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30 Incredible Facts About Muhammad

Rabat: This compilation contains the most current and accurate information about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace to him). Have a look at these Facts About Muhammad below and bless up!

Many parts of the globe are currently experiencing violence and war. Terrorist activities target innocent people around the world. Many of these terrorist acts involve Muslims as suicide bombers.

However, the vast majority of Sunni and Shiite Muslims strongly condemn these violent acts. Islam is a religion that promotes peace, as demonstrated by its Prophet’s teachings and behavior examples.

This post was written to provide the best information possible about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and shed light on the origins behind one of the most popular religions in the world.

Facts About Muhammad

These are 30 facts about Prophet Muhammad -PBUH –

1. Prophet Muhammad was a descendant from the Prophet Ismail of Prophet Ibrahim. -PBUT-

2. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born in Mecca.

3. The year was 570 A.D.

4. His mother died shortly after his birth.

5. Before he was born, his father had died. He became an orphan.

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6. During this time, his uncle Abu Talib and his grandfather Abdulmutlib took good care of him.

7. He started trade trips with his uncle at nine.

8. During those visits, Prophet Muhammad met people from different countries and religions.

9. All respected his character. He was known throughout Medina, including the Jews, as ” the Trustworthy.”

10. He met a Christian scholar on one of his trips. The scholar told his uncle that he would one day do great things and that all the trees, mountains, and sea were right in front of him.

11Prophet Muhammad was 25 years old when he received a marriage proposal from Khadija, which he accepted. Thus they were married. Khadija was forty years old at the time of their marriage.

12. He had one wife for the first 54 years. Sayyida Khadija was his only wife from the 50th year.

13. They had two sons, but they both died young.

14. When Sayyida Ahka was nine years old, Prophet Muhammed wed Sayyida Alaka . It was very common for young girls to be married 1400 years ago. They were considered young women, but not young girls.

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It is a historical fact that girls aged 9-14 were married in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Even in the United States, girls as young as ten were married just over a century ago.

These facts aside, historians do not claim that all of these people were sick perverts. They would consider anyone who makes such a claim arrogant and very dumb who does not understand history to be arrogant.

15. Prophet Muhammad never ate alone. He invited others to join him and then shared his meal with them.

16. He insisted on washing his hands before and during meals.

17. He often visited the poor and ill.

18. When visiting someone, he greeted them before entering their house. He encouraged others to do the same as a mark of respect.

19. During his marriage, he used to fix his clothes, clean his shoes, and sweep the floors.

20. People of Mecca were involved in sinful activities such as murdering their daughters, drinking alcohol, and committing acts rape and killing innocent people. Prophet Muhammad didn’t admire these activities and went to cave Hira to find solitude and peace.

21. One time, he saw Angel Gabriel while he was in the Hira cave. Prophet Muhammad responded that he could not read or write and was illiterate.

22. He began preaching Islam after Angel Gabriel returned with more revelations.

23. Prophet Muhammad preached to people but did not preach too much to bother people.

24. Sometimes, his legs would swell from the sheer volume of prayer he used to pray. He was once asked why he offered such a painful prayer. He replied, “Shall not I be a thankful slave (to Allah).”

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25. He wrote letters inviting Kings and other leaders to Islam.

26. Pagans and Non-Muslims caused harm to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and other Muslims through different means. However, Prophet Muhammad had perseverance.

27. His Prophethood lasted 23 years, during which he received Revelations by Allah.

28. Prophet Muhammad has never claimed to be anyone or anything Divine.

29. His name is now the most well-known name.

30. Muhammad (PBUH) died after 23 years of Prophethood. Islam spread to other countries through the efforts of his Caliphs. After his death, the Quran contained the revelations of Allah to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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