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14 Cool Facts About Morbius

Before his appearance on the Marvel silver screen, Morbius was identified as a Vampire with abilities similar to Blade. Jared Leto played the character; Morbius is becoming increasingly curious and mysterious due to his appearance. There aren’t many Marvel fanatics who follow his adventures in comics. However, they know some fascinating facts about Morbius.

The article Dunia Games discusses Morbius’s facts that are not recognized by a lot of people, not just Marvel fans who aren’t following the comics of his character. Let’s dig in.

Morbius is a Scientist Who Won a Nobel PrizeMorbius is Morbius is a Vampire (dubbed by the name of The Living Vampire) who has existed throughout the Marvel universe. However, before becoming a Vampire, It turns out the fact that Michael Morbius was once a genius. Michael Morbius used to be a biochemical scientist. Due to his genius, Morbius won the Nobel prize in Biochemistry.

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Facts About Morbius

1. Morbius Made an Appearance in 1998 Blade

Morbius is scheduled to release in 2022 in April, and it’s his debut film from the Sony Marvel Universe. Some of you may not realize that Morbius already had an appearance on the silver screen in 1998. However, Morbius was briefly seen in the film Blade, only in silhouette, and it’s unclear who the actor was.

2. His Powers Came From Bats

Michael Morbius was famous for his brilliant brain in the past. But, in addition to being smart, Morbius was also a weak person and is believed to suffer from a rare condition that is blood-related. To combat this condition, Morbius set out to carry out the bat experiment in his research. It successfully cured his rare condition; however, it also brought terrible negative side effects.

3. Morbius Will Feel Tired if His Physical Strength Increased

After being the Vampire and a Superhuman with abilities similar to Vampires, Morbius has physical strength unlike prior. Morbius is known to possess extraordinary strength, enhanced physical strength, greater speed, and the ability to avoid bullets with speed. However, behind the rise in strength, Morbius has admitted to being tired and weaker. It was because of the results of his research.

4. Morbius Has a Bat Radar

Unlike Batman, the superhero of D.C., which claims to represent Batman but isn’t equipped with the superpowers bats do, Morbius has bat-like powers. After undergoing a self-healing process, Morbius is healed and has superpowers, a bat-like ability, and radar. The Morbius radar functions like bats and can listen to sonar and detect enemies.

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5. Morbius Initially Was Created as Dracula

At first, Morbius wanted to be developed as Dracula instead of being a Vampire. There were rules from the early 1950s that said comics could not contain elements deemed supernatural creatures. However, these regulations were amended in 1971. Then, in 1971, Morbius, who was originally planned to be Dracula, was changed into an actual Vampire, however, without supernatural fashion, rather due to experiments.

6. Vampire’s Common Weaknesses Are Not in Morbius

What are the flaws of a Vampire? Their weaknesses are garlic and the Cross symbol, and the sun. Do you think Morbius possess such weaknesses? It isn’t. It is logical considering that Morbius isn’t a vampire whose strength is built on supernatural powers; rather, it is the result of his research involving bats.

7. His Weakness is Blood Thirsty

Supernatural Vampires and Vampires are different as the result of experiments and research. One of the main distinctions is the differences in strengths and variations in weaknesses. Michael Morbius is a Vampire born from his experiments and research, so Morbius’s strengths are different from other Vampires due to his strength and fewer weaknesses; Morbius is only weak against his desire for blood.

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8. Once Being a Member of The Midnight Sons

It was revealed that Dr. Stephen Strange once had worked with Morbius The Living Vampire. The story was that Dr. Strange purposely recruited Morbius for his organization known as The Midnight Sons, which is an organization that aims to destroy the supernatural and mystical creatures that essentially want to devastate Earth by committing criminal acts.

9. Morbius is often working with a Variety of Marvel Characters.

Apart from being a part of the group The Midnight Sons, Morbius is also known to frequently assist Dr. Strange in eliminating evil, specifically those coming from the underworld. It’s not just that Morbius was once the chief of The Midnight Sons. The Midnight Sons are replacing Dr. Strange. Alongside Dr. Strange, there’s Iron Fist, Wong, and Ghost Rider, who often is in partnership alongside Morbius to defeat the evil brought on by Lilith, known as”the Demon Queen.

10. Morbius Made His Debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #101

Morbius is a solo comic. However, the comic he is writing for himself is not the source for the character. It is well-known that Morbius made his debut in the comic book The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 101, and the character was developed in 1971 by Roy Thomas 1971. After his introduction, Morbius became famous, and the following year there was a standalone comic written by Morbius himself.

11. Morbius’ Blood Can Cure Mutation

The Spider-Man mutated, which made his arms grow two more pairs, and he came across Morbius, who’s currently changing. Then there was no doubt that they would fight; however, Lizard arrived and was attacked by Morbius during the battle. Instead of turning into an actual Vampire, Lizard turned back to become Dr. Curtis, Spider-Man, who saw and decided to drink Morbius’s blood and use it as an antidote for the mutation.

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12. Morbius Can Fly

Alongside having bat-like and vampire-like abilities, Michael Morbius has powers that make him appear as if he’s floating. Morbius can fly even without wings. The ability to fly is believed to be due to his bones being hollowed out when Morbius transforms into his Vampire mode.

13. Morbius Can Control Bats

Bats have the same powers as Vampire or Dracula. In actuality, this is real in the story of Morbius. Morbius is a Vampire who is possessed by Vampire powers and bat abilities. In addition to having the animal’s power, Morbius can also control all bats around him to perform whatever he wishes.

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14. Morbius Can be Said as a Hero or a Villain

It’s hard to tell whether Morbius is a hero since Morbius drinks human blood, which renders him a villain; however, Morbius is also involved in superhero organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. Well, as in Dr. Strange’s The Midnight Sons. So, in conclusion, you could affirm that Morbius is a hero and an anti-hero like Deadpool, the Punisher, and Deadpool.

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