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25+ Fascinating & Best Facts About Roses

Everyone heard about the famous saying Roses are red, and some are blue; here are some best facts about roses listed for you! Many people think roses symbolize love, but these tiny blooms are way more than Valentine’s Day cliché. 

Roses are available in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and shades, making them a truly mixed flower and a favorite in yards across the country. More than 150 types of roses grow as shrubby plants, climbers, and groundcovers, so you can likely find space somewhere for roses in your garden (don’t forget to stop and smell them). But first, these surprising facts about roses might give you a fresh perspective on this classic flower.

Whenever you spend some special time with a rose, it makes the rose so special… People will forget this truth, but guys, you shouldn’t or must not forget it ever. You are the creator of what you have planted. You’re responsible for your rose.

And if you are wondering why to gift rose to your love, then you’re sure to love this wonderful blooming collection of unique facts about roses.

Best Facts About Rose

Below I have listed some amazing facts about the pink, red, and green blooming beauties.

Scientific Facts About Roses

Facts About Roses
  1. Roses Are One of the Oldest Flowers
  2. You Can Eat Roses
  3. The Rose is the U.S. National Flower
  4. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are connected to roses, both directly and indirectly.
  5. Their Fragrance is used in perfumes.
  6.  It’s pretty easy to care for roses – plant them in a sunny spot and water them enough to keep the soil moist. 
  7. In ancient Greece, the rose was associated with Aphrodite, known as the goddess of love.
  8. Rose petals are edible and can be eaten raw, dried.
  9. Rose petals can be soaked to create rose water.
  10. Rose syrup is made by adding sugar to rose water.

Interesting Facts About Roses

Facts About Roses
  1. Roses also grow a small, berry-shaped fruit called rosehip. The rosehip fruit is filled with vitamin C and can be used to make a delicious tea.
  2. Each Rose Color Has a Different Meaning
  3. The Rose is the U.S. National Flower
  4. Most Expensive Rose Costs around Millions of Dollars
  5. Rose is the most popular flower globally, after which blooms like Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Lilies, Poinsettias, Narcissus, etc., are considered among other favorites. 
  6. The rose has been the national flower emblem of the United States since 20 November 1986, after President Ronald Reagan officially declared this while standing in the famous White House Rose Garden.
  7. Did you know there is no ‘black rose?’ Instead, it is a rose with a very dark red shade?
  8. Rose has a lovely scent which makes it the perfect ingredient for perfume.
  9. As per Greek Mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is said to have created rose from the tears she cried over the blood of her beloved, Adonis.
  10. Rose oil is essential to the perfume industry. Approx. Two thousand roses are used to extract 1 gram of rose oil.

Fun Facts About Roses

Facts About Roses
  1. The Rose Valley in Bulgaria produces 85% of the world’s rose oil. The roses here have been cultivated for centuries.
  2. The microscopic perfume glands on the rose petals are responsible for producing the enchanting rose scent.
  3. Most species of roses produce five petals (except ‘Rosa Sericea, which has only 4).
  4. The mutation causes roses to produce a large number of petals.
  5.  As per records, the tallest rose bush is 5.689 m (18 ft. 8 in) and was achieved by Christopher Rose (USA) in La Puente, California, on 8 November 2017.
  6. Each Rose Colour Has a Different Meaning
  7. 54% of the land in Ecuador is filled with roses.
  8. The largest rose ever bred measured approx 33 inches in diameter. This was a pink rose bred by Nikita K. Rulhoksoffski from San Onofre, California.
  9. Roses are the favorite of lyricists because there are over 4,000 songs about them.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above listing facts about roses help you enjoy your favorite flower even more! Yup, roses are renowned for their beauty and symbolic meaning, but they’re also fascinating flowers with a rich history. This article only scratched the surface of rose facts, so check out my other posts about roses for more information.

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