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18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

It is impossible to enjoy Christmas without thinking of our very joyful Santa Claus. In the end, it seems that the entire celebration of Christmas is more around Santa rather than Jesus himself. The excitement among children and the Santa gifts, the Santa presents that range from candy to Cookies, God, everything is Santa written on the design. Even if you’re not an avid Santa person, I’m sure you’ve been exposed to a great deal about him, but there are many lesser-known facts about Santa Claus that the world hasn’t heard of.

The transformation from a simple fictional character to becoming a popular iconic figure developed centuries ago. To be fair, the writers of the past Century have had a major influence on how we see Santa Claus we have in the present. From creating his charming persona, his sleigh, and reindeer, to how he only gives presents to good kids and not the poor ones, and every detail you’ve learned about Santa is, in fact, thanks to the writers who put the man in such away.

Moving forward, every Christmas has a lot of work to be done. It is necessary to decorate your home and host a meal, but most importantly, you must cater to the many questions that your children have about Santa. In this instance, the information regarding Santa Claus that we have listed will assist you to be aware of everything and anything about him.

18 Fun Facts About Santa Claus

To begin, let’s consider the things we have learned about Santa. Santa is a white man sporting a large beard. He is always wearing his classic white and red coat. He laughs as “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. He has a lot of presents for the children. We also are aware that he is at the North Pole and rides his sleigh along with a gorgeous reindeer. And not only that, the elves assist him in making all the toys that kids need during Christmas. That’s all there is to it.

You can ask 100 more questions about his background and family background and how he got to this point, who he is, what he likes and doesn’t like, and much more. Children are a lot more curious than they are regarding their beloved Santa Claus. Between these fascinating and hilarious details about Santa Claus, you’ll discover all the questions.

It’s all you need to do is scroll through every detail of the Santa Claus facts and then enjoy discovering everything there is yet to learn about Santa Claus.

Santa Is Real!! 

The myth of Santa Claus was born from the real saint’s given name, Saint Nicholas, born in the year 280 AD in Patara. In present-day Turkey, St. Nicolas was born close to Myra. The saint was extremely well-known for his generosity and acts of compassion. From helping children to giving everything, he had to help the needy and the needy. He was the protector of sailors and children; St. Nicholas truly deserves his praise.

Although the saint from the past has changed into an old man who rides on in a sleigh and consumes Coca-Cola, Santa remains nonetheless inspired by Saint Nicholas. Additionally, the fact there was a saint who donated some gold and silver to poor people to assist people in private is sufficient to prove that Santa is real.

Santa Claus Has Two Hometowns On Earth

We all know who Santa is; Saint Nicholas lived and passed away in Myra, which is the present-day Demre, and it is much easier to say that artist Thomas Nast created Santa Claus, who was born on the North Pole.

There is no doubt that it was clever for Paul Brown, the general manager of the Santa Claus House, to assert that they are the sole Santa’s home situated in Alaska, North Pole. Contrary to the claim of Santa Claus, Another city, Rovaniemi, situated in the northernmost portion of Finland, claimed to be ” the only Official Hometown of Santa Claus.”

It is believed that the Rovaniemi tourism department has claimed that they will see Santa Claus all year. This is why the confusion starts. There are many undiscovered facts similar to this in the amusing details concerning Santa Claus.

Santa Receives Letters

Various people have adopted many Christmas traditions throughout the years; writing notes to Santa is the most loved of children. They want him to visit early and bring gifts. They also asked him to send the mail addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. Didn’t you think that these letters shouldn’t be delivered to Santa Claus but the North Pole?

All letters addressed towards the North Pole are received in Indiana, United States, if you reside there in the US. The famous Santa Elf, Pat Koch, herself is the recipient of all correspondence and responds to each one of them with other elves. I’m sure you’re not aware that the letters received a response from Santa. This is just one of the fun things concerning Santa Claus.

In addition, the highest quantity of letters received comes from non-originating sent from Latin America or Mexico. It’s France where 1.7 million children and teens write a mail to Santa Claus at Christmas. 1.35 million children send mail to Santa Claus from Canada, plus more than one million letters are sent within the US.

It is a tradition to mail the letter inside a balloon filled with helium that will arrive at Santa from the heavens in Mexico. That’s why Mexico isn’t in the top 3 countries to write messages to Santa.

Forget Letters; You Can Call Santa By Phone

In 2021, it’s not possible to always write messages to Santa. Santa is getting better with technology. Numerous countries have launched the Kris Kringle and Santa Claus direct line. There are a variety of numbers that allow you to call Santa across different countries.

To contact Santa Claus, dial (951) 262-3062. +1-712 770-4404 and +1-319-527-268. Don’t be surprised when you call the voicemail and hear him say, “Merry Christmas! That’s Santa Claus, and you’ve called the number I have designated as my private hotline. If you hear the sound, please send me your Christmas wishlist and the holiday spirit.”

Making a call to Santa is among the fun things about Santa Claus in 2021.

Santa Claus Has Many Names

Through time the tales of Saint Nicholas have been told to a variety of nations to grant him several names. It is evident that if we say a name in a different language, it is likely to be pronounced differently.

The resemblance can be seen when you hear the names of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. The origin from Saint Nicholas as a word in Dutch is called”the old beardo Santa Claus. It was derived from Saint Nicholas, referred to as Sint Nicholas and Sint Nicholas in Dutch.

Following Sint Nicholas, the name changed into Sinter Klaas, a Dutch name to refer to the saint. After that, from Sinter Klaas, the name changed to Santa Claus when it was translated into English. We are not even getting ready to discuss all the details about Santa Claus.

Santa is also called Kris Kringle and Jolly Old Saint Nick in Slang.

Santa Claus Is Married

Although the fictionalized Santa Claus persona Santa Claus has only been present since the late 1800s, The question ” Is Santa Claus married?” did not surface until the mid-19th Century. In 1849, James Rees, a Philadelphia missionary, introduced Mrs Claus in his short story ” A Christmas Legend.”

In 1899, however, it was only later was the first time Mrs Claus came into the festive mood. The poem was ” Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride” by Katharine Lee Bates, where she demanded that she be the centre of attention for herself. This was another of the funny details about Santa Claus in that Santa Claus has a wife.

Does Santa Have Kids?

You know that Santa does have a spouse, and this for over 200 years it is a natural question, ” Does Santa have kids?“. The answer is not really; Santa and Mrs Santa don’t have children.

They live with all their elves at their home at the North Pole. Give out toys and presents with the reindeer, have to fun the company of them, and be happy.

Elfs and reindeer are the closest animals to children that Santa has. Another one of the many undiscovered facts concerning Santa Claus.

Santa Initially Came By The Windows, Not The Chimney

We are all aware of Saint Nicholas, who gave cash to children and poor people and aided them in their needs. At this time, it was reported that St. Nicholas would come through the windows in the night to leave gifts and gold to those in need. He was so generous!

Stories told in cities spread across the globe and, after a variety of variations of these tales, windows were substituted with chimneys. It is also impossible for humans to travel to every single home through the chimneys, place the presents on the table for Christmas, and then climb back down and repeat the procedure for hundreds of homes.

The authors did not have a sense there. It is not their fault. They wrote fictional stories, and what they’re about, they are fictional.

Santa Has A Pilot License & A Canadian Passport

I’m sure it’s one bizarre truth regarding Santa Claus, but it is completely accurate. Santa is a licensed pilot. It was the US government that issued a pilot’s license in 1927. Santa at the age of 1927. Is that not crazy enough? Besides the license, Santa also has a passport. Do you believe it? A country issued passports to Santa or Mrs Santa Claus.

2013 in 2013, the Canadian authorities issued electronic passports for the couple. The couple it was Chris Alexander, the Immigration Minister, who announced in an official announcement, ” Like so many Canadian citizens who enjoy extensive travel around the world, the Claus’ were thrilled to receive their passports–which are among the world’s most accepted and secure travel documents… whether you are travelling by car, by boat, or with a team of flying reindeer.

We know that every other country that declares that Santa originated in their nation has yet to address this.

Santa Claus’s Favorite Food Is Cookies

There are many questions regarding Santa. There are many who ask, ” What is the favourite food of Santa?“. The answer is cookies. Santa loves cookies, which is why children bake cookies each Christmas to Santa. Santa brings gifts, and children leave cookies in front of their homes. It’s a charming barter—the tenth of the truths regarding Santa Claus.

Santa’s 10 Reindeer

You may have heard the name of eight reindeer. However, there are many more, and we’ve listed every single one. Santa has not only eight but ten reindeer. Some of the reindeer names that Santa has include Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph, and Olive. Each of them has unique traits and abilities unlike any other.

They aid Santa to reach every house across seven oceans at lightning speed. This is an infographic that gathered all the information regarding Santa Claus.

Santa Claus And Coca Cola Has A Connection

Before 1931, Santa was seen in various brown, blue, green, and tan shades. Since Coca-Cola started their commercials that featured Santa Claus wearing a red-white suit, drinking coca-cola changed. Santa has never been seen in a different colour since that advertisement.

We understand how important lifestyle marketing can be when looking at examples like this. Following it was the Coca-Cola ads in 1931. Santa Claus always wore the most iconic suit of white and red. This was among the most elusive details concerning Santa Claus. If you’ve heard this, then you’re getting old.

Santa Claus Isn’t Celebrated Everywhere In The World.

I know it’s difficult to accept this sad truth regarding Santa Claus; however, it’s true. Santa isn’t celebrated in a lot of places around the globe. There was a time when the Puritans believed that it was originally a pagan celebration was held on Dec 25, which Catholics stole. They were amazed that, even if Christmas wasn’t Biblical, Catholics were still celebrating it to steal the pagan tradition.

One thing led to the next. The day was declared in the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony that Dec 25 is the day of “fasting and humiliation” and that anyone who will observe Christmas in any way could be penalized up to five shillings.

The people from the Netherlands, where the myths about Santa were derived, do not want celebrations of Santa. According to them, Christmas isn’t just about a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus. It’s more focused on Jesus Christ, and they like to celebrate the nativity with authenticity, and without the cultural flavour, it has become.

Even Atheists Love To Celebrate Christmas

The assertion might seem odd in its own right. However, it’s the truth. The atheists do enjoy Christmas and all because of the right motives. As I mentioned, many believe that Christmas isn’t all about Santa and even Jesus Christ. They believe that the whole concept of Christmas originated from Solstice and other holidays. The theists are convinced that all these facts are true and continue to celebrate Christmas, as it has evolved into more cultural events.

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, the Christmas story can focus more on Santa but less on Jesus this year. Theists are awed by the opportunity to blend with the community and revel in the holiday season with their loved ones and family. This is just one more of the most amazing details regarding Santa Claus.

Santa’s Sleigh Is The Fastest

By the fastest, I mean the fastest. One rarely ponders on the reality that Santa travels across the hemispheres on his reindeer, visits every house in the world, and is done by midnight. God is a man who has a bit of speed.

There are currently 2.2 billion children around the world. This means there are 2.7 children in each household. When you look at these figures, Santa has to stop more than 850 million times at every home.

It is now determined that Santa’s reindeer will need to travel at speeds more than 1200 miles per minute. The first thought was to compare this figure with NASA’s fastest rocket, but no!

In addition, add 100,000 miles per minute, and Santa’s sleigh could be traversing galaxies at lightning speed.

We Don’t Know Who Wrote ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

Many would say they believe that “Twas the Night Before Christmas” was composed by Clement Clarke Moore. However, let me remind you once. The first time the song was published was in 1823 in a newspaper from New York, and an anonymous person wrote it in 1823 to Troy Sentinel. It stated, ” We know not to whom we are indebted for the following description of that unwearied patron of children, Santa Claus… but, from whomsoever, it may have come, we give thanks for it.

In 1844, it wasn’t until the song was given credit 1844 to Clarke Morre. Many believe it was taken in the name of Henry Livingston Jr., plus there is an old manuscript that proved that. Of course, the old manuscript escaped into the air on its own, landed into the flame and then burned itself to the ground. Another interesting detail about the song/poem on Santa Claus.

Santa Came To America In Only 18th Century

The late 1700s were when the inhabitants of the Netherlands began to migrate towards New York and other colonies in America. The stories from Sinterklaas and Saint Nicholas were also told.

After a few years, the saint had become an iconic figure in pop culture. Dutch families came together to commemorate Saint Nicholas on his death on Dec 6. Because it was also the time of Christmas, it’s clear that Sinter Klass in Dutch became Santa Klaas in English.

There Are Many Santa Claus Universities In The US

This is yet another of the most shocking facts concerning Santa Claus. It has never been told before that there is a Santa Claus. These are legitimate institutions that teach the art in the role of Santa Claus to the public and awards diplomas to recently graduated Santas. What!

I’m not sure how I should respond to this information regarding Santa Claus. Actually, they have created courses that will teach people to say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and people take the courses offered by these schools and then earn. They earn a decent amount of money, so we can’t declare that the course is not worth it.

Wrapping Up

This article was on “18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas”. If you enjoyed this article, ensure that you forward it to your family and friends. Particularly those who have children of their own.

Let us know which of the following facts concerning Santa Claus was most interesting for you. We’ll wait for your response. Have a wonderful day!

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