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12 Dainty Fun Facts About Poodles

These predators were the favorite of Elvis Presley… We’re still talking about Poodles! This will all be explained in this list of fascinating facts about dogs!

We’ve all heard of poodles as beautiful and adorable dogs you may see peeking out of celebrities’ bags. However, there’s plenty more to this breed beyond this! If you’re interested in finding out more, read on!

Are Poodles not your favorite? It’s weird, …. but, hey, there are lots of incredible Facts About Poodles to choose from! Take a look at these bear hibernation statistics or these massive squid facts, or these hilarious sloth facts!

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Fun Facts About Poodles

1. There are three kinds of poodles.

Each is cuter than the one before! The three kinds are standard, miniature, and Toy. Standard is the largest, followed by miniature. Finally, Toy comes in at the bottom, at just 28 centimeters tall! Which is your most loved?

2. They originate from Germany

It’s not surprising considering that they are also the national breed of France! Dog historians (yes, this is an actual task) have traced the history of poodles to Medieval Germany, in which they were hunt dogs of the past. What a great idea!

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3. Wait, hunting dogs??

That’s right! Poodles were initially bred to hunt ducks, and they were so adept at it that they were referred to as “water dog breeds.” Poodles over the years have become increasingly elegant, and it’s difficult to determine if they’ll still be able to compete for hunting. It could be true. However, poodle owners today don’t take their dogs to hunt for ducks often!

4. Their haircuts helped them hunt

The classic poodle hairstyle is due to its hunter-gatherer heritage! Poodles had their hair cut on their legs and backs to make them more comfortable in the water and fur slung over the neck and feet to keep warm. They’re not exactly like hunters. However, they were!

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5. They’re very smart

Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs that can master new tricks quickly. Because of this, they started to be regular performers in French circuses and were well-trained to stand on balls and perform different routines. This is probably because they were hilarious!

6. It is possible to find LOADS of crossbreeds

What can you expect when you cross a poodle and a cocker spaniel? A Cockapoo. And what about Labradors? A labradoodle. A Schnauzer? A Schnoodle. They’re not jokes, but very real mixtures between the breeds of poodles and other breeds of dogs! There are so many!

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7. Poodles are good sled dogs.

Poodles might not be as agile or as powerful as the huskies in pulling sleds across ice and snow. But they possess one benefit. Poodles are extremely alert to their owners, and, unlike huskies, they’ll stop if the owners fall off the side of the sled! Huskies, on the other hand, will continue regardless! This is not the best option if you get swept away in an avalanche!

8. The fur of a Poodle never stops growing

This means they must be groomed regularly, or their fur mats up and then turns into hairy dreadlocks!

9. Elvis was a huge admirer of dogs.

Elvis kept a large number of poodles. He gave them names such as “Champagne” or “Honey.” In actuality, Elvis would regularly give Poodles as gifts to people! Perhaps poodles were the source of inspiration for his hit song “You Aren’t Nothing But An Animal Dog”?

10. A poodle has figured out how to operate a lift

Did we mention that poodles are extremely clever? Nala, the teacup poodle, lives in an American nursing home. She has discovered how to use the elevator to get across floors and regularly greet patients!

11. Other breeds of poodles are important too.

It’s not only Nala who has a job to do! Due to their ability to learn, poodles are frequently employed as therapy dogs, guide dogs, or even truffle hunters! Truffles are extremely sour and valuable clumps of fungus desired by gourmets who have a fancy kitchen. If you happen to see truffle oils in the high-end section of the grocery store, you’ll realize it could have been a dog in its creation!

12. Poodles set records!

One particular poodle has been included in the Guinness Book of Records an incredible amount of times! Sailor, the poodle, has broken the record of getting upstairs at the fastest rate on hind legs. He was able to climb up 20 steps in just 18 seconds! He’s also been recognized as the most agile dog on earth in terms of being able to walk on top of a massive ball for 10 meters, doing it in just 33 seconds! If that’s not impressive enough, then we don’t think we’re doing anything wrong!

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