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18 Interesting Facts About Missouri

Missouri is the 18th-highest populated and 21st largest among the 50 states of the United States. It is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Have a look at Facts About Missouri here!

It was granted statehood on August 10th, 1821, becoming the 24 25th state of being a part of the union. It shares its borders with eight other States (Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky.) Check out the complete list of states and their border below.

Missouri (nicknamed: the Show-Me State) has 114 counties. The capital of the state is Jefferson City. The abbreviation for Missouri is MO.

Facts about Missouri

1. Human settlement was recorded in the area for around 12,000 years.

2. Do you realize that about two-thousand earthquakes were recorded in the Mississippi River valley from December 16th, 1811, until the end of April 1812? During this time, three of the most powerful seismic events (between 7.5 and 8.8 on the present Richter Scale) struck Missouri close to New Madrid. The earthquake created an alleged fluvial tsunami along the Mississippi River, making the river move backward for some hours.

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3. The name of the state “Show the State” was born in 1899 when Missouri Congressman William Duncan Vandiver, in his speech from 1899 in Philadelphia, stated, “For thy eloquence neither inspires nor pleases me. I’m from Missouri. You must demonstrate to me.”

4. Missouri was once an important transportation hub and commerce in the early days of America.

5. The state is often referred to as “the Mother of the West.”

6. Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet were the first Europeans to walk onto the earth in 1673 when traveling along the Mississippi River.

7. Missouri has the largest brewery in the nation because it is home to the producer of Budweiser beer, which is the Anheuser-Busch.

8. Did you know that mail delivery systems are known as “the “Pony Express” existed between April 1861 and October 1861? The system comprised more than 200 relief stations in present-day Missouri in Missouri and California. Horsemen on their own were employed to carry mail and move the delivery between stations. A relay mechanism allowed mail to cross the frontier at record speed. The Pony Express was able to deliver the mail in an average of only ten days. Their best delivery was in March 1861, when riders transported the first address of Abraham Lincoln from Nebraska to California in only 17 hours and seven days.

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9. The “Missouri Gazette,” the first newspaper published in Missouri, was founded in Missouri in 1808 by Joseph Charles.

10. Mark Twain, the world’s most famous writer, was born in Missouri in 1835.

11. In 1849, a cholera epidemic struck St. Louis, killing over 4,000 people.

12. In 1911, lightning strikes struck the Missouri State Capitol, resulting in a fire that ravaged the entire structure.

13. Missouri is named honor of Missouri after the Missouri River that was named in honor of the indigenous Missouri Indians. It is believed that the Missouri River is the longest in the USA.

14. Missouri is a state that is landlocked and shares borders with eight states. Both Missouri and Tennessee share borders with eight states within the U.S.

15. The Mississippi and the Missouri River are the two longest rivers in the state of Missouri. 

16. Missouri is among the top manufacturers of transportation equipment.

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17. The University of Missouri is the first institution anywhere to award a degree in journalism. It was inaugurated on September 14th, 1908.

18. Missouri is the state with the highest concentration of lead. The deposit of the metalled to an early European settlement within the state around 1750.

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