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18 Amazing Facts About Moses

Moses was well-known even before when Charlton Heston raised his profile in the 1956 Cecile B. DeMille film the Ten Commandments. The universally acknowledged as the one who delivered his people and the Israelites to freedom from Egypt both in biblical and human history also cite Moses for establishing Israel’s religious and judicial systems.

There’s more to Moses, the leader of Israel, than what’s in the headlines. In the following list, I’ve gathered twenty interesting yet little-known facts about this Hero in faith. 

20 Unusual Things About Moses in the Bible

Moses was the very first child that was mentioned in the Bible. Moses God’s parents kept Moses for three months in order to keep him safe from the Egyptian decree that stated that all male Hebrew babies should be executed. Once they were unable to conceal him, they put him on a floating basket in the Nile River.

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1. Moses’ name “comes from his Hebrew word Mosheh (Mosheh).

There’s been some discussion on the meaning behind his name, and some scholars have attributed it to the root “to bear,” which is found in names like Egyptian names such as Ahmose as well as Thutmose. In the text of Exodus 2:10, the name that was given to him by the princess is a reference to a Hebrew word meaning “to pull out” (cf. 2 Sam 22:17 ). However, it could also be derived from an Egyptian name that means “son.”

2. The daughter of Pharaoh arranged for Moses, her mother to feed him after she had rescued Moses from drowning in the Nile River

“Yes, you can go,” she answered. So, the girl left and found the baby’s mother. 9 Pharaoh’s daughter told the girl, “Take the baby, and give him a bath and I’ll reimburse you.” The mother was able to take the baby and nurse him.

3. Moses was the child in the household.

He was the older brother of a sister, Miriam, and an older brother named Aaron.

4. Moses killed himself.

After witnessing an Egyptian beating the body of a Hebrew servant, Moses interceded to stop an Egyptian (Ex. 2:12). To conceal his crime, the perpetrator buried his victim in the sand.

5. Moses was a shepherd during his time “on the lam .”

More than a mere play on words. At the time, Moses ran away from the charges of murder and went to the deserts of Midian, where he encountered Zipporah, who was the daughter of shepherds, and started cooperating with her father, Jethro. He got married to Zipporah and fathered two boys.

6. In the episode of the burning bush, Moses gave God five ridiculous reasons as to the reason he wasn’t Israel’s deliverer.

(Ex. 3-4). Unsurprisingly, God rejected every single one of them.

7. Moses likely stumbled.

The New Living Translation of the Bible documents Moses’s response to God’s invitation to Moses in Exodus 4:10 “O God, my heart isn’t very proficient in speaking. I’ve never been, and I’m no longer, even though you’ve been speaking to me. My tongue gets tangled, and my words become caught in a web. “

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8. When Moses was unable to speak for himself as Israel’s representative, God agreed to allow his brother Aaron to speak for him. Aaron to be his spokesperson.

After the initial assignment, the second assignment, however, Moses was in the spotlight while Aaron had to take a back seat to his younger brother.

9. Not the typical octogenarian. Moses was aged 80 when Moses took Israel’s children Israel away from Egypt.

The majority of people who are his age would be at home in their rocking chairs, however, not Moses. His initial 40 years in Pharaoh’s court had taught for leadership of the army, and his subsequent 40 years in the court had provided him insight into the desert, which Moses, along with the Israelites, would journey. Moses was well-prepared for the mission of God when he reached the age of 80. the most effective was yet to come.

10. Moses was the first snake handler.

In three instances during his time in the position of leader, he utilized snakes to show the power of God. When God changed Moses’ rod into a snake, it terrified him to the point that the snake turned its tail and fled (Ex. 4:3).12. Moses had leprosy.

Briefly, after showing his ability by turning Moses’ rod into a snake, God instructed Moses to put his hand inside his clothing. After he removed his hand, it was smothered with leprosy. Fortunately, God cured the incurable disease in a matter of minutes (Ex. 4:6-7).

11. Inquired, I’m sure about the safety of his family and conscious that he was unable to take care of them properly while orchestrating the largest human exodus ever, Moses sent his wife and sons back to their father-in-law’s home.

They were reunited following the exodus, as Israelites were camping at the foot of Mt. Sinai. (Ex. 18:7).

12. Moses was a songwriter.

More precisely, it was that he was a musical collaborator. When all the kids of Israel traversed over the Red Sea on dry land, the waters sunk to drown the massive Egyptian army. To commemorate their rescue, God composed a song and instructed Moses to record it and teach it to the people. The song was later referred to as “The Songs Of Moses” (Deu. 32:1-43).

13. Moses did not create his version of the Ten Commandments. God did.

“The LORD said to Moses”Come to me in the mountain and stay here and I’ll give you stone tablets together including the laws and commandments I wrote to guide them” (Ex. 24:12). Moses did, however transcribe the law as it was provided to Moses by God. The writings comprise the Pentateuch, one of the five first books in the Old Testament. (Ex. 24:4).

14. Moses was able to see God.

Along with his brother Aaron, the nephews Nadab and Abihu, and those seventy elders from Israel, Moses saw God at Mt. Sinai. “Under the feet of Moses was the surface from sapphire. It was as transparent as the sky. However, God did not lift his arm against the people who led the Israelites. They saw God and consumed food and drink” (Ex. 24:9-11).

15. Moses was extremely humble.

God identified his name within the Canon of Scripture as “an extremely humble man, and more humble than all others on the globe” (Num. 12:3).

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16. Moses lived to age 120.

His lengthy and varied life can be broken down into three distinct parts that last for 40 years. The first one was as his son by an Egyptian pharaoh, then the second as a shepherd, and finally, the final as the renowned head of Israel. When he died, he was a renowned leader of Israel. Passing away, he was still blessed with amazing eyesight and power (Deu. 34:7).

17. Moses knew ahead of time the date of his death.

(Deut. 31:14). God directed him to appoint Joshua as his replacement. Joshua would then climb Mt. Nebo. He took him to Nebo, the Promised Land, and there was his death.

18. God buried Moses at the top of the hill; his tomb was never discovered.

We know that in Moab, within the valley of Peor, there are the remains of one of God’s most renowned saints. (Deu. 34:5-6).

This list of information about Moses is similar to the size of a grain of sand dumped in the Sinai desert. It’s not surprising that the film that made Moses to life for millions of people, “The Ten Commandments, became Cecile B. DeMille’s greatest work.

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