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Top 10 Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day

Are you interested in learning more about Saint Patrick’s Day? You’ve found the right place! These are ten facts about Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day falls on the 17th of March.

Saint Patrick’s Day occurs on the same day each year.

It falls on the 17th of March.

This is the sad day Saint Patrick died.

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They celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland.

Ireland celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day!

It is still celebrated around the globe.

Saint Patrick was a bishop of Ireland.

Saint Patrick was born during the Roman period in Britain.

He was forced to go to Ireland and become a slave against his will.

After being freed, Saint Patrick was made a priest and later became the first bishop in Ireland.

It is believed that he introduced Christianity in Ireland.

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It is believed that Saint Patrick killed all the snakes in Ireland.

According to legend, Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

It’s possible, but we aren’t sure.

It is not common for snakes to live in Ireland.

The symbol of Ireland is the Shamrock.

Did you know that the Shamrock is both a symbol for Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day?

During the celebrations, there will be plenty to see.

It is a clover and usually has three leaves (unless you are very lucky).

These three leaves stand for hope, faith, and love.

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There will be many leprechauns around!

People love dressing up on St Patrick’s Day!

A leprechaun is one of the most beloved costumes.

Leprechauns have been described as mythical fairy creatures.

They are said to have a pot full of gold, and if they capture you, he will tell you!

Every year, the Chicago River turns green to celebrate!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the globe.

Each year, the Chicago River turns green to celebrate!

They have been doing it since 1962.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parades are common!

Saint Patrick’s Day Parades are a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate.

It was moved online because of the pandemic.

You might be in a pinch if you don’t wear green!

Saint Patrick’s Day should be celebrated in green!

According to legend, if you wear green, you will be invisible to the leprechauns.

If you don’t wear green, a leprechaun might see you and pinch your wrists!

It is a custom to pinch anyone wearing green.

It shouldn’t be too difficult. Ouch!

There are many delicious traditional foods to be enjoyed.

It is impossible to celebrate a party without delicious food.

Shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread are some of the most popular Irish dishes.

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