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20+ Thrilling Facts About Monday – Get Some Monday Motivation To Kick Start Your Day!!

Mondays are a common occurrence. Just like Fridays, there are many facts about Monday that most people don’t know!!

What could be worse than waking up in the morning and grieving the loss of your weekend?

Then you have to make the long commute to work, where you spend all day in an office wishing that it was Sunday and praying for Friday to arrive quickly.

It’s not a lot of positive things about Mondays. But here are 25+facts about Monday that will amaze you!!

Fascinating Facts about Monday!

Fascinating Facts about Monday
  1. Many of us dislike waking up at 5 am every morning for school or work and repeating the same boring routine every week. We understand how frustrating that can be! Let us make Monday more interesting with these fun facts!
  2. Monday is the best day for buying a car. Some people won’t buy a car on weekends because they are busy days for car salespeople. People will purchase cars on Mondays because they are more likely to be given the attention and time of the salesperson, which can lead to a better deal.
  3. A positive aspect of Mondays is that statistically, it is the most likely day for the U.S. Stock Market to rise rather than fall.
  4. It’s not all happiness Mondays. A Marmite study in 2011 found that the average U.K. citizen won’t smile until 11:16 am.
  5. Also, Mondays are the worst days for productivity. It has been shown that Mondays are 30% less productive than other days, and they only manage 3.5 hours per day.
  6. Monday is the most popular day for online shopping. There are likely many bored, unmotivated employees who shop online while at work.
  7. Monday’s name is derived from the Old English word Monandaeg and the Middle English word Monenday. It was originally a translation of Latin “dies lunae,” which means “day of the Moon.”
  8. “Monday” in the U.K. is a slang term that describes a heavy, large sledgehammer.
  9. Brenda Spencer, the American gunman responsible for the shooting spree in America, inspired the Boomtown Rats’ song I Don’t Like Mondays. When asked by police about her motives for the killing spree, she replied, “I don’t like Mondays.”
  10. There were 53 Mondays in 2012 and 2018. This will not happen again until 2024.
  11. Monday is the only day in the week where anagrams can be made for one word. This word is ‘dynamo.
  12. An average person moans on Mondays for 34 minutes, according to a 2011 study. This is compared to 22 minutes on other days.
  13. Scientists have discovered that even if your weight is stable, Monday is the day when you’ll weigh the most.
  14. Nearly half of employees arrive late at work on Mondays.
  15. The largest group to experience more stress on Mondays is those over 40.
  16. Mondays are so frustrating because of how socializing can be a part of it. Research has shown that if we are away from our work-related social groups for the weekend, it makes us feel as though we have to be in the social circle. Researchers also found that Monday morning gossip at work is a key aspect of getting through the day.
  17. One study found that the best ways to beat the Monday Blues were watching TV, shopping online, buying chocolate, and planning a vacation.
  18. Monday is often called “suicide day” because it’s the day when the greatest number of people commit suicide.
  19. Monday is Heart Attack Day. There is an increase of 20% in heart attacks.
  20. Surprisingly Mondays are the wettest day of the week. Researchers believe this may be due to the decline in pollution from man-made sources over the weekend.
  21. Scientists found that Monday was no different from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when they recorded people’s emotions each day. When asked to recall the most stressful day of their lives, people always chose Monday. This is because there is a greater emotional shift between Sunday and Monday than between Tuesday and Wednesday.
  22. Mondays are the least sleep-deprived days. Scientists believe that the more sleep you get on weekends, makes it harder to get enough sleep on Mondays. This is because your body’s clock gets disrupted. It’s harder to wake up on Monday mornings than it is on any other weekday.
  23. On Mondays, you look less attractive. You think so. According to one study, Americans of all ages feel the least attractive Mondays.

Motivational Monday Facts!

Motivational Monday Facts
  1. Studies show that Mondays are, on average, the most productive days of the week, contrary to popular belief. It is a hated day for everyone, but people are willing to take advantage of the power to start over every week.
  2. Monday is the best day for you to organize your life. Begin by asking yourself some weekly questions to help you reflect on your life and identify ways to improve it. To live the life you desire, there is nothing better than self-awareness.
  3. #Monday is the most used hashtag on Instagram Mondays. The second most used Monday hashtag is #MondayMotivation. It has almost 25 million posts, compared to #MondayBlues’ less than 3,000,000 posts. People want to be motivated and productive rather than sit back and complain about what they cannot change. This isn’t it reassuring?
  4. Affirmations on Mondays are a great way to start your week. It’s a better way to be positive and productive. A few positive affirmations on Monday mornings can be more comforting than just a few words of encouragement.

End of the story

These fun facts about Monday are sure to help you get your week started positively. If not, there’s always tomorrow.

Keep checking back for more fun facts! Share this post with your friends!!

Happy Monday!!

Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
Harrison has been a freelance financial reporter for the past 6 years. He knows the major trends in the financial world. Jones’ experience and useful tips help people manage their budgets wisely.


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