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Pokemon is adored all over the world. Since its debut in the early ‘90s, the franchise has progressed into an augmented reality mobile gaming product called Pokemon Go. A title most people are fully aware of, its release in July 2016 gained global attention.

Given the rise of smartphone gaming, Pokemon Go was always expected to appeal, especially when factoring in its large base of fans who also consume the animated version of it, while even collecting the cards. While Pokemon’s augmented reality feature is impressive, there were no guarantees that the game would record the humongous success that it has, though. After all, smartphone gamers have more options than ever, from popular downloadable games like Among Us to an array of browser games, such as casino products.

People can even learn about the history of casino gaming, too, with this blog on how casino chips are made, providing gamers with an educational experience before playing an entertaining product. Despite the evident competition, Pokemon Go is still thriving in the modern world. There are a number of interesting facts surrounding the game also. Let’s take a look at 10 of them below.


1. Pokemon beat Tinder

At the peak of its success, Pokemon Go managed to rock the dating app sphere by surpassing Tinder on Android devices. The hype surrounding the game resulted in 60% of US downloaders playing the title on a daily basis for around 43 minutes. Not many games can claim the same results.

2. Millions of downloads in the first week   

During the first week of its release, the game recorded a staggering 15 million downloads. It broke revenue records too, with Niantic – the game’s developer – bringing in $200 million worth of revenue during the first month of the game’s release in July.

3. Nintendo’s stock prices rocketed

Nintendo and Niantic are teaming up after the success of Pokemon Go. For Nintendo, the game was an undoubted success, with the Japanese multinational video game company’s stock prices rising by 23% following the launch of Pokemon Go.

4. Ingress was helpful  

Working alongside Nintendo to develop the game, Niantic used a variety of locations from Ingress, another hit mobile product that was first released in 2013, to help build the immersive Pokemon Go world.

5. Number of Pokemon increased since the launch

When the game first came to the fore in 2016, players could only catch first-generation Pokemon. With 150 varieties to catch to start with, the game was still appealing. In 2022, though, there are around 700 different generations of Pokemon to hunt down.


6. Magikarp is everywhere

Finding a Magikarp was the most common capture in the game during 2021. After all, everyone wants a beastly Gyarados, right?

7. There’s a Pokemon Go gym at the White House

One of the most appealing aspects of the game is to take down various gyms and plant your most fearsome Pokemon on top of it. There is even an opportunity to do this at the White House, with a Pokemon gym situated there.

8. It all started as a joke

Not many people know this, but Pokemon Go was actually inspired by an April fool’s joke in which a job ad was placed for a Pokémon Master.

9. Most Pokemon caught in a single day

There are some dedicated trainers in the world, but none more so than Tarot Iroha who caught 11,400 Pokemon in 24 hours.

10. It’s not always used for good

While most people enjoy the game for entertainment purposes, Missouri police said that criminals used the app to locate potential victims in secluded areas and rob them.

Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
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