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10 Interesting Facts About Poseidon

The God Poseidon is one of the most important gods of early Greece. The God was God of the sea and earthquakes and horses. He was taken by the father Cronusat’s birth , and it was his twin brother Zeus Zeus who eventually obliged Cronus to spit out his bowels. Poseidon was notorious for his aggressive Temper and often forced himself upon nymphs goddesses and mortals.

This led him to created gods, demigods, and others. In fact, the trident represents the most well-known symbol associated with the Poseidon god and is visible in the flag of Barbados and other things. Homer Iliad and Odyssey’s famous epics contain Poseidon as an essential part, and he is featured in many other writings, artworks, and even in films. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Poseidon, the Ancient Greek God Poseidon.

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Facts About Poseidon

#1 POSEIDON was one of the leading deities of Ancient Greece.

Poseidon is an important main god in all of the cities that were major in the history of Greece. At Athens Poseidon’s significance was just behind Athena. When it came to Corinthand several cities in regions of Magna Graecia (Great Greece), he was the most essential God. In his benign appearance it was believed as the God of ancient Greeks as the God of the creation of the new island and the supreme ruler of the peaceful seas.

But, when the Greeks were offended or not respected the belief was that he could have hit the ground with his trident and was the source of floods, earthquakes vessel debris and drownings. Sailors frequently mentioned the trident in their prayers that have even sacrificed horses to fulfill the need. In fact, Alexander the Great stopped at the Syrian shoreline prior to the famous Battle of Issus in order to offer prayers to Poseidon and offered the God of the sea the chariot of four horses by throwing it into the sea.

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Poseidon is the second child to Cronus, the king of Egypt and Rhea. Cronus overthrew his dad Uranusand reigned over the world together with wife Rhea. But he was warned to expect that some of his kids would be able to rule over him just like the way he overthrew his father.

This is why the children he swallowed at birth , including Poseidon. Rhea was capable of saving the sixth of her children Zeus and when he reached the age old enough, he made his father expel the rest of his siblings which included His siblings Hestia, Demeter and Hera as well as the siblings Hadesand Poseidon. Poseidon was then joined by his siblings to battle Cronus along with the rest of the Titans during Titanomachy, the Battle of the Gods known as Titanomachy.

After winning this battle, Poseidon and his brother were able to share the world with the help of drawing lots. Poseidon was christened the Lord of the seas. Hades was granted the underworld, and Zeus gained the heavens, and became the King of the Greek Gods.

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#3 He was famous for his sexy Temper

While Poseidon is usually portrayed as a mature well-behaved, bearded, and wise man, he was notorious for his temperamental character and extremely Temper similar to their twin brothers Zeus and Hades. He was known to cause powerful storms in times of extreme sadness as well as anger. He was often seen to focus on numerous conflicts, disputes, and disputes for example, the one he had with Athena over his sovereignty over Athens.

Several accounts suggest that Poseidon developed through the ages to the point that Poseidon didn’t let his emotions rule his decisions. In a somewhat contradictory aspect Poseidon was a loving father and loved his children by giving his advice or assisting them in their endeavors.

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Ancient Greeks closely linked Poseidon to horses. The myth says that he invented the first horse and gave it to humans. It is also believed that he may introduce humans to the sport of riding and the chariot race. Poseidon was commonly thought of as the horse’s tamer however some myths depicted Poseidon as the horse’s father. According to the mythology, it is believed that he got married with a creature and produced the very first horse.

Poseidon is usually depicted in the ocean in a chariot driven by horses that have gold hooves. Poseidon also had a number of horses, among them the most well-known of which was the horse with wings Pegasus who was born out of the consequence of his sexual encounter to Medusa. Because of his close ties to horses Poseidon became known as the name Poseidon Hippios.


The most powerful weapons that Poseidon’s main weapon can be found in Poseidon’s trowel. It was designed specifically for him through his Three Elder Cyclopes in the Titanomachy. In Greek mythology, Poseidon uses his trident to strike the ground in order to create a seawater well. In one myth that he is able to use it to defeat the giant Polybotes in the Gigantomachy which is the battle between the Giants and gods.

The trident is also used to cut rocks apart, to make springs, etc. The trident is believed to be similar to the spear of a fish that coastal Greeks used. To prove this it is noted the fact that Poseidon was specifically worshipped in coastal nations in which fish was the basis of trade. Its trident Poseidon is still visible in modern time in the flag of Barbados, the S EAL from the Greek Navyand the Special Warfare insignias from the U.S. Navy SEALs.

It also is an emblem of the armorial badge of the Liverpool City Council and the badge of the American destroyer the USS John S. McCain.


Poseidon had numerous sexual escapades. He would frequently discover that his lover was not a match and then continue to assert his power over women by using violence and slyness. This is why some sources indicate as many as 30 relationships that Poseidon was in with nymphs, mortals, and goddesses.

The most famous sexual relations that were associated with Poseidon include Amphitrite his wife, who was God of seas; Gaia, the goddess of the earth; Tyro, a mortal woman; Alope, his own granddaughter who was born through Cercyon; Amymone, daughter of the King of Lybia who was once saved through Poseidon; Caeneus, the daughter of Atrax who was victimized by Poseidon and was later transformed into a man on her request as well as Medusa Priestess of Athena and was victimized by Poseidon. Aside from these women Poseidon was also a lover to three men: Nerites, Pelopsand Patroclus.

#7 He was the father of many gods, DEMIGODS AND OTHER CREATURES

Due to his many affairs in love with females, Poseidon went on to father a number of children. A lot of them were with mortal women, the majority of them are not known to us.

The most well-known kids born to Poseidon include Triton his son of Amphitrite who was the messenger to the sea. Atlas is his child with mortal Cleito who was the first King of Atlantis; Polyphemus, his gigantic son who was with the Nymph Thoosa Aiolos his son with Arne who was later the God of the winds Lelex, his son who was of Libya as well as the very first King from the southern part of Greece; Pegasus, a mythical stallion with a winged divine appearance that was the offspring of Medusa; Orion, his son with Euryale who was transformed into a gigantic hunter; and Arion the divinely-bred and an extraordinarily swift immortal horse that was the offspring of Demeter.


Poseidon appears in the great epic poem of Homer called Iliad. As punishment for being rebellious against him, Zeus sends Poseidon and his son Apollo to serve as slaves for king Laomedon in Troy for an entire year. But, at the end of the year, Laomedon was unable to pay the slaves for their efforts to construct Troy’s inaccessible walls surrounding Troy. Because of this, when the Trojan War begins, Poseidon sides with the Greeks against the Trojans even though Zeus prohibits him from interfering. Suppose Zeus discovers this and decides to send Apollo to aid Troy.

Since gods continue to take sides in the conflict, Zeus eventually allows them to join in. Poseidon assists the Greeks in a variety of ways. For instance, when Greek soldiers were struggling with their morale, Poseidon indirectly assisted the Greek soldiers by disguising himself as an ancient seer called Calchas. He also assists in saving Achilles, the Greek heroes Achilles, from drowning within the River Xanthos.

Poseidon’s fountain in Berlin, Germany


Poseidon also appears in Homer’s epic of the same name, Odyssey. Odysseus, The principal character from Odyssey, battles in Troy but is unable to get back home with his family, including his wife and son. While returning back home, Odysseus encounters the Cyclops Polyphemus, the child from Poseidon. To escape from the Cyclops, Odysseus blinds Polyphemus, triggering Poseidon’s anger.

This is how Poseidon disrupts the journey of Odysseus to his home by causing storms that result in the destruction of his vessel and his companions, as well as a ten-year delay. Poseidon is the main villain in Homer’s Odyssey. Despite all the obstacles that stand in his path, Odysseus is ultimately able to return home to Ithaca. The sea-going Phaeacianswho aid him in this feat are blessed with The God of the sea, Poseidon, their patron god.

#10 POSEIDON HAS been portrayed a variety of times in LITERATURE and MOVIES, ART, AND LITERATURE.

Other than The Iliad as well as the Odyssey, Poseidon features in several other works like The Olympian Odes by ancient Greek poetry writer Pindar; Orestes, an ancient Greek play written by Euripides and Metamorphoses The magnum opus from The Roman poet Ovid. Statues of Poseidon are found throughout the world, such as Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Bristol, England, and Presov, Slovakia.

In today’s popular culture, Poseidon is depicted to be the father of protagonist Percy Jackson in the popular trilogy of fantasy adventure books, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, written by American writer Rick Riordan. Poseidon is also believed as one of the parents of a wicked sea witch known as Ursula, who is featured as a character in the Walt Disney Pictures feature film The Little Mermaid (1989).

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