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100 Interesting Facts About Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is the 28th largest and the 20th largest among the 50 states of the United States. It lies in the South Central region of the United States. Oklahoma was granted statehood on the 16th of November 1907 and became one of the 46 states. It was the 46th state to be a part of the union. Have a look at these interesting Facts About Oklahoma below!

It shares its borders with six other states (Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Kansas.) Find the full list of 50 states and their boundaries in this. Oklahoma (nicknamed: the Sooner State) is home to seventy-seven counties. The capital of the state is Oklahoma City. The people living within Oklahoma, as well as those who are from Oklahoma, are referred to as Oklahomans and Oklahomans. The abbreviation for Oklahoma is OK.

Oklahoma is an American state that is rich in culture and diversity. The beauty of this state is frequently mentioned in a variety of tourism-related Oklahoma fact lists. What is it that makes it so beautiful? In the first place, because of the geographical location of Oklahoma and its geographical location, it is home to a large amount of biodiversity. You’ll find a wide variety of sweetgum, red maples, hickory, ponderosa pine, and eastern redbuds in this area.

Oklahoma’s economy isn’t quite as balanced as other states of the United States. Dependence on petroleum and agriculture was a reality for a while. However, the state and local authorities’ efforts to lure new business have had some successes.

Did these Oklahoma facts have you wanting to know more information about this 47th U.S. state? You’re in luck! Learn more about its past and its culture, people, and more!

Facts About Oklahoma!

  1. In Oklahoma, the lowest elevation Oklahoma can be found in the Little River in McCurtain County, which is 289 feet.
  2. 1.224 square miles of water.
  3. 33.7 million acres of agricultural land.
  4. The state has 35 major lakes.
  5. More water gets used to irrigate than any other purpose.
  6. About 60 percent of the surface water is used as drinking water.
  7. Oklahoma is home to 11,611 miles of shoreline, which is more than the combined non-tidal coasts of both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.
  8. Oklahoma is America’s 20th largest state. it covers 69,903 square kilometers.
  9. Cimarron County is a single county within the U.S. that touches four states: Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Kansas.
  10. Oklahoma is part of the four ranges of mountains: Ouachitas, Arbuckles, Wichitas, and the Ozarks.
  11. The largest known accumulation of alabaster is located in Alabaster Caverns near Freedom.
  12. No other state has the same number of artificial lakes, namely 200.
  13. Mount Cavanal, to the west of Poteau, is said to be the world’s highest peak, at 1,999 feet.
  14. The Poteau River is Oklahoma’s only one Oklahoma that flows to the north.
  15. During the Triassic Period, Oklahoma was close to the equator, hot and dry.
  16. Dinosaur fossils have been discovered in two locations in the vicinity of Atoka and the Panhandle.
  17. The state’s largest lake is Lake Eufaula.
  18. The second largest lake in the world is Texoma.
  19. The largest totem pole of concrete is located situated in Foyil. It’s 60 feet high and 30 feet wide at its widest point.
  20. The county was named in honor of General George A. Custer. However, Arapaho is the county seat.
  21. Oklahoma is the only state that produces more gypsum. All other states.
  22. It’s one of three states which produce helium.
  23. Oklahoma is the only state that produces iodine.
  24. Northwest Oklahoma met 24 percent of U.S. iodine needs in 1998.
  25. The elevators of the Wright’s Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Price Tower situated in Bartlesville are hexagons in half.
  26. Vinita was one of the first cities in Oklahoma to be equipped with electricity.
  27. George W. Steele from Indiana was the first Oklahoma Territory governor.
  28. Steele was named to the presidency by President Harrison and was in the country in May 1890.
  29. In August 1890, Republicans and Democrats of the Legislature were in dispute over locations for the universities, schools, and the capital. Steele resigned.
  30. In the time since Robert S. Kerr, all governors of Oklahoma were born within Oklahoma, except three: Dewey Bartlett, David Boren, and Frank Keating.
  31. Henry Bellmon was one of the first inaugurated Republican governors in 1963.
  32. Oklahoma was a part of the purchase of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.
  33. In 1905, The Five Civilized Tribes tried to obtain the status of a state to Indian Territory under the name Sequoyah.
  34. “Grady County” was given the name in honor of Henry Grady, Atlanta Constitution editor.
  35. Blaine County was initially called C County. In 1892, the county was renamed to honor James G. Blaine, a Republican presidential candidate 1884.

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Fun Facts About Oklahoma!

Fun Facts About Oklahoma
  1. Logan was named County No. 1. The name was later changed to Sen. John Logan, a Civil War general.
  2. 45,091 Oklahomans were on the Socialist ticket during the 1916’s presidential elections.
  3. George Nigh served a portion of four years as governor. He was elected twice, in 1978 and 1982. In addition, he was governor in 1963, after James Howard Edmondson quit. David Boren took office as senator from the U.S. senator before Nigh was set to assume office, which is why he completed just the entire term in 1979.
  4. Ed Malzahn invented trenchers to replace shovels used to install underground utilities in 1949. His machine later became known as called the Ditch Witch.
  5. Edward Roberts, a 1968 Oklahoma State University graduate in electrical engineering, is believed to be the one who created the personal computer and gave the software big Bill Gates his first job in the field.
  6. Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan laid out the location for Fort Sill in 1869.
  7. Sheridan’s forces included Scouts, “Buffalo Bill” Cody, and “Wild Bill” Hickok.
  8. Geronimo’s grave is located in Fort Sill. He passed away from pneumonia in 1909.
  9. Pensacola, OK, is the location in 1862 of a Civil War battle. The Confederates prevailed.
  10. The introduction section contains these sentences: “Plenty of room to swing a rope!”
  11. Honey bees are the official insect.
  12. The state motto is “Labor Omnia Vincit” -“Labor Omnia Vincit” Labor triumphs over everything.
  13. State colors are white and green.
  14. The state’s floral emblem, mistletoe, was chosen in 1893.
  15. The Oklahoma Rose, adopted as the state flower in the year 2004, was created in the hands of the Oklahoma State University graduate.
  16. The state’s official wildflower can be found in the Indian Blanket, adopted in 1910.
  17. Saurophaganax Maximus, the largest among the Jurassic Era predators, was designated as the official State Fossil in 2000.
  18. The official state dinner is Fried Okra, squash, and cornbread. It also includes biscuits, barbecue pork, the gravy of sausage, grits the corn, strawberries and pecans, chicken-fried steaks, and pecan pie. Black-eyed peas. They were adopted in 1988.
  19. Port Silt Loam, which is the soil of the state.
  20. The dirt is red due to siltstone, sands, and shale weathering.
  21. Red dirt can be located on more than 1 million acres across 33 counties of Oklahoma.
  22. The title of the official state poem is “Howdy Folks,” by David Randolph Milsten.
  23. It’s a poem about Will Rogers and composed in celebration of his dedication to Claremore’s Will Rogers Memorial at Claremore.
  24. It ranks 27th of the 50 states in the number of people living there.
  25. That’s an average of 50.3 inhabitants per sq mile. In comparison, New Jersey has 1,134.5 people per square mile.
  26. A total of 24 percent of Oklahomans are younger than 18.
  27. 6.9 percent are less than five.
  28. 13.2 percent are 65 or older.
  29. The state of Oklahoma receives on average 56 inches of rain each year.
  30. In the Panhandle, the average is 17 inches.
  31. The record for a single day of rainfall record is 15.68 inches. On the 11th of October. 11 1973, Enid measured 12 of these inches in three hours. Then it took ten more hours to get the remainder to fall.
  32. The Oklahoman growing season stretches between 168 and 240 days within the Panhandle to 240 days along the Red River.
  33. The average for Oklahoma City is 85 rainy days over a year.
  34. The highest temperature recorded within Oklahoma was 120° at Tipton on the 27th of June 1994.
  35. In February, the coldest temperature ever measured within Oklahoma was -27 ° in Vinita. 13th of 1905 as well as in Watts on January. 18, 1930.
  36. The city of Oklahoma records an annual average of 9.5 inches of snow and sleet per year.
  37. Oklahoma is home to an average number of tornadoes of 54 every year. An average of 15 of them are major.
  38. On November. 11, 1911, the high in Oklahoma City was 83 degrees. The lowest temperature of 17 degrees. Both are records, and also the record low on that date.
  39. Seventeen native animals and insects are threatened, including three bat species, four birds, a fish, and five invertebrates.
  40. Oklahoma is fourth in the country in the production of wheat.
  41. The state ranks fourth in the production of cattle and calf.
  42. It’s the fifth day of pecans.
  43. 67 tribes resided in the Indian Territory.
  44. The state of Oklahoma is where four regions of culture meet The West, Midwest, South, and Southwest.
  45. The state of Oklahoma spends approximately 3.5 million hunting days each year.
  46. Fort Gibson and Downingville (Vinita) are the two towns that were the first towns to be incorporated in 1873.
  47. The first of 14 flags to be flown in Oklahoma included that of the Royal Standard of Spain, brought through Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in 1541.
  48. Sequoyah’s name was George Gist. The cabin he grew up in is located at Askins, OK.

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