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10 Juicy Facts About Oranges!

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When cut into quarters following the game, squeezed into juice, or sliced into a salad, Oranges are an incredibly versatile and delicious fruit that you can enjoy all through the year. Have a look at these juicy Facts About Oranges below!

In addition to being rich in potassium, fiber, and choline, they are considered a great food source for Vitamin C.

To discuss more of the benefits and historical significance of the fruit, we’d like to share ten interesting facts you did not know about oranges.

Facts About Oranges

  1. Orange Trees were first grown in China.
  2. To achieve the same amount of fiber as a medium-sized orange, you’ll need to consume 7 cups of Cornflakes.
  3. The largest producer of orange on the planet is Brazil. The capital of production in the world is Brazil.
  4. Certain varieties of oranges remain green after they have ripened.
  5. The peel of an orange can be reused to clean oil spots and even tea orange.
  6. Oranges are about 10000 percent more acidic pH of the blood. More than lemon juice and more than tomato juice.
  7. Do you realize that the term “Orange” was initially used to refer to the color, but not to the fruit
  8. There are currently more than 600 different varieties of oranges available in the world.
  9. Oranges were discovered approximately about 4000 BC within Southeast Asia, and then they spread to India. The origins of Oranges date back to around 4000 BC in the Southeast.
  10. The flowers from the Orange tree appear white in hue and possess an incredible scent.

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