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10 Sneaky Facts About Shoes | Oh Shoes!!!

Shoes are available in various kinds of sizes and weighs. Certain shoes are more distinctive than others. We’ve compiled ten fascinating shoe facts that every person should be aware of! Which was the most costly pair you’ve ever owned? What is the origin of the name “sneaker”? Originate? It’s here!

1. Sneakers were created to be sneaky!

It was 1917 when Henry Nelson McKinney – director of advertising at company NW Ayer and Sons company NW Ayer & Sons created the term “sneaker. He invented the idea due to the rubber sole making no sound. This way, you can get in or out completely unnoticed!

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2. Shoes were designed for men only.

Nowadays, heels are mostly for women. However, this hasn’t always been the situation. Nobles wore shoes in the Ancien Regime. It is not clear what the time frame was when women began to adopt this style.

3. The first Dr. Martens boots were meant to be durable work boots.

In 1945 in 1945 1945, Dr. Klaus Marten – an army soldier 25 years old – injured his foot. As a result, he developed air-cushioned soles instead of traditional leather shoes. The 1970s saw the famous boot become part of that punk culture. The boots today are regarded as the symbol of self-expression.

4. Most expensive pair of sneakers ever The most expensive pair of shoes ever

The ruby slippers from the classic film 1939 The Wizard of Oz – worn by actress Judy Garland – sold for an astounding $600 000 at the time of 2000!

5. The measuring shoes were first used to measure barley grain.

It is known from history that in the Roman period, shoemakers employed a pellet for measuring foot size when designing sandals. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the British adopted this practice. This was when the grain measurement system started to spread across the globe. At present, the method is popularly referred to in the form of the Barleycorn! It’s still an official measurement unit within both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

6. A woman’s average possession is 21 pairs of footwear

This is more than the average male who has “only” twelve pairs of footwear. While many women all over the globe are shoe lovers but the women who break records include Danielle Steels with her 6000 pairs of shoes, Imelda Marcos with 3400 pairs of shoes, and the famous artist Celine Dion, who owns more than 3000 shoes.

7. Queen Victoria wore the first boots for women.

Joseph Sparkles designed the first female boots designed by Queen Victoria. The boots were the first to be made without buttons, laces, or heels. The reason for this patent was simple enough to bring comfort into shoes in 1840. Then, boots became extremely popular, and now you come across them in retro photographs.

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8. Neil Armstrong’s boots are on the moon.

“One tiny move for man and one huge leap for humanity” is among the most well-known quotes throughout the history of the world. The pair of shoes that were used for this famous step remains in space! Why? to keep the weight off!

9. In the early 19th century, there were no left or right shoes.

Children are still prone to mistaking right or left shoes. Have you realized that shoes only been available in the left and right ones in the 19th century? Prior to that, they were designed to fit the individual’s feet. Therefore, the possibility of making a mistake was eliminated!

10. The most worn shoe? Size 71, please!

The biggest shoe size ever was the property of Robert Wadlow. At 2.72 meters, He was the biggest human to ever walk the planet. He was more than a size 71!

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Harrison Jones
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