component of their future success.
  12. Industrial wearable devices are growing quickly in factories and distribution centers.
  13. By 2024, sales will surpass $2.78 trillion. This growth can be attributed to increased productivity, fewer injuries, better awareness, and expanded hands-free training.
  14. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) states that wearable technology is the most popular fitness trend. It has beaten-out outdoor exercise equipment, home exercises, and weight training.
  15. Today there is a lot of talk about smart glasses. This suggests a technological breakthrough within the sector. You might be surprised to learn that Google Glass is still around. Google Glass has never truly disappeared.

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Harrison Jones
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