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16 Interesting Facts About Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine, a human-made stimulant illegally manufactured in laboratories, is one example. Explore Facts About Methamphetamine Addiction below!

It is usually ingested, smoked, or snorted. The effects of Methamphetamine depend on the method used.

It can cause chemical and molecular brain changes if taken regularly. These are some fascinating facts about Methamphetamine.

Facts About Methamphetamine Addiction

1. Street names!

Methamphetamine can also be called crystal, chalk, ice, and Methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is typically found in the form of a bitter-tasting, white, odorless crystal powder.

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2. Making Meth!

Methamphetamine, different from her*in and cocaine, is not found in nature. It is made using chemicals and ingredients found in over-the-counter drugs and fertilizers.

3. The invention of Meth!

In 1887, scientists discovered ephedrine in Ephedra sinica. This shrub was used in Chinese medicine in the past. 1919 saw the creation of Methamphetamine by chemical engineers who combined ephedrine and red phosphorous with iodine.

4. You are hit slowly

Meth is not addictive like her*in or cocaine. Although it is common to believe that meth users can become addicted instantly, this is not the case. Meth addiction can be treated in the same way as other stimulants.

5. Modification of the mood

Methamphetamine can alter moods depending upon how it is used. It can be injected or smoked to create a pleasant rush that lasts for a few minutes. It can also be injected or sniffed through a needle to produce a mild high.

6. It Makes you feel good!

Your brain’s dopamine levels are affected by Methamphetamine. Dopamine is responsible for feeling that good feeling.

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7. Your Brain is at Risk

The brain cells that make dopamine can be damaged by the continuous use of Methamphetamine. The nerve cells that contain serotonin are also affected, resulting in serious cognitive and emotional problems.

8. The high is gone.

When the Meth high wears off, users feel depressed and tired. Some users report feeling depressed, tired, and paranoid after heavy meth use. They may also feel numb or unable to feel pleasure from the drug.

9. Adolf Hitler’s Favorite Drug!

The Secret to Hitler’s Blitzkrieg Successes is Methamphetamine. Sources claim that he took 74 different drugs, and Methamphetamine was his favorite.

10. Meth is the parent drug of Meth!

Methamphetamine’s parent drug is Amphetamine. They share many similarities, but they are not the same drug. Both drugs have addictive properties, but Methamphetamine is much more popular with abusers.

11. These are signs that you’re a meth addict!

A meth user may exhibit agitated behavior, passion, nervousness, irritability, and a prolonged absence from food or sleep. High heart rate and wide pupils are other signs that you may be using Meth.

12. A schedule II stimulant

Schedule II stimulants are classified as Meth. This means it is highly susceptible to abuse. Meth can only be prescribed and is not approved for medical use. It is also less than the dose that an addict would use.

13. Nasal decongestant

Methamphetamine was initially sold over the counter. It was first used in nasal decongestants and bronchial Inhalers.

14. Legally, Methamphetamine is available!

Desoxyn is the name for Methamphetamine, which is legal but rarely prescribed. This drug is used to treat ADHD and severe obesity. This drug is not available for refill without a prescription.

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15. A diet pill!

Methamphetamine is popularly marketed to women to lose weight and treat depression. Amphetamine can also reduce weight and mild depression to improve athletic performance. It also helps truck drivers complete long, uninterrupted drives without falling asleep.

16. It’s a party drug!

Crystal meth is similar to Ecstasy or ketamine in that it’s a party drug. This drug is most popular among young people between 15 and 40 who love to party at rave parties.

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