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Facts About Montana

Montana is the 43rd-highest populated and 4th largest of the 50 states in the United States. It is located within the Northwestern United States. Montana was declared a state on the 8th of November, 1889.

It became the 41st state in the union. The four states bordering it include South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and North Dakota. Find the complete list of fifty states as well as their boundaries here. Montana (nicknamed”the Treasure State) has 56 counties. The capital of the state is Helena. The abbreviation of Montana can be MT.

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Some interesting Facts About Montana

1. The name Montana is of Spanish basis. The first Spanish settlers in the state named this state “Montana,” which means mountain in Spanish. Montana is among the nine mountainous states in the Western United States.

2. “The motto for Montana can be described as “Oro y Plata,” and that translates to “gold and silver” in Spanish. This motto originates from the silver and gold deposits found in the state. The first gold deposits were discovered in Montana in 1852.

3. Butte, Montana, is called the “richest hill on planet earth.” This is due to the long history of mining in this city.

4. Montana is a state with a very small population density. Out of all the 56 counties in Montana, 46 counties have a population of 6 or less than one person per square mile. This is why they are classified as “frontier counties.”

5. Montana has a significant number of grizzly bears. This is likely why the bear known as the grizzly bear is the state animal of Montana. It is estimated that 1800 grizzly bears are believed to be still alive.

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6. Montana is home to massive amounts of mineral and natural resources. A few of these are zinc and silver, copper lead, oil manganese and gold, timber, and zinc.

7. The biggest town located in Montana can be found in Billings and the city that is its capital, Helena. Billings is the sole city of Montana that has an estimated population of over 100,000, while around 75,000 people reside in Helena.

8. Montana is home to two well-known nicknames. It is known as the “Big Sky Country,” and it is also known as “The Treasure State.”

9. Montana was the first state created within the U.S., preceded by South Dakota, and then succeeded in the name of Washington. It was admitted to the union on the 8th of November in 1889.

10. Montana is a major state with a boundary with Canada. The state is also the only one in the U.S. to share a land border with three Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan).

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Flag of Montana

11. Montana has two major industries that generate income. These are agriculture and mining.

12. Montana is the only state within the United States to elect a woman to Congress. Montana was home to the native Jeanette was appointed to Congress in 1916 and was elected again in 1940. Jeanette Rankin was against the World Wars and also opposed the U.S. attack on Pearl Harbour. Her vote was the only one against war, and she was a target of fierce opposition for her beliefs.

13. Around 10,000 pelicans of white migrate across the Gulf of Mexico to Medicine Lake, Montana, every spring. They are creatures that are stunning because of their wingspans which are about 9 feet.

14. More cattle are bred than humans in Montana. This isn’t surprising considering that Montana is a key center for livestock farming.

15. The biggest snowflake that has ever been observed was found at Fort Keogh, Montana. This snowflake measured an amazing dimension of 15 inches.

16. A single of the biggest steers in the history of mankind rests at the O’Fallon Museum in Montana. The steer was 6 feet high and weighed 3,980 pounds.

17. There was a time when the Lewis and Clark expedition stopped at Travelers Rest in Lolo, Montana. It is the only place that holds tangible evidence that the pioneers had a presence.

18. It is said that the city of Loma in Montana holds the record in the world for the largest temperature shift in 24 hours. The temperature increased by 103 degrees Fahrenheit and ranged from -54°F to 49 degrees F.

19. Montana is unique because it has the triple divide characteristic. The Triple split lets water flow across the Atlantic Ocean, The Hudson Bay (when considered an Arctic tributary), and the Pacific Ocean. This is the reason for an extreme climate because the two opposing Arctic and Pacific atmospheres interact to produce a dramatic climate conflict. The visitors are advised to wear the appropriate rain gear and warm clothing while visiting Kalispell’s treasures in the backyard.

20. In 1888, the number of millionaires per person in Helena, Montana, was more than in any other city in the world. A majority of the millionaires earned their income through gold.

State Quarter

21. Jordan, Montana, is one of the counties with the least accessibility in the United States. The closest airport is 175 miles, and the closest bus line is 85 miles away.

22. A portion part of Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana. It is prone to earthquakes of 1000-3000 every year and also hosts supervolcanoes. This is the only national park in the U.S. Montana is also home to the ” Crown of the Continent” the continent’s crown – it is Glacier National Park.

23. Montana is big enough to include seven American states. It is possible to fit the States comprising Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia into Montana.

24. The Great Falls on the Missouri River is actually located in Montana. It is the largest of the waterfalls on the river.

25. Montana has a significant population of wild buffalo. The majority of these animals are at the National Bison Range close to Missoula.

Montana (in the red) in the top map with adjacent states.

26. Montana has many lakes. The Glacier National Park has 250 lakes. Many of these are located within Montana’s boundaries.

Amazing facts and information about Montana

27. Montana is home to the most diverse range of mammal species in the United States. There are bison, elk (the most land-based mammal found that lives in North America), grizzly bears, and buffaloes.

28. The highest peak in Montana is Granite Peak. It is located at an elevation that is 12,807 feet. It is the tenth-highest elevation in the U.S.

29. Montana has the largest number of golden eagles in the United States. It is possible to see more than one eagle on the same day in Montana than in any other place anywhere else in the United States.

30. Montana has about 8000 moose. The animal was previously thought to be extinct but is now in good health in Montana.

31. Montana is home to one of the world’s biggest collections of dinosaur fossils. The Museum of the Rockies alone houses thirteen T-Rex specimens.

32. Montana is the site of one of the largest earth-filled dams worldwide. This dam is Fort Peck Dam, located in the northeast of Montana.

33. Montana is the biggest County Park in the United States. It is located in Beaver Creek Park, located in Hill County, Montana.

34. The Yellowstone River runs through parts of Montana. This is certainly the longest flowing river undammed in the lower 48 states.

35. Montana is home to a significant number of indigenous Americans. It is home to 8 federally recognized Native American tribes.

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