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20 Must Know Facts About Microsoft

Microsoft is a well-known company for anyone who has used a computer in the past or owns one. Many people, both students, and workers around the globe, cannot imagine their lives without Microsoft’s products. Read lesser known Facts About Microsoft here!

They are the most popular and successful software companies globally, and Apple cannot compete in the market. Whether you like Microsoft or prefer one of its competitors, it is clear that they have made important contributions to technology, and the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Although Microsoft is a well-known company that has made a huge impact on education, work, and home computing, many people don’t know much about the corporation. These are 20 facts that you don’t probably know about Microsoft.

  1. It was founded in 1975

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and others in 1975. Both were students at the time. Allen was at Washington State University and Gates at Harvard. Both were skilled in computer programming and hoped to create new computer systems. Paul Allen suggested the name Micro-soft, which was originally the company’s original name. This name makes sense because it abbreviated terms of microcomputer and software. However, in 1981 they removed the hyphen and renamed Microsoft.

The company was founded in Albuquerque (New Mexico), but by 1979, the company had moved to Bellevue (Washington). The company relocated to Redmond, Washington, in 1986, where it is still the headquarters of Microsoft. Over the years, there have been many logos for the company. The original logo had the ‘o’ stylized and named ‘blibbet,’ which was also the name for a burger that was once sold in Microsoft cafeterias. Since 1987, the current ‘Pac-Man logo has been in existence.

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  1. Gates and Allen had already founded one business

Before establishing Microsoft, Gates and Allen were already entrepreneurs and had established another company. The computer system they designed automatically processed traffic counting data. This was done to take raw data from roadway traffic counters and turn them into reports for traffic engineers. This was developed while they were still students at a Seattle high school. Traf-O-Data was the name of their company.

The company had limited success. While the venture was not financially successful, Allen and Gates considered it a valuable learning experience. They were able to learn computer programming skills, which allowed them to focus on Microsoft’s founding. They were also able to improve their business skills, which helped make Microsoft such a success.

  1. It was a good investment to invest in Microsoft Stock during the 1980s

People who made investments in Microsoft between the mid-1980s and early 2000s probably took a huge financial risk. It was a relatively young company and is now part of a highly competitive industry. However, those who took the risk have seen that it has been a worthwhile investment. This is evident in the case of those who purchased stock on March 13, 1986. Investors would have paid $21 to buy one share of stock on that date. In 2017, that share was worth nearly $15,000. The value of that one share has increased by more than 71,000% in the past 30 years.

  1. Microsoft has made Bill Gates very rich

He was just a student when Microsoft was founded. However, his decision to create this company led to Bill Gates becoming very wealthy and successful. At the age of 31, he was the youngest billionaire. He had a net worth of $12.9 billion and was the world’s richest person by 1995.

This business has not only made him rich, but many others have also benefited from it. Analysts estimate that at least two billionaires have been created by the company’s growth, including Steve Ballmer, the former CEO. Balmer purchased the LA Clippers in 2014 for $2 billion. Microsoft is also believed to have made over 12,000 millionaires.

  1. Microsoft Employees have a very ‘Sweet” Tradition

Microsoft employees have a unique tradition. Microsoft employees have a tradition of bringing sweets to their coworkers on the anniversary of their first work for the company. The length of their employment at Microsoft will determine how many sweets they bring. For every year an employee has been employed by Microsoft, they bring in one pound of sweets. This is only one example of the kind of work environment that Allen and Gates created from the start of the company.

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  1. Bill Gates appeared in his company’s motivational videos

Bill Gates created motivational videos to motivate employees who worked at Microsoft. These videos were created to inspire employees and keep them focused on their goals. Many of these videos were made by Gates, as did Steve Ballmer, the former CEO. These videos had a humorous theme. Gates didn’t take himself too seriously and didn’t mind being silly. An Austin Powers parody video was one example. The video features Gates as Austin Powers.

  1. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates once worked together

Microsoft and Apple are rivals, as both companies are in the same technical field. But Bill Gates and Apple founder Steve Jobs have previously worked together. They worked together to create software for the first Macintosh computer in the early years of their respective companies.

The two men were good friends. Things changed when they began to create software in direct competition. This was the beginning of a rivalry between Jobs and Gates that has endured for decades.

  1. Microsoft helped Apple avoid bankruptcy

Apple is today one of the most successful companies in the world and is directly competing with Microsoft. However, the company was once in financial trouble. The company almost went bankrupt in 1997 and required a huge investment to keep going. Microsoft was their salvation as they invested $150 million in the rival. Steve Jobs was unfortunate to announce the investment during his first appearance as Apple’s CEO.

The announcement was met with boos by the audience. Despite the rivalry between Jobs and Gates and the negative reception of the news by the audience, Apple received the boost it needed from this investment to become the success they are today.

  1. Microsoft has tried many technologies

Microsoft is known for its success in selling gaming consoles and personal computers, but these are not the only technologies that they have developed. Since the company’s inception, they have received over 10,000 patents on their product designs. They also apply for around 3,000 each year. They have created many prototypes of products.

They have also dabbled in TV gadgets, watches, and real-time translation. They are also responsible for the creation of many prototypes for tablet computers. Many of these prototypes failed to make it onto the market, and some of those that did make it onto the market was a failure. Microsoft has not been stopped from trying to develop new technology in areas other than their core expertise.

  1. Microsoft are the creators and owners of the Xbox Games Console

Most people know that Microsoft is the creator of Windows applications for personal computers. However, not all realize that they also own the Xbox games consoles. The abbreviation for ‘DirectX Box” is ‘Xbox. DirectX is Microsoft Windows’s critical software to create intense game graphics. Microsoft owns the Xbox games console as well as the applications and streaming services.

There is also an online service called Xbox Live. In November 2001, the original Xbox console was introduced in the United States. In May 2006, 24 million units had been sold. In May 2006, the second console was launched. By April 2013, more than 77.2 million units had been sold.

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  1. Microsoft Has 35 Cafeterias

Google is known for providing free food and snacks for all employees. Microsoft may not be able to meet the same standards in terms of feeding their employees, but they do put effort into it. There are 35 cafeterias in the company that serves more than 37,000 people daily. Pizza is the most common option among all the meals offered in these cafeterias.

Microsoft offers free drinks to their employees. On their corporate campus, over 23 million free beverages are consumed annually. Orange juice and milk are the two most popular drinks among staff. Microsoft also offers free candy to its employees. It arrives via shuttle at the Microsoft campus.

  1. Brian Eno composed the Microsoft Sound

Windows users will recognize the first tune the computer plays when it turns on. It is only a few notes long, but it is the work of Brian Eno, an influential composer. The talented composer and musician Eno has collaborated with many major artists over the years, including U2 and David Bowie. Eno stated that writing such a brief piece of music was both remarkable and hilarious when he was interviewed about his contributions to Microsoft.

The song became known as “The Microsoft Sound.” It was first used in Windows 95. The launch advertisement featured ‘Start Me Up,’ a Rolling Stones song. It is interesting to note that Eno also composed the music for the computer game ‘Spore.’

  1. Microsoft uses code names

Microsoft often uses code names when working on new projects. They do this partly to keep their projects secret and because they are still trying to come up with a name for the project. They have used many code names over the years. Some examples are ‘Vienna, ‘Lone Star, and ‘Longhorn. Many people mistakenly believe that Mojave was one of their code names.

This is false. “The Mojave Experiment” was an advertisement campaign. It was part of a marketing exercise to combat Vista’s bad public relations. They wanted to show the software as an original product to new users.

  1. Employees are called softies

Microsoft gives employees the nickname “Softie” Microsoft employs over 88.000 people at its various locations. Their combined total square footage is 32,404.796 square feet. In the United States alone, there are over 55,000 premises. Although many workplaces strive to have equal numbers of male and female employees, Microsoft’s male to female ratio is very high. This company employs approximately 74% of men.

Microsoft has compiled data on their employees to determine their average worker. They found that the average Microsoft employee is a 38-year-old male. Developers earn an average salary of $106,000.

  1. Microsoft has a large art collection

Microsoft Clip Art is a well-known feature that can be used in a variety of applications to create documents and presentations. Microsoft is also interested in art in other ways. They also have one of the most extensive corporate art collections in the world. They have over 5,000 pieces of contemporary art spread across their sprawling premises.

They have sculptures, paintings and ceramics, photographs, ceramics, pottery, ceramics, and multimedia pieces. These pieces are from both established and up-and-coming artists, such as Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, or Takashi Murakami. These works are mainly divided into over 150 of the main campus locations. Microsoft’s senior management believes that art can be used to create a positive working environment, reduce stress and encourage open discussion and expression. It is no surprise that Microsoft continues to grow its collection of corporate artwork.

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  1. Microsoft uses Unusual Interviewing Methods

Microsoft is a leader in personal computers and technology and wants to hire the best people possible. The interview stage is an integral part of their recruitment process. Microsoft is a different company than most. They don’t use standardized questions during interviews. Microsoft prefers to pose off-the-wall questions that challenge candidates to think critically about their answers.

Microsoft tries to ask questions and tasks that reflect the personality and skills of potential employees, rather than asking simple questions that candidates could practice their responses to beforehand. Although this urban legend may be true, some sources claim that one of the most important questions they ask during interviews is “Why is a manhole cover round?” To help them analyze their problem-solving abilities, they have asked candidates to solve puzzles from the past.

  1. The Microsoft Corporate Campus is full of Rabbits

An elderly person left a few unwanted rabbits in the area of the Microsoft Corporate Campus. The rabbits quickly learned to do what rabbits are best at and began multiplying quickly.

The situation became so bad that Microsoft staff had to take the initiative to catch and neuter the rabbits. Despite all the efforts to eradicate the problem, the number of rabbits on campus is still high. If you visit the Microsoft Corporate Campus, you’re likely to see many rabbits. Microsoft is not the only company to boast of having pets. Google has goats.

  1. The Windows XP Background is Probably History’s Most Popular Photo

It is believed that Windows XP’s background photo may have been the most viewed in history, although exact numbers are not available. The photo shows a green field with a hill in the background and a blue sky over. The original photo was taken in Sonoma County, California. It was entitled ‘Bliss.’ Charles O’Rear took the photo in 1996.

Microsoft paid for the rights to the image. This photo became the default background of Microsoft Windows XP. While you can choose to change the background, all users of Windows XP will have seen this image at least once since they set up their computer. Many people prefer to use the default background, and it will be displayed every time they turn on their computer. It is believed that “Bliss” is the most popular photograph ever.

  1. The Windows 95 Marketing Campaign Cost More Than $300 Million

Microsoft takes their marketing campaigns very seriously when they have a new product. They will also spend a lot to promote their products. This was evident when Windows 95 was launched in August 1995. The advertising budget for this campaign is estimated to have exceeded $300 million. The campaign featured the Rolling Stones’ theme song, Jay Leno laughing at jokes in advertisements, and many other marketing strategies.

Microsoft spent a lot on its advertising campaign. However, this was a worthwhile investment as they became the dominant desktop computer company. Microsoft’s annual revenue increased by more than five-fold in the five years following the launch of Windows 95.

  1. Microsoft beat Apple to the Smartphone

The market leader in smartphones is the Apple iPhone. It is widely believed that they were once the industry’s leaders. You may be surprised to know that Microsoft was the original to create smartphones, and they were seven years ahead of Apple in terms of launching their products in this market.

Although the iPhone wasn’t released until 2007, Microsoft started making waves in this field in 2000. Microsoft had already begun to put Windows on smartphones and PDAs at that time. Their efforts in smartphones were not a success. This could explain why Steve Ballmer, the former CEO, was dismissive of iPhone’s launch in 2007.

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