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50 Cool Facts About Puppies

Do we all love our dogs? Dog lovers will find it almost impossible not to love dogs. They are adorable, fluffy, affectionate, and so cute! Here are some amazing Facts About Puppies for you.

Bakers(r) adores the adorable little rascals. They’re also fascinating. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite facts about puppies.

Facts About Puppies

1. Born helpless

It is possible to expect puppies to be helpless upon their birth. They are babies, after all! Did you know they are born blind and deaf, with no teeth? This is one of our favorite puppy facts! The famous canine sense of smell is not active at birth, so their eyes and ears remain closed. They open their eyes at around 10-14 days of age, and the eyesight develops fully at seven weeks.

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2. Touch is the first sense that develops.

Puppy’s first sense of touch is the one they are born with. A puppy’s mother will touch them from the moment they are born. Your puppy will continue to value touch throughout their lives.

3. Twins are possible for puppies.

Many puppies are born in the litter, each with a unique genetic code. But did you know that twin can also be possible? In South Africa, the first case of confirmed twins was reported in 2016. Kurt de Cramer delivered them via Caesarean section. While it is possible for other cases to be confirmed of identical canine dogs, this was the first official case of identical puppies being born.

4. They have baby teeth.

Another interesting fact about puppies is that they often lose their first set of teeth. These could be (adorably) called baby teeth. Your puppy will have their first set of adult teeth at four months old.

5. As they get older, their coat color may change.

As with humans, the color of puppies’ coats can change over time. Many factors can affect how a breed’s coat changes and grows. For example, dalmatians don’t get their famous spots until around two to three weeks. You can predict the appearance of your purebred pup based on their parents’ looks. However, hybrid and mixed breed pups may be more difficult to predict.

6. Worldwide, an estimated 1.2 million people were born

A fascinating fact about puppies is the staggering number of pups born every day. This means that there are approximately 1.2 million to 360,000 pups. This is three times the number of puppies that humans have!

7. The idea is for everyone to have a doubled birth weight within the first week.

If everything goes according to plan and your pup grows strong and healthy, they will ideally be twice their birth weight within the first week. In just one week, your pup will double in size!

8. They are considered adults at the age of one year.

Although puppies are considered adult dogs once they turn one year old, the actual age at which they become mature varies from breed to breed. For example, Chihuahuas will reach physical maturity at 9-10 months, while Great Dane may take as long as two years to fully mature.

9. Twenty-four puppies were the largest litter ever recorded.

This amazing fact about puppies is found in the Guinness Book of World Records. The 24 puppies were born in the UK to Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff. One pup survived, and three died within the first week.

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10. Green puppies can be born to puppies.

Although it sounds unbelievable, puppies can be born green. While the color doesn’t last forever, it can fade after a few weeks. However, there have been a few cases where puppies born to light-colored dogs are unusually verdant. According to veterinarians, the unusual color may be caused by the green bile pigment in the dog’s amniotic fluid and placenta.

20 Interesting Facts About Puppies

Facts About Puppies

Fact 1 Puppy are born deaf and blind.

Fact 2 Puppies are born with no teeth.

Fact 3 Puppy spends 15-20 hours each night sleeping

Fact 4 Dalmation puppies were born without spots.

Fact 5 Puppies may have an identical twin.

Fact 6 Puppy weights can help behalf in just 4-5 months.

Fact 7 Tired dogs get cranky like little children.

Fact 8 There are 4-6 puppies per litter.

Fact 9 The heat sensors in the noses of puppies born to parents help them find their mother.

Their eyes and ears are closed.

Fact 10 Between 12 and 24 months, a puppy reaches its maximum size.

Fact 11 According to the Guinness World Of Records, the 24th largest litter of puppies was born

was a Neapolitan Mastiff named in 2004.

Fact 12 A puppy that is one year old is equivalent to a human who is 15 years old.

Fact 13 Touch: This is the first sense that a puppy learns to use.

Fact 14 Dogs mistakenly assume a person’s smile is an aggressive behavior if they see

When smiling,

Fact 15 Puppy puppies don’t open their eyes before turning 9-12 days old.

16 When puppies develop their sense glands, they can smell up to 1000 times

is better than a human.

Fact 17 Puppy can stand up around 15 days of age.

Fact 18 Puppy can walk at 21 days of age.

Fact 19 8-12 weeks is the best age to adopt your puppy.

Fact 20 Puppy are good for your health. They can lower blood pressure.

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Amazing Facts About Puppies

  1. Big Paws = Big Dog. The size of the paws is a key indicator of how big a puppy will grow. Have you ever seen a Saint Bernard puppy in person? Even at eight weeks old, those paws can be quite large.
  2. Are you thinking of having a baby? It’s a great way for you to experience what it would be like to care for a baby. The waking up at 3 AM, the crate training, and the house training can be quite distressing.
  3. Although puppies are born blind and deaf, they can still live functionally. They don’t see their eyes or ears until about one to two weeks.
  4. The puppy sleeps a lot, just like an infant. Sleeping is a common activity for puppies, with more than 12 hours being spent in this mode.
  5. Talking to puppies is a great way to show affection. This is great as they will soon recognize you.
  6. Puppies usually lose their entire set of teeth by reaching six months old. Baby teeth in smaller breeds can stay in the mouth until they are about six months old.
  7. The teeth of puppies are not present at birth. The teething process is similar to that of a person. Baby teeth begin appearing around 2-4 weeks.
  8. When a puppy turns six months old, the baby teeth should have been lost, and all 42 adult teeth should be present.
  9. A puppy is still a puppy when they turn 12 months old. They must be fed puppy food up to that point.
  10. Dogs can get roundworms and parasites from their mothers. It is usually passed from their mother.
  11. 8-10 weeks is the most important period in a puppy’s lifespan. They require all socialization possible!
  12. A rough estimate of how long a puppy can hold their bladder depends on how old they are in months.
  13. Most puppies love shoes, especially when they are teething. 
  14. Dogs love grass. They are not eating grass because they love it but exploring their surroundings.
  15. Hiccups are common in puppies. It’s normal!
  16. Some breeds of dogs, like the English Bulldog, cannot bear children. They must have their puppies delivered via C-section.
  17. The expression “Puppy Dog Eyes” is real. Puppy dogs know what they are doing when they see that look.
  18. It is possible for puppies to be identical twins. It is rare, but it does happen.
  19. In their first year, puppies visit their vet about 4-6 times. They love it.
  20. Lab dogs are known for eating things that they shouldn’t. They need extra supervision.
  21. When they sleep, puppies dream. It is so cute. 
  22. German Shepherd puppies and Husky puppies love to talk. It becomes an integral part of their adult personalities.
  23. While adult dogs may not be too interested in “baby talk,” puppies love it.
  24. When puppies are excited, it is not uncommon to urinate or piddle a little bit.
  25. Your puppy will love you as much as your love.

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Wrap Up

A puppy makes you feel happy and smile instantly. This is scientifically proven. How can your puppy make you smile? You can’t learn enough facts about puppies if you ask me!

Do you know someone just as passionate about puppies as you are? This collection of facts about puppies is for you and your puppy lover friend!

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