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11 Interesting Facts About Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit is the oldest known language. Its roots are in India. It is believed to be the most technical and systematic language. It is often called the mother of all languages. Explore more interesting Facts About Sanskrit Language below!

These books were written hundreds of years ago by highly educated Indians and are still being studied and researched. These are just a few of the many reasons why the language is so remarkable:

Facts About Sanskrit Language

1. It’s easier to do less work.

Only Sanskrit, out of all the languages, has the ability to communicate something with the minimum number of words.

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2. The Language of Computers

Research has shown that Sanskrit is the best language for computers. It is very efficient at creating algorithms. According to a NASA scientist’s report, the USA builds the 6th and 7th generation Super Computers using the Sanskrit language. The project deadlines for 6th and 7th generation computers are 2025 & 2034.

3. From the Past to the Future

There are 17 universities in total, including the US, entirely dedicated to Sanskrit. Their sole purpose is research. NASA has a separate department that researches the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit could be the Future, thanks to all of this research.

4. A treasure trove of synonyms

Each word in Sanskrit has many synonyms. A simple word such as elephant, for example, has around 100 synonyms. English only has one word for love; Sanskrit has 96.

5. Phonetically accurate

Sanskrit is probably the most precise language, both phonetically and otherwise. There are 49 sounds in Sanskrit that allow for distinct pronunciations of different types of words.

6. The only unambiguous language

NASA says Sanskrit is the unambiguous language of the world. This means that it can interpret any given thing only one way.

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7. Increases brain function!

Research shows that learning Sanskrit improves brain function. Academically, students do better in science and mathematics. This is because Sanskrit increases memory power. Sanskrit has been made compulsory at the James Junior School in London. This school’s students are toppers in many fields and take international exams every year. Sanskrit is also compulsory in some schools in Ireland.

8. Only Sanskrit newspaper

 “Sudharma,” the only Sanskrit daily newspaper, is available worldwide. It has been published in Mysore, Karnataka, India, since 1970.

9. National Language of India!

Sanskrit was India’s national language before the Arab invasion.

10. Multi-religious language!

Sanskrit has been adopted by three world religions, namely Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

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11. World’s oldest text is in Sanskrit!

The Vedas, written in the Sanskrit language, are some of the oldest texts ever written.

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Harrison Jones
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