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Facts about Mosse

Within Ontario’s Sunset Country, you’ll encounter moose in numerous regions. Curious to know more about these unique horned animals? Have a look at the Facts about Mosse below!

Massive moose can be seen roaming around areas such as Atikokan, Armstrong, Sioux Lookout, Pickle Lake, Ear Falls, Red Lake, and even on the Aulneau Peninsula on Lake of the Woods.

It is possible that you’ve observed moose in our region previously but what information about the moose have?

Facts about Mosse

1. Moose are massive.

You may have heard that they are big but they’re huge. Females average 771lbs (350 kilograms) and male weighs 881 pounds (400 pounds). The average male weighs up to 1,800 pounds!

Their length ranges from less than 8′ to less than 10′ (2.4m to 3.2m). Antlers of a bull moose may be spread as wide as six feet from one end to the other.

The cow and her calf at Marchington Lake at Ghost River Lodges.

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2. The bull moose sheds their antlers every year.

Once a male moose has reached one year old, he develops antlers that grow in weight and size each year. Then , a yearly growth cycle begins when the antlers begin to grow on bull moose during the spring, and they continue to grow until September when the velvet covering the antlers is dried and then falls off. Moose frequently rub their antlers against trees, which helps the velvet fall off.

In the middle of November until March, the antlers are expected to be gone. (Which does not hurt them, in any way.) Watch this amazing clip of a mountain lion that sheds an Antler.

Antlers aren’t utilized for anything during the summer months; however in the fall, when it’s mating time it is utilized to intimidate their competitors. Every now and then, if two bull moose are equal in dimensions and youth, they could fight as shown in this video.

3 – Calves can develop quickly and surpass a human when they are five days old.

A newborn moose (called the calf) is growing at an astonishing rate during the first year of existence. Calfs are born in spring, and they gain between one to two pounds per day, but later with five pounds gained per day! !

The Duininck gathering was held Nestor the Falls Fly-in outpost in Larus Lake saw these twin calves fishing with them.

4 – In the Algonquin language, the word moose refers to eating twigs.

Yes, they are herbivores! They need to eat for the entire day long to fill up. The name”moose” comes in the Algonquin word “Moz” or “mons” according to the dialect. It is a twig eater. They consume any type of vegetation and require nearly 10,000 calories every day. Similar to cows, moose also have stomachs with four chambers.

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5 Moose are strong swimmers.

A moose can plunge 20 feet into the water and remain submerged for 30 seconds or more! They also swim quickly given their size: up to 6 miles per hour. The hair of moose is hollow, allowing them to stay afloat when they swim or eat. Also, it helps keep moose warm during winter.

Beautiful moose in the vicinity of Guardian Eagle Fly-in Lodge close to Sioux Lookout.

6 – Moose can live to 20 years old.

Many species of moose (more than 50 percent) have been killed by predators such as bears or wolves while they are still young. However, if they manage to overcome predators and hunters and bears, they can live at least 20 years. The hunt for moose in the province of Ontario is strictly controlled and controlled.

7 Moose only reside in areas with snow in the winter months.

Moose prefer cooler climates, making Ontario’s Sunset Country the perfect place to reside. They cannot withstand temperatures more than the temperature of 80F (27C). On a hot day, you’ll see people trying to cool down in the water.

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8 – Moose belongs to the family deer.

Moose are the largest part in the family deer. They also are the highest mammal within North America.

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