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17 Facts About Men’s Bodies Most Women Like

You won’t believe you didn’t know these facts about men’s BODY PARTS.

Men are fascinating to women. While there’s a lot about male sexuality still a mystery, we nailed down some fascinating information regarding men’s bodies.

We spoke to a variety of experts who gave us the scoop on why men have bigger eyebrows and teeth, as well as why they’re always warm, and what is happening beneath the belt.

For similar information on the other sexuality, take a look at 17 Facts About Men’s Bodies may not know.

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Facts About Men’s Bodies Most Women Like

1.The hair of men is typically darker than women.

If you think you’ve seen more blonde-haired women than males, you’re probably right. As per Joseph Hart, RN, director of operations at MAXIM Hair Restoration, “Men will typically have darker hair than female counterparts, especially after one has reached puberty, and this pattern will persist as they the advancing years.” Hart claims that this is due to the greater levels of melanin which affects the complexion hair color, skin tone, and the color of their eyes.

2. The male teeth are more pronounced than women’s.

It is possible to assume that men’s teeth are larger because they’re generally “bigger than” humans. Pia Lieb, DDS, director of the Cosmetic Dentistry Center NYC believes this to be the case. She cites studies that show male teeth actually tend to be larger than women’s, particularly the canine teeth. For more details on oral hygiene, read This is What Happens to your body when you don’t floss your teeth.

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3. Men have larger jawbones, cheeks, as well as eyebrows.

What is it that makes a face appear feminine or masculine? There are a number of physical factors that make up a typical feminine or masculine look. Kimberly Langdon, OBGYN, medical consultant for Medzino Health says, “Men have bigger jawbones cheeks, cheeks, and eyebrows, whereas women have larger faces, larger lips, and more prominent eyebrows.”

A study by Frontiers of Psychology found that eyebrow size, jawbone prominence, and the face’s height were prominent. Significant aspect in masculinity and the perception of attractiveness.

4. Men are more likely to snore than women.

This is likely to come as no surprise to anyone who has slept the night with the loudly snoring guy. “Snoring is because it originates from your nose as well as your mouth, is typically more prevalent for men because of abdominal fat.” According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine stated that approximately 40% of males regularly snore however just 24 percent of females are routine smokers.

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5. Men can better deal with threats.

While women have a greater prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, that makes them more detailed by nature, males have a large amygdala. Langdon believes that the amygdala of men’s is large and may be the reason for their greater ability to deal with threats. According to Science, for advice on getting your body and mind in top shape read 100 Methods to Be a healthier person.

6. Male babies may have erections while in the womb.

As early as 16 weeks of age, the fetuses are observed to have small protuberances. While there aren’t enough research studies to explain the cause, some researchers suggest the old “use to get it” theory. The Los Angeles Times reported that regular movements are essential to aid the penile tissue to keep it oxygenated and healthy. If you’re looking for indicators that suggest that you or someone else who is in your life must visit a doctor go through 50 indicators of poor health that men should never ignore.

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7. There isn’t any correlation between the size of a man’s feet and the size of his p*nis.

The myth has been circulated around for a long time, however, a study conducted in the journal BJU International decided to put this idea on the table. In the study “two doctors examined the penile length stretched of 104 men , and linked this to the size of their shoes.” The result? There was no connection scientifically proven between the two parts of the body.

8. The p*nis of the human body may have evolved due to competition.

Men have always been competitive however this evolutionary adaptation theory reveals how well-rooted that advantage really is. A study released in Evolutionary Psychology suggests “the human p*nis could be able in order to fight male sperm from other species, by removing other s*men that were at the cervical part of v*gina, prior to the ejaculation.”

According to the study, the human p*nis is different from that of other species, and this could be the reason it is different. For more information on the impact gender plays in the development of coronavirus diseases look up the article: Why Men are More prone to contracting Coronavirus than women.

9. The human body produces milk.

Have ever wondered why men have Nipples? The short answer is that nipples develop in the womb before the embryo becomes distinctly female or male, as per Healthline. The research suggests that men also have mammary glands, which are the organ responsible for producing milk. While humans can produce milk but it typically happens when there is a problem usually due to an issue with prolactin, the hormone that is needed for the production of milk, as per Scientific American.

10. Men are susceptible to yeast infections.

Although yeast infections are much more common among women–75% of women experience one at some point in their lives–men may be susceptible to these infections. Additionally, male yeast infections “can lead to a condition known as balanitis–inflammation of the head of the p*nis,” according to Mayo Clinic. For more information about the body, read drinking as little as this Each day could be harmful to your Health, Research Says.

11. S*men is more than just sperm.

Contrary to popular opinion Sperm, the cell that is looking for an egg for reproduction is not the only element of s*men. “Most of the fluid in s*men is made up of secretions from male reproductive organs. S*men has citric acid free amino acids, enzymes, fructose, phosphorylcholine, enzymes prostaglandin and potassium and zinc” According to News-Medical.

12. Men’s diet affects the sperm count of men.

“A study of 250 men who had sperm analyzed at a fertility clinic showed that men who ate higher amounts of fruits and veggies, particularly green leafy vegetables and beans (legumes), had higher levels of sperm and greater sperm motility than those who ate less of these types of foods,” according to the University of Chicago Medicine. Other foods that increase the number of sperm in your body include walnuts and fish. However food items that could reduce the supply of sperm include trans fats, processed meats and pesticides. and dairy products with high fat content.

13. The males also have G-spots.

It might not be more centrally located than the female’s, but it is there. The prostate gland of men–many health professionals and doctors believe a gland located between the bladder and p*nis as the male version of the G-spot as per Men’s Health. It is believed that the result when arousing the prostate’s G-spot can result in a more intense gasp than

14. The skin of men is thicker than women’s skin.

This doesn’t refer to the old idiom. Due to the quantity of testosterone that men can pulsate through their bodies, their skin is a lot more thicker than women’s. “Androgen (testosterone) stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why a man’s skin is more swollen; however, the texture is also more tough.

15. Male org*sms usually last about only half the time as female org*sms.

Although it’s often more common for males to gasp as compared to women, once it occurs the duration is usually about half the time. As per Medical News Today, the average male org*sm “lasts for between 10 and 30 minutes,” while the average female org*sm “lasts for 13 to 51 minutes.”

16. Erectile dysfunction could be an effect of a variety of things.

Erectile trouble (ED) can result from problems that can be severe health conditions. As per NY Urology specialists the most frequent causes of ED include ” high blood pressure obesity, cholesterol or smoking.” So if you have someone suffering from ED know that it’s likely to be caused by something unrelated to sexual chemical.

17. Men feel more cozy and warm.

If you’ve ever observed the males of your group and thought about why they were sporting shorts during winter due to their lower body temperature, this could be a reason. Because males tend to be more muscular as well, they tend to tend to have lower body temperature at rest than women, making them warm, as per Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

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