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12 Best Facts About Ruth From The Bible

Ruth was one of five female characters in the Bible. The reason she is mentioned is her assistance to her mother-in-law following her being left to her own due to the loss of her spouse and children. Let’s examine Ruth’s historical role in the Bible.

  1. The events related to Ruth are believed to have occurred in the period between 1100 B.C. 1100 and 1160 B.C.
  2. When Elimelech went to Moab, Ruth and her sister Oprah were married by the two boys they had with them. They assisted Judeans in getting out of the famine that had struck Judah.
  3. The men in their families will die at some point. The mother-in-law instructs her daughters-in-law to return to their mother’s home. She plans to travel to Bethlehem by herself since the famine in Bethlehem has subsided, but Ruth will not let her mother-in-law go.
  4. She travels to a foreign place, far from her family and relatives, to provide support to Naomi.
  5. Ruth is included in the Bible in the ‘Book of Ruth.’ It reveals the sincerity and devotion of Ruth toward her mother-in-law.
  6. The Book of Ruth highlights an important fact that God chooses any person regardless of their background. Ruth was a caring daughter-in-law and assisted an old Naomi in returning to her home country. She was a Moabite woman, and the idea of moving away from her home was not the best choice for her.
  7. As they arrived at Judah, Ruth began to gather in Boaz’s fields. Boaz is a distant cousin to Ruth’s spouse. Naomi encouraged Ruth to go after Boaz as her kinsman redeemer. Ruth stood beside Boaz on the floor of threshing in the harvest. Ruth requests Boaz to assist her and to be her kinsman redeemer since Boaz is the sole close relative to her spouse. Boaz also discovered that Ruth had decided to follow the Lord of Israel.
  8. All the women in Israel were amazed by Naomi because the Lord had blessed her with a daughter-in-law. The Lord helped Ruth in her quest, and Boaz got married to her. She had a son whose name was Obed.
  9. Obed has a son, Jesse, who is believed to be the father of David the King. David.
  10. According to the Jewish tradition, it was not recommended for a Jewish individual to marry a non-Jewish person.
  11. Ruth’s husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law also passed away in Moab.
  12. Ruth insists on staying with her mother-in-law since she is on her own.

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