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15 Interesting Facts About Silver

Silver is one of the most well-known precious metals. Silver is a well-known precious metal. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “seolfor” in Old English. Explore more Facts About Silver below!

Also known as “the poor man’s gold,” silver is more affordable than gold and has more uses. Silver is used not only in jewelry but also in medicine, electronics, painting, and currency.

These are some surprising facts about silver that you may not have known:

Facts About Silver

1. It can even make it rain with silver!

As a “seeding” process, silver iodide is dropped on clouds. It brings rain to dry areas during drought.

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2. Mirror effect

It has a higher reflectivity than any other metal. Because of its high reflectivity, mirrors are often coated with silver.

3. Are you afraid of ghosts? Silver is the answer!

Silver is thought to have the ability to protect you from evil spirits and paranormal creatures and to bring joy.

4. Silver is a good choice for hygiene

Antimicrobial properties are found in silver. Silver can be used to kill bacteria by chemically altering cell membranes.

5. Money means Silver

Fourteen languages have “silver” and “money,” respectively.

6. Silver can take on a variety of colors

Silver can turn black from the reaction with sulfur in the atmosphere. This is why people don’t mix good silverware with mayonnaise or eggs.

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7. Gold is more expensive than gold

Yes, for a short time, silver in Egypt was considered more valuable than gold.

8. Gold in bendiness is a close competitor

After gold, silver is the most malleable metal. A single ounce of silver can be woven into a wire 8,000 feet in length.

9. The Gods of Silver

In 1979, Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt manipulated silver’s price to reach an all-time high at USD 49.45 per troy. This was an increase of more than 700% in just one day. It is believed that they still own at least one-third of the world’s gold.

10. Silver Thursday

The silver price plunged sharply on Thursday, March 27, 1980. On Thursday, the abrupt drop in silver prices was caused by an unsuccessful attempt to control the market. This led to panic in other commodities and is now known as “The Silver Thursday.”

11. Your car’s windows can be silver

Silver conducts heat better than any other metal. Silver is what you can see through the rear windows of your car. It helps to melt ice in winter.

12. Where did all the silver come from?

Mexico is the main source of silver worldwide, followed by Peru. Silver is also produced in the United States, Canada, and Russia.

13. Foods with silver

Pure silver is safe and can be used to decorate food. Barakah is a thin layer made of silver used to decorate food in India.

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14. Wondering how astronauts obtain pure water?

NASA selected silver to purify water after testing 23 different methods.

15. Silver Jubilee

Silver is the 25th anniversary, so it’s known as Silver Jubilee.

Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
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