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9 Amazing Facts About Ray Bradbury

In celebration of Ray Bradbury’s continued impact on the science-fiction genre, read some interesting facts about the genius of literature.

Looking at the graceful life he has lived, here are some inspiring and unknown facts about Ray Bradbury that you should read!

No job is small, Ray Bradbury was a true example of that. Find out more about him by reading the post till the end.

Facts About Ray Bradbury

1. Ray Bradbury scored his first writing job while he was still a teenager.

Most teenagers land a first job as a bagger of food items or serving hamburgers. At 14, Ray Bradbury landed himself a job as a writer on behalf of George Burns and Gracie Allen’s radio show. However, he later claimed that the show never paid him any cash.

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“I later remembered I went down on Figueroa Street in front of the Figueroa Playhouse,” Bradbury remembered. “I observed George Burns outside the front of the theater. I met him at the door and asked, “Mr. Burns, You got your show on tonight, don’t you?’ He said, “Yes. I replied, “You don’t have an audience there, do?’ He answered, “No. I said, “Will you allow me to come into your broadcast and allow me to serve as your guest?

I was invited in, placed into the row in front, raised the curtain, and placed in the audience with Burns and Allen. I was there every Wednesday to watch the broadcast. Later, I wrote shows and presented these the show to George Burns. They used only one, but they did use it; they used it at the finale of the show.”

2. Ray Bradbury was 25 years old when he approached a girl for a date.

In the year 25, Bradbury finally dared to take an attractive girl out at first. The girl was a store clerk called Maggie, who believed he was stealing from the store because he was wearing an oversized trench coat.

The two went to a coffee shop, and then cocktails, which then turned into dinner, and then marriage, which then turned into the celebration of 56 years and four kids. The single girl Bradbury ever had a relationship with. Maggie worked an all-time job while Ray was home and wrote, something practically unheard of during the 1940s.

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3. Ray Bradbury impressed Truman Capote.

George Burns isn’t the only famous eye Bradbury captured. The year 1947 was when an author of the magazine Mademoiselle Read Bradbury’s tale “Homecoming,” about the sole human child within a clan of supernatural creatures.

The magazine decided to publish the story in its entirety, and Bradbury received a spot in the O. Henry Prize Stories as one of the most acclaimed short stories in 1947. The youthful writer helped Bradbury out by pulling his story from the pile of unrequested materials? Truman Capote.

4. Ray Bradbury had an aversion to automobiles.

In addition, Bradbury did not get a driver’s license, but he also was not a believer in automobiles for any person. His fear of cars stemmed from a fatal car crash at 16. In 1996 Bradbury said to Playboy, “I witnessed six people die horrifically in a crash.

I returned home, holding on to trees and walls. It took me several months before I could function normally again. So I don’t drive. However, whether or not is important. The automobile is by far the most deadly weapon in our society. Cars kill more people than wars do.”

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5. Ray Bradbury didn’t go to college.

Although he did write Fahrenheit 451 at UCLA, he was not on the UCLA campus. He was not a believer that he could write in college. “I believe in libraries because most students don’t have any money,” Bradbury said in 2009. “When I was a senior in high school, it was in the depression, and we were without money. I didn’t have the money to attend college, so I visited the library every day for about ten years.”

6. Ray Bradbury loathed computers.

Despite his writings on everything futuristic, Bradbury loathed computers. “Bill Gates and his partners are flimflamming us,” Bradbury said to Playboy. “Look at Windows 95. It’s an awful lot of nonsense that you’re aware of.” The man also said that computers were just typewriters for him, and he didn’t need another one.

The internet was also described as “old-fashioned”: “They type an inquiry to you. They type back a response. This was over thirty years ago. Why not make it happen by phone and have it happen immediately? Why not broadcast it on television immediately? What makes them so excited by something way out of date?”

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7. Ray Bradbury was pals with Walt Disney.

Bradbury was not only Bradbury close to Walt Disney (and even urged to run for mayor in Los Angeles), he contributed to Epcot’s Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot and submitted a story that the ride was built around. Bradbury was a huge supporter and a huge fan of Disney attractions, saying:

“Everyone on earth will pass through these gates. Why? Because they are looking at the future of humanity. They want to know how to be more compassionate beings. This is what the whole thing is all about. The cynics are here, and they’re frightening each other.

What Disney is doing is demonstrating to the world that there are alternative methods of doing things that bring us all happiness. If we could borrow certain ideas from Disneyland and Disney World or Epcot in the end, the world can become more peaceful.”

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8. Ray Bradbury wanted his ashes to be taken to Mars as a soup container.

He once stated if he passed away and wanted his ashes placed inside the bottom of a Campbell’s tomato soup container and placed on Mars. However, the final decision was to go with something less complicated- a simple headstone that bears his name and “Author of Fahrenheit 451.” He is a burial in Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

9. NASA honored Ray Bradbury.

Perhaps a better memorial would be the one NASA offered him when they launched a rover on Mars just a few months following Bradbury’s demise in 2012: The site was named after him when the Mars Curiosity rover Curiosity arrived at ” Bradbury Landing.”

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