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15+ Impressive Facts About Peacocks!!

Peacocks belonging to the peafowl species are gorgeous creatures that can be often seen in Zoos. Find out a few facts about peacocks to learn about the importance of their presence for the culture of our society and the reasons why they became domesticated, and why it is essential to provide them with the attention they need.

The majority of people use the”peacock” or “peacock” to describe both male and female birds, but it is a term used to describe male peafowl. Peafowl is part of the pheasant family. They originated from Asia. Two kinds of peafowl are endangered: the Indian Peafowl along with Green Peafowl. Both species are threatened because of habitat destruction, smuggling, and predation.

You may not be aware when you see peacocks at nearby farms, parks, or zoos. Still, the green and blue peacocks, the mythical creatures sporting Iridescent plumage, are indigenous to Asia — even though their extraordinary beauty has brought them to the far corners of the globe.

There’s more to peafowl aside from their beautiful tail feathers. Discover their fascinating nature by reading these peacock facts.

Exciting Facts About Peacocks:

  1. Male peafowl is called a peacock, and females are called a peahen.
  2. They are among the enormous flying birds. The length (including tail) could reach up to 5 feet. They weigh between 8 and 13 pounds.
  3. They are Omnivores (eat both animals and plants). They are fond of eating amphibians, arthropods, and insects as well as flowers and seeds…
  4. Their primary predators are leopards, tigers, and mongooses… If they see the danger, they take flight and hide in trees. They stay up in the trees for nights due to the same reason.
  5. Peafowl’s family is referred to as “bevy.”
  6. A peafowl flock is known as a “party.”
  7. Gorgeous and vibrant tails are only seen in males.
  8. The tail’s colors will change every time you alter your eyes’ angle due to reflections of light. Tail feathers feature eye-like spots. They’re surrounded by gold, green, along with red and gold feathers.
  9. Tail is 60 percent of the total length.
  10. Peahen chooses its partner based on their length, width, and the color of the tail.
  11. The peacock is monogamous (mate to more than one woman) and generally creates a harem of 2 to 5 females. Peacocks left alone are extremely sad and devastated.
  12. Although they are gorgeous, they make unpleasant noises.
  13. Females lay 3 to 5 eggs. The young birds hatch within 28 days.
  14. A baby bird of one day can walk or eat and drink with no assistance.
  15. Peafowls can live for between 20 and 20 years in the wild and in a captive environment.

Fun Peacock Facts!!

1. Only Males Have Those Long, Beautiful Feathers

As with other species of birds, It’s the male of the peafowl breed that is so strikingly colored and has gorgeous tail feathers that are decorative. The males are often referred to as peacocks. Females are referred to as peahens. However, both genders are known as peacocks. Peafowl in groups is often referred to as a bevy or ostentation, or muster.

2. Peacocks Take Three Years to Grow Their Tail Feathers

As they hatch and for the next few months afterward, both female and male peachicks are alike. Males don’t begin to show color until about three months old. And it’s not until they reach full maturity when they reach three years old that their famous tails for display are fully feathered.

3. The Indian Peacock Is the Country’s National Bird

Since 1963, the blue Indian peacock (Pavo Cristatus) was declared as India’s national bird. Its range extends across all of the Indian subcontinents, and it is classified as a species of most minor concern as per the IUCN. It is a long-standing tradition of representation in Indian art and Hindu religion, which includes being associated with goddesses and gods as well as royals.

4. Peacock Tail Feathers Are Shed Regularly

Peacocks shed their feathers each year following the mating season, and they can be collected by those who wish to preserve the colorful feathers.

5. That Dramatic Plumage Is Designed to Attract Peahens

If a peacock flies its dramatic tail, it’s more than attractive and pleasing to human eyes. Peahens assess the health of the males within their immediate vicinity by watching this display, where subtle rumbling from males creates the illusion of spots soaring in the glimmering background.

6. The Crests on Their Heads Are Important Sensors

Their stunning plumage peacocks can be seen with so much going in their crowns that the crests that look like floating crowns are frequently overlooked. Peafowl crests have a crucial role in mating. Males and females alike are blessed with these long, specially designed feathers; however, they’re more than decorative for peahens. They use them to detect.

When male peacocks shake their tails (scientists have estimated it to be around 25,500 times per minute) to seduce females, females both view the show and can feel it on their heads using their crown-sensors.

Wrapping Up:

Alongside their status as the bird of national significance of India, Peacocks have also been a component in Greek mythology, in which they are a symbol of immortality. Ashkenazi Jewish people have included golden peacocks as a symbol of imagination!!

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