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30 Facts About Number 30

Numbers hold an important place in our lives. Be it your birthday number, or the day something special happened in your life, we all tend to remember dates and numbers for so many different reasons. Here are some amazing facts about number 30 to look around.

Let’s take a look at special happenings associated with the number 30. Just like the number 37, the number 30 also has so many secrets to reveal.

Let’s get started!

Facts About Number 30

1. In Bingo, ball number 30 will also be known as “Dirty Gertie,” Blind 30″.

2. A polygon that has 30 sides is known as triacontanol.

3. 30, also known as a Harshad number or a number divisible by the total of its numbers.

4. “In Back to The Future, Marty McFly traveled 30 years back in time.

5. 30 splits by two hyphens mark the end of a newspaper article (-30–). 6. If you see anything connected to the number 30 in your dreams is usually a sign that something or someone is not honest. Someone is misleading you, or something isn’t as it appears.

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7. Within the periodic table, Phosphorus contains an atomic weight of 30.9738.

8. 30 is the number of minor and major keys in Western tonal music.

9. In Roman Numerals, the number 30 is X-X-X.

10. A baby who is 30 weeks old in the womb can see 20/400 and can see only right in the front of them when they close their eyes, and that won”t often occur in that period.

11. Following the defeat of Athens, Athens lost in the year 404 B.C. After the Peloponnesian war, thirty individuals were elected as the new government. In the thirteen months they ruled, they killed around 5 percent of the Athenian population and confiscated large amounts of their possessions. Their regime was so brutal that it was referred to as “The Thirty Tyrants.”

12. It is believed that thirty upright stones form The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge.

13. The seal’s oldest attain is 30 years old.

14. Cats have 30 teeth.

15. Judas in the Bible was the one who committed a betrayal of Jesus as a reward for the exchange of 30 sterling coins.

16. The binary code 30 may be written as 11110.

17. Thirty was a crucial age to become a person identified in the Bible. Aaronic priests were ordained at thirty years old because, at that age, one reaches mental and physical maturity. Christ began preaching at the age of 30.

18. Greece”s country Code is. If you need to make an international call, you must dial 30.

19. The minimum age at which a U.S. Senator is 30. 20. Thirty percent of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tonga (a Polynesian sovereign state situated in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean) speak English.

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21. A student at the University of California named Cam Brantley-Rios devoted 30 days to eating bug-based meals and posting the results via his website. Yes… the student consumed bugs for all of the thirty days and was able to beat the goal.

22. Stars Gamma Pavonis, a star 84% bigger than the sun, is thirty light-years from us.

23. If a married couple reaches the age of 30, it is called the Pearl Wedding Anniversary.

24. On the 15th of November, 1964, Jack Weinberg coined the phrase, “Don”t trust anyone over 30”.

25. It has 30 tracks in the Beatles” The White Album.

26. The longest fantasy series is The Riftwar Cycle and spans 30 books! An avid reader may never see the sunlight for a year.

27. The number 30 is very much in line with how we measure time. The amount of time in an hour is divided by thirty. The amount of time in a minute is divided by thirty. The average number of days that a calendar month is thirty.

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28. In tennis, the number 30 signifies the second point gained during a match.

29. The zinc atomic number is 30.

30. The 30th of November will be Computer Security Day. 

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Harrison Jones
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