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Facts About SafeMoon Crypto

With more than 9000 cryptocurrencies available at the present and new ones being added each day, it is difficult to decide which ones to investigate to invest in. Here are some Facts About SafeMoon Crypto that you need to know!

The most well-known coins, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, have become a major hit in the market with their huge valuations. However, not all cryptocurrencies are going to be successful. Some will fail, while some are frauds.

This article focuses on one of the most recent cryptocurrency options, SafeMoon. Learn about the background of the cryptocurrency, how its value is currently, whether it’s secure and whether it’s a wise investment. Could SafeMoon be among the most popular cryptos to rise by 2022?

Facts About SafeMoon Crypto

What is Safemoon?

The safe moon is a cryptocurrency that will be launched in 2021. It’s a community-driven model for DeFi systems. The cryptocurrency has attracted more than 2.3 Million users since it was launched in the first quarter of 2021.

SafeMoon is a DeFi cryptocurrency based on BSC using safe, easy, but strong tokenomics. Secure, large investments can are made to the moon.

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How Much Is SafeMoon Worth?

Because SafeMoon is still in its infancy, it doesn’t have any information from the past to base. The current cost is $0.000001701. On the day it was launched, it experienced a dramatic price rise to a record-setting maximum of $0.00001399 on April 20, more than 15.50% more than the previous week. But, the price fell to $0.00001118 on the day it closed, and, except for an increase in May 2021, it slid downward for a few months before slowing down.

Unique Features

Safemoon Wallet holds unique features which make it interesting and easy to use. It will be the next generation of crypto holding.

Most Secure and Easy to Use

There are many security precautions implemented. To access it, you’ll require a password or examine your wallet at least twice for accessing your account.

Top Gainers Recently

This amazing feature can help you track the movements of cryptocurrency. It will guide you on the best time to sell or purchase. In addition, it provides the most cryptocurrency that moves in one 1 hour or more, all day and seven days.

Built With Efficiency and Precision

The Safemoon Wallet was designed efficiently and with utmost perfection. It makes it simple to store your cryptocurrency safely.

Send, Swap, or Receive

The wallet supports the complete trading of crypto. You can exchange your crypto, share it or get it from other Wallets.

SafeMoon President John Karony revealed that users could store the Dogecoin (CRYPTO DOGE) in the coming wallet.

Control is in your hands.

The wallet provides all the necessary information to help you hold it more easily.

Secure and safe

Safe moon Wallet Safemoon Wallet guarantees the safety of your money and collection. You can be confident whenever you transfer or receive. Future of Holding is Safemoon.

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Facts About SafeMoon Crypto

Facts about safemoon crypto

1. Safemoon cryptocurrency started with 7777 trillion tokens.

Safemoon cryptocurrency has a huge amount of supply for a small cost. Even though it was launched with just one quadrillion tokens, the creators burned 223 trillion before they were ready to launch.

Safe moon contained 777 trillion tokens at the time it was launched on March 10, and each token has a value of $0.0000000010. The amount you would have earned would be 100 billion Safemoon if you bought $100 worth of it at the date.

2. Securemoon crypto provides you with Static rewards.

Static incentives are an attempt to tackle the issue of incentive programs for farmers. The goal is to accomplish this in two ways:

  • The amount of incentive will be determined by the number of transactions, thus reducing the selling pressure triggered by early adopters who sell their tokens.
  • It helps token holders obtain larger payments based on their total value of tokens.

3. They’ll charge you a 10% commission when you sell it.

Safemoon cryptocurrency’s most unique feature is that it requires sellers to pay a 10% fee. Let’s say you own 100 million Safemoon. If you decided to sell all of them, you’d be paying the fee of 10 million dollars.

The fee is divided into two and distributed to all current Safemoon owners. The remaining portion is used to build a liquidity pool with Safemoon and Binance Coin (BNB).

According to the Safemoon white paper for crypto, the 10% commission for all sales rewards investors with a long-term perspective and ensures that the price remains stable.

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4. The tokens of Safemoon are manually burned in the hands of the creators.

Manual burns are an additional feature that is a part of Safemoon crypto. This implies that the Safemoon team burns tokens frequently to reduce the number of tokens available and increase the cost.

Nearly 400 trillion Safemoon tokens have been burned, with the initial 223 trillion burned before the launch.

5. The price went up by more than 220,000 percent before dropping.

The early users of Safemoon received a handsome reward. The price reached the record highest of $0.00001399. on April 20. To put it into perspective, the $100 that was put into Safemoon at its inception would have yielded around $1.4 million.

Safemoon cryptocurrency’s price has fallen over 75 percent from its record-breaking peak at the writing. In truth, the value of many cryptos has declined in recent months. Safemoon, however, in contrast, has experienced a loss of more than the other major coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

6. It has no value or gives you an advantage in competition.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are skeptical of Safemoon due to its lack of applications or benefits over other coins.

Safemoon has survived on its popularity, but it’s not an ideal recipe for long-term viability. The coins that have a clear objective or competitive advantage will last.

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7. Safemoon is not available for purchase using cash or the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges don’t list Safemoon. There’s currently no exchange that permits users to buy Safemoon using fiat currencies, like dollars.

Safemoon was initially listed on PancakeSwap, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency market. If you connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the website, it is possible to exchange Binance Coin for Safemoon and reverse the process. You can also trade Tether with Safemoon on several other exchanges.

Although buying Safemoon isn’t difficult if you’re willing to learn, it’s not as easy as purchasing cryptocurrency through an exchange with a huge amount of transactions.

8. The future goals of Safemoon could be more focused on style rather than substance.

Through their website and regular live streams of videos on the website, the Safemoon team has discussed potential future plans. But, these ideas appear to be all over the place, and many seem to be merely designed to advertise Safemoon. Here are some examples of these strategies:

  • The safemoon is launching apps and wallets along with a game video.
  • The process of putting together a Safemoon exchange
  • Safemoon’s integration into African markets
  • By utilizing “Project Phoenix,” Safemoon will be “the fuel for the unbanked independence” (an intentional misspelling)

Concerning Project Phoenix, details are very limited, raising questions about whether the ultimate goal was to continue to talk about Safemoon.

9. It’s one of the riskiest cryptos you can invest your money in.

Safe moon has been the subject of several criticisms. There have been many criticisms that the Safemoon Crypto community was called a cult and has been branded an alleged Ponzi scheme: the pump and dump and the pyramid scheme.

Most cryptocurrency investments are risky. However, some are riskier than others. Safemoon is among the riskiest cryptos to invest your money in because it doesn’t have any real purpose and is dependent on its popularity. There’s a great likelihood that Safemoon cryptocurrency’s best days are already behind them.

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Who Created Safemoon?

More information about the people who came up with the Safemoon is not available. But, they’re comprised of six executives. The chief executive officer has been named John Karony, an analyst with the US DOD. The team worked at “Technically A New Operation’, an Indie game studio.

Is It A Good Idea To Invest in Safemoon?

Each Crypto initiative is considered a risk since tides can be rising or falling.

The difference is that Safemoon creators added a security feature on the token. They burned all tokens belonging to the team and bought the tokens like everyone else during the presale.

In actuality, this means that the team cannot take cash or sell their cryptocurrency as many crypto-asset developers do. As such, Safemoon is distinct.

The second is that its plan of action is laid out. The first goal was to expand the number of employees and improve marketing. The second step was to design a wallet and, later, a couple of games.

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