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11 Unheard Facts About Racism

Racism is more than just words, beliefs, and actions. It includes all the barriers that prevent people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race. Find out more about Racism by reading the below-mentioned facts about Racism. And what can you do and not do?

  1. In the school year 2015-2016, Black students represented only 15% of all US enrollment. However, they accounted for three-quarters of those suspended at least once, 40% of those suspended more than once, and three-quarters of the students were expelled. The US Department of Education concluded that the disparity is “not explained by more frequent or more serious misbehavior by students of color.” 
  2. In New York City, the statistics show that 88 percent of police encounters in 2018 involved Black or Latinx people, and 10% involved whites. (Of the police stops, 70% were innocent. )
  3. In a US study, 15.8% of students were surveyed as having experienced race-based harassment or bullying. Studies have found strong correlations between bullying based on race and pupils’ poor physical and mental health. 
  4. Between 2013 and 2017, white patients in the US were treated with better health care than around 34 percent of Hispanic patients, 40 percent of Black patients, and 40 percent of Native American patients. 
  5. Black women are three to four times more likely to suffer the death of a pregnant woman than white females, despite the same levels of income and educational level. 
  6. Black Americans are more likely than white Americans to be detained. If they are arrested, they are much more likely to be sentenced, and if sentenced and sentenced, it is more probable that they receive long sentences in prison. 
  7. Black Americans and white Americans are both drug users at a similar rate. However, Black Americans are six times more likely to be arrested for using drugs. 
  8. The average is that Black males within the US receive sentences that are 19.1 percent more than white people convicted of similar offenses. 
  9. In the US, Black individuals are twice more likely to be in a jobless state than white people. After being hired, Black individuals earn nearly 25 percent less than their White counterparts.
  10. One US study showed that resumes with white-sounding names traditionally got 50% more phone calls than those with traditional Black titles. 
  11. Within the US, Black workers are less likely than whites to get an occupation compatible with their educational level. 

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