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Facts About Rocks And Minerals

Although they are thought of as the most common item, the truth is that there are a lot of amazing characteristics of minerals and rocks that might make you stop and look at the next rock you spot on the side of the road.

Did you have the knowledge that quartz is the most accessible mineral? Are you able to imagine that many stones from around the globe have a cultural significance that is so essential that they are the symbol of the entire region, city or even civilization? Are you able to look around and identify everything that couldn’t function without the minerals that they are made of?

After reading this article, it is likely that you might reconsider the stones around you everyday and you will look at your everyday appliances differently due to the minerals that make them function.

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Cool & Interesting Facts about Rocks and Minerals

Minerals and Rocks are Totally Different

Minerals are natural substances with the same characteristics throughout. Also when you own minerals, their components are made of the same material. Minerals possess an internal structure and there are a myriad of varieties.

On the other hand, are composed of only three kinds: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. They’re made up of any combination of minerals, but with no distinct or constant structure. The majority of rocks are formed due to the fact that minerals are formed in specific processes that require specific requirements.

Sapphires and Rubies can be described as the Same Minerals

The mineral is known as corundum. Its most notable feature is its hardness which is why it is a perfect gemstone. It is available in nearly every color However, when it’s red, it’s known as the ruby.

The color of minerals is created by tiny amounts of a particular kind of metal. The metal that is involved determines the color it will be in.

Thus, when it’s completely pure and free of metal, it’s colorless and known as clear sapphire. When chromium occurs during the creation of the corundum, it will end in red, which is why it’s is a ruby. However, when titanium is present the corundum, it turns blue, which is the most sought-after sapphire color.

Quartz is used in all watches, radios and Microprocessors

Because of its unique ability to keep a specific frequency standard, quartz has become the most common ingredient in electrical equipment.

This means that it’s capable of smoothing out the imperfections within electromagnetic waveforms, which makes these devices more precise. The quartz employed to make these instruments is created synthesized because the way it is created determines the frequency it can regulate the most effectively.

Quartz is also composed of oxygen and silicon. It is also a semiconductor meaning that, under certain conditions, it is able to conduct electricity, just as copper wire.

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Quartz specifically can conduct electricity when under pressure, making it useful in certain mechanical devices, mostly used in industrial plants.

Tips: Do you know how quartz is created? It’s a long and fascinating process. Learn more about it in the following article:

Alexandrite is regarded as one of the most precious Minerals

Alexandrite is most well-known because of its ability to alter its color. An example that exhibits this ability is emerald-green in fluorescent or daylight and then turns to brown/purple when lit by incandescent light or firelight.

This is due to its peculiar method of absorbing light. They first came to light in Russia. However, they are now discovered within Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia and Africa.

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The Sandstone found in the Southern Alps of New Zealand is the Quickest Eroding Stone ever recorded.

While the rate of erosion can be difficult to determine Geologists have come up with an approach to measure how much sand produced from erosion during a particular year. The sandstone found in this area is breaking down into 2.5 millimeters of sand each year.

Scientists believe that erosion can be due to the chemical composition that makes the stone vulnerable to breakdown by sun’s ultraviolet rays.

This particular soil chemically interacts with the environment in a process which actually absorbs carbon dioxide. Therefore when the mountains rise and”>the greenhouse gas.

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Jadeite is currently the most expensive mineral.

Jadeite is often referred to as imperial jade due to its more stunning appearance than regular jade.

China is the largest consumer of the mineral since it is highly valued culturally but the one that is of the best quality can be located in Myanmar.

It is a beautiful green look in a piece of top quality. It is valued due to its rarity, significance to culture and the hue.

Metals are also Minerals

Since minerals are pure, inorganic compounds, metals that meet these requirements are also mineral. If you happen to encounter a copper pipe you might look at it differently!

It’s funny, but steel is not an elemental mineral because it is composed of two distinct minerals, which automatically excludes it from being a mineral.

Potash is one of the most useful minerals, and you might not have heard of it.

Potash is the most common name for Potassium Chloride. This is a sodium-rich salt that is extracted from regions that were once oceans but have drained and are now part of continents. Did you know what it’s being used for?

It’s an essential ingredient in fertilizers that farmers use all across the globe. It’s true it is true that the plant “eats” minerals and that’s what we should do too!

The most beneficial components to the growth of many species are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen is easily present through the atmosphere, and phosphorous and potassium are abundant in soils, or else they will have to be added for the plants to flourish at the highest levels.

It is also the primary ingredient in your Windows

The majority of beach sands is comprised from silicon dioxide (quartz). Glass is produced by heating it to 3090F before cooling it in a controlled way.

In reality, the differences between the glass and its characteristics are partly based on how hot the sand gets the windshield glass. It is heated at significantly higher than regular window glass.

Its Crust of Mars is Comprised of minerals that are common in Igneous Rocks.

The silicon minerals oxygen, iron, aluminum, magnesium and potassium are the most frequently cited minerals believed to be present on Mars.

They are usually located in Igneous rock found on Earth. Although Mars seems distant but it’s made of the same minerals!

This, along with the presence of tridymite (a mineral that requires a lot of silica and high temperatures to develop), has suggested an indication that the volcanic eruptions on Mars have been extremely frequent.

Tips: Mars is the closest planet to Earth. But the closest celestial object to Earth is called the Moon and we are able to observe the lunar Moon’s rocks on Moon’s surface. Moon on Earth too. Learn more details about Moon stones in our following article.

Gypsum is a mineral that is used as a building material in Most Buildings

The inside of your walls are made of gypsum, also known as drywall. You might not be aware that gypsum can be utilized in certain concrete mixes to help slow the process of hardening, referred to as”retarder. “retarder.” This material has a very low hardness that is two. This limit its applications, yet is nevertheless widely used.

So, what makes Gypsum so beneficial? It’s very resistant to fire. Gypsum’s chemical composition is comprised of two water molecules. Therefore, when burned, it will first melt away and leave behind a solid that transforms into powder.

The amount of time it can take is crucial when discussing the possibility of the protection of a building’s structure from the effects of fire.

On an average Americans consume 40,000 pounds of minerals each year

Each of these uses for minerals is a lot. Other applications you might not have heard of include the seasonings we use in our food and the vitamins taken every day and nearly all the household appliances that we use.

Eighty percent of the world’s Gold has not yet been discovered.

It is a fair estimation, and mining technology is extremely effective at locating minerals and determining the quantity of deposits. This is not the case because, in many instances, it’s cheaper to buy Gold than to mine it.

It can be due to various reasons. The deposit may be too deep or it could be situated in the wrong terrain or far from an established region.

Giza’s Pyramids Pyramids Giza Giza are made entirely from Limestone

Limestone is a fascinating material and is extremely common and has become a very popular building material through time.

This is a sedimentary rock formed by calcium and aragonite. may break down because of acidity, making acid rain a serious danger for limestone buildings.

Limestone was the most popular material in Egypt in the past, which made it the most beautiful construction material they had. It is also an easy material to cut, making it easier for Egyptians to create the exact shapes they required.

One of the Most Famous Rock is the Rosetta Stone

The stone was discovered in 1799 by the posse of Napoleon and was later used to help solve the mystery that had baffled experts in the field of language for centuries in the meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

It has been used as a term for translation in our modern times. It’s a form of granite. However, its significance goes well beyond the fact that it is a stone!


The variety of uses and intricate properties of different kinds of minerals and rocks testify to nature’s amazing nature.

More importantly, they testify to the inventiveness of human being, who utilizes our environment to its highest extent by putting the resources we have at our disposal.

Find minerals that are present in your day-to-day activities and whenever you notice them, consider the complex processes that make the minerals.

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