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25 Fun Facts About Pumpkins

Today, the weather is beginning to cool down. The pumpkin-flavored lattes are now being included in Instagram postings. The weather is becoming darker earlier, and fall activities are starting to fill the calendar! It’s a great time to visit apple orchards to explore, Halloween costumes to make or purchase, and pumpkins to buy. Let’s explore some quick facts about Pumpkins here!

While pumpkins are the obvious choice to use for entertaining carving activities or autumn-themed front porch decor, there’s so much about them that’s unexpected. Are you looking for some fun facts about the season? Oh, gourd! Here are our 25 fun facts on pumpkins we’d like to give away!

It is possible to take your pumpkins to the local grocery store when conducting around, or even at an aunt and uncle’s pumpkin patch (possibly following a relaxing small horse ride!).

It is possible to place the pumpkins on display or make plans to cut them up, or decorate with other creative techniques (like with paint! ) Or, you can prepare to bake delicious homemade desserts like pumpkin pie. This holiday staple gives numerous opportunities to create lasting memories. It is natural. With all this fun with pumpkins, you may be fascinated by the beautiful orange squash.

25 Facts About Pumpkins

Does a pumpkin count as a vegetable or fruit? Which states have the highest production of pumpkins? What was the largest pumpkin that has ever been recorded? This list of 25 facts about pumpkins is ready to be a go!

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1. The pumpkin is incredibly thought of as an edible fruit.

2. The term “pumpkin” comes from the German word “pepon,” meaning “large melon.”

3. The pumpkin is thought to have been first discovered in Central America over 7,500 years ago.

4. The pumpkin seeds are packed with health benefits since they’re packed with minerals, vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids.

5. The flowers of the pumpkin have a taste.

6. There are over 45 varieties of pumpkin.

7. The pumpkin is grown on every continent except Antarctica.

8. Around 90 percent of a pumpkin is water.

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9. The states that produce the highest pumpkins are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California.

10. Most of the crop of pumpkins grown in the United States is available in October.

11. For pumpkins to be ready for Halloween, they need to be planted from late May until the beginning of July, depending on the site.

12. In the Morton Pumpkin Festival, “In 1978, the Governor of Illinois signed a proclamation that Morton, Illinois was the ‘Pumpkin Capital of the World’ since 85% of the world’s canned pumpkin was processed at their Libby’s Pumpkin plant.”

13. Many people imagine pumpkins as orange. However, they can also be seen in white, blue, red, yellow, or green.

14. canned pumpkin is not only pumpkin but also composed of different squash ranges.

15. The pumpkin shells were made in mats.

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16. Jack-o’-lanterns originated from an Irish myth, and before using pumpkins, people in Ireland and Scotland created these now-Halloween-staples with turnips and potatoes instead.

17. Pumpkins were believed to be an effective cure for snakebite.

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18. Do not carry the pumpkin with its stem. Rather, use two hands instead.

19. When a pumpkin has been cut, it can last between seven and ten days.

20. Making pumpkin pie during the holiday was a popular tradition in the 1800s.

21. The most massive pumpkin, according to Guinness World Records, came from Germany in 2016. It weighed 2,624.6 pounds.

22. The most awe-inspiring pumpkin pie was weighed at 3,699 lbs in New Bremen, Ohio, in 2010.

23. Current record of the most pumpkins carved during one time by a person is 109.

24. Record for the largest number of people carving pumpkins simultaneously is set at 1,060. The event took place in New Mexico in 2013.

25. It is reported that Guinness World Records reports that the fastest 100-meter speed ever paddled by the pumpkin(you are correct!) was two minutes 0.3 seconds. The record was recorded in 2013.

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