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15+ Incredible Facts About Mesosphere Mantle!!

Ever wondered what the layers of Earth are made of? What makes the Mesosphere an unbreakable middle bond between the other four layers of the Earth? Well, this post is all about exploring the never-explored facts about Mesosphere layer!!

Since 4th grade, we have been learning in school that Earth is made of five layers; Troposphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Stratosphere, and Exosphere. Each layer is equally important to keep a healthy balance for the functioning of Earth.

Did you know we would have burnt to ashes if the Mesosphere, the middle layer of the Earth, was not present to protect us from the meteor attack? The temperature at this particular layer is so damn cold!! I am sure there are many other facts about Mesosphere temperature that require a revision in your minds!!

So, are to ready to take a flight with me to the Earth’s protective middle layer, the Mesosphere? If yes, then let’s unveil some of the amazing Mesosphere facts!!

Interesting Facts About Mesosphere!!!!

Interesting Facts About Mesosphere

1. Due to high atmospheric drag in the Mesosphere, research equipment such as satellites can’t stay in orbit.

2. The Mesosphere is the most important layer for Earth’s protection, as it burns up the meteors and asteroids before they can reach the Earth’s surface.

3. Mesosphere is responsible for burning 40 tons of meteors fall towards Earth each day, before they could enter Earth’s surface and cause damage.

4. The burning meteors are often called as the shooting stars by people.

5. The Mesosphere’s atmosphere has low density and made up of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen.

6. Although most meteors that reach the Mesosphere are burned up, some of their material hangs around afterward, including iron and other metallic atoms.

7. The temperature of the Mesosphere gets colder as the distance from the earth increases. It can drop to -140 degrees Celsius; however, at its warmest level, the temperature can reach -5 degrees Celsius depending on the season.

8. The Mesosphere is known as the coldest atmospheric layer surrounding the Earth.

9. It becomes cold enough to freeze water vapor in its atmosphere into ice clouds. These ice clouds are blue-white in color and are called polar mesospheric clouds, or noctilucent clouds . These clouds are clearly visible during sunset from the Earth’s poles.

10. The mesosphere experiences atmospheric gravity waves, planetary waves, atmospheric tides, and strong winds that flow from north to south and east to west called zonal currents.

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11. The research rockets used to study the Mesosphere are also called sounding rockets. These rockets are often constructed using surplus military rocket motors.

12. A strange type of lightning takes place in the Mesosphere. This lightning is often referred to as ‘sprites’ or ‘elves.’

13. Together the layers of the atmosphere help protect the Earth from harmful greenhouse gases, by working like a blanket of insulation surrounding the planet.

14. The atmosphere around the Mesosphere, helps keep the Earth’s climate and weather patterns as stable and regular as possible.

15. The area where the mesosphere meets the thermosphere are called the mesopause. This is the coldest area of the Mesosphere.

16. In the lower Mesosphere, the zonal winds blow in the direction from the north to the south, while at the upper Mesosphere, they blow from east to west.

Wrapping Up:
Feels like we just ended up attending our science class at school right? Ahh!! So much to learn!! Hope you enjoyed exploribg these amazing mesosphere facts with me!!
If you liked this post do share it further with your loved ones. Stay tuned as we come up with yet another wonderful facts about post!! Untill then Happy Learning!!

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Harrison Jones
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