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12 Interesting Facts About President’s Day

This day can be officially referred to under a different name. Presidents Day is a special day for most people to remember great historical personalities. Let’s explore some Interesting Facts About President’s Day here!

On the third Monday in February, we are celebrating an extra holiday. Many people are off for the day, But do they know why we celebrate this holiday? Find out some fun facts about what we know as the President’s Day holiday.

Facts About Presidents Day

1. This federal holiday is officially known as “Washington’s Birthday.” But, as it falls at the end of every month on the 3rd Monday of each month, the earliest it could occur is on February 21. One day prior to his birthday, which falls on February 22.

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2. It was changed from Presidents Day really gaining traction in the 1980s as businesses began advertising their sales campaigns as Presidents’ Day because both the birthdays of Washington as well as Abraham Lincoln fell pretty close to one another.

3. Washington’s first Birthday was celebrated in the nation’s capital city on February 22, 1879.

4. During February, the first Monday in February, it is to provide an all-day weekend for federal employees (much similar to Memorial Day and Labor Day). The three-day weekends began in 1971 with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

5. Presently, Presidents Day honors all people who were President.

6. Certain states celebrate this holiday under different names. It’s actually fifteen names.

7. Some States have their own recognized state-wide President’s Day that falls on the day following Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.

8. The word “day” may be spelled using or with no apostrophe. The apostrophe may be placed before it or following the S.

9. In Arkansas, 35 parks have been named in honor of American Presidents. Explore one in Hope, Arkansas.

10. Three additional U.S. Presidents share February as their birthday month: Abraham Lincoln, William Harrison, and Ronald Regan.

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11. Be patient with us about this fact. According to the Julian calendar, as per Wikipedia, George Washington was born on February 11, 1731. In 1752 the British Empire made the change to the present Gregorian calendar. The change added 11 days to the calendar, meaning that all people born prior to 1752 had to alter their birth date to include 11 days.

12. In the week of Presidents Day, George Washington’s Farewell Address is read in the U.S. Senate.

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