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Facts About Rachel Bachelor

Rachael Kirkconnell will continue to deal with the fallout from her racist controversy. She’ll be one of Matt James’ final two women on “The Bachelor” finale. Read some amazing Facts About Rachel Bachelor here!

Rachael Kirkconnell (24) is one of two remaining women on The Bachelor 25. From the beginning of season 25, she caught Matt James’ attention. He told her that he had fallen in love with her on their one-on-1 date during week five. Rachael was a little nervous about Matt’s intimacies with two women during fantasy suites week, March 8. Matt provided the assurance Rachael needed to be confident in their relationship.

Matt told Rachael that he is at a place with him where he has fallen in love. “I am in love with you. Matt has yet to declare his love for Michelle Young, his final woman. The March 15 finale was filmed in fall 2020. Viewers will find out which woman Matt chooses. Rachael has been the subject of much controversy since the show aired.

What Was Rachael Kirkconnell’s Racist Action?

Rachael was named as a cast member for season 25 of The Bachelor. Shortly after that, a woman claimed she went to high school with Rachael and posted a TikTok clip with claims about Rachael. Rachael was accused by the woman of bullying her for dating Black men while they were at school together. Another TikTok user discovered alleged controversial Instagram posts Rachael had “liked.”

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Rachael’s past was revealed as Matt began to fall for Rachael. Photos of Rachael at an Old South party in college appeared at the beginning of February. This party glorified slavery during that time period in America. Rachael apologized for past mistakes and accepted responsibility for her “ignorance” on February .

What did Chris Harrison say about Rachael

Chris Harrison, The Bachelor host, made the scandal explode despite Rachael’s apology. Chris Harrison defended Rachael’s past actions during an interview with Rachel Lindsay, a former Bachelorette. He posted an Instagram apology after he received a lot of backlashes. It was too little, too late. Chris finally revealed that he was stepping aside from’ the Bachelor franchise. He said that he would not host the 25th anniversary special of Bachelor. He is not sure what his future holds for the franchise.

What is Rachael’s job?
Rachael, a 24-year old Graphic Designer, hails from Cumming in Georgia. This small Georgia town is just outside of Atlanta. Georgia College was her college of choice and she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Marketing. During her time at school, she was twice on the Dean’s List.

Rachael Kirkconnell has Never Been in Love — Up to Now

According to her ABC bio, Rachael is not a hopeless romantic. She had never been in love before joining The Bachelor. Her bio says that Rachael hopes her love story will change her life. Rachael wants to be able to look back on her life and see how she made it.

Is Rachael Kirkconnell On Social Media?
Rachael’s Instagram account is filled with photos of her in the ocean, at the beach, and sunbathing. She has over 188,000 Instagram followers as of press time. She often uploads bikini photos on her page. Her Instagram handle is just her name @rachaelkirkconnell.

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