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22 Facts About Number 22

Like all numbers, 22 is an incredible number, and there is a wide array of figures, records, and interesting facts about number 22!

We’ll take a look at 22 facts about the number 22.

Facts About Number 22

  1. The expression “catch-22” originates from the novel of the same name written by Joseph Heller.
  2. The 22 2nd James Bond movie is Daniel Craig’s second Bond appearance. It’s the most compact Bond film in the film series, with a running time of one an hour, 46 mins.
  3. The 22 2nd Summer Olympics was held in 1980 in the then Soviet Union Moscow, now Russia. These games included 203 sports with 5179 athletes in total.
  4. A table that is longer than 22 feet can be described as a standard Shuffleboard table, which is a favorite sport for many and the reason for more fights than you think.
  5. 22 is the name of a track that features several artists, including Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, Bon Iver, Deaf Havana, and Jay-Z, regardless of whether it is the complete name or part of the track’s name.
  6. In the Hebrew Alphabet and during creation, God created 22 things.
  7. Buddy Holly, Robert Wadlow, and Terry Fox all died at 22.
  8. The 22 2nd amendment was ratified in 1947 and slowed the time of a president’s term. If it had been passed before 1933, it could have prevented F.D. Roosevelt served his famed four terms.
  9. The 22-second state in the U.S. was Alabama The state of Alabama joined after 32 years of the first state, Delaware.
  10. The number of atoms in titanium is 22.
  11. A typical person needs eleven seconds down to 22.
  12. A new world record was established for “the largest number of people on the skateboard” by announcing 22 people in the Weezer video.
  13. In 1922, the BBC became a reality and began broadcasting the first radio show, The Truth about Father Christmas.
  14. Brazil was host to the 23rd World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. Tim Howard set a record for the USA when he made 15 saves during the quarter-final, greater than before in a World Cup match.
  15. The blockbuster 22 Jump Street was shot on a real campus, Tulane University.
  16. John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22 23rd, 1963. JFK was the 35 president. He was shot aged 46.
  17. Following Rio 2016 in 2016, the USA achieved a record of “the most medals that a nation has won in one sport,” following 22 medals in the men’s long jump.
  18. One million dollars worth of $100 bills weighs 22,5lbs (9.979kg).
  19. Twenty-two minutes is the length of runtime for the 30-minute T.V. show.
  20. Gliese 22 is 22 light-years from the Earth. It is a red dwarf and has temperatures of 5,030 degrees Fahrenheit (2,777degC) which doubles the temperature required to melt steel.
  21. The date was February 22, 1922, 1922, and 1922. The day was 22/22/22. It was also the day that Ulysses, written composed by James Joyce, was published in Paris.
  22. An Australian study from 2011 found that the average person loses 22 minutes of their life for each hour they watch T.V. due to sedentary habits and health problems.

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Wrap Up

Now, we’ll be sure you have many interesting facts about July 22 that you didn’t know before!

The numbers can be dismissed as not significant, but if you examine the data we are today, you will see how fascinating it is.

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Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
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