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37 Incredible Facts About Louisiana

Louisiana is the 25th most populous State and the 31st-largest among the 50 states of the United States. It is located in the southeastern area of the United States. Here are some amazing Facts About Louisiana!!

It was granted its statehood on April 30, 1812, and became one of the 18 states to join the union state to become a member of the United States. It shares its borders with three states ( Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.) Find the full list of states and their boundaries on this page.

Louisiana (nicknamed: the Sugar State, the Bayou State, The Creole State or the Child of the Mississippi, the Pelican State) includes sixty-four parishes. The capital of the State is Baton Rouge. The abbreviation of Louisiana can be found as the L.A.

In these facts about Louisiana, let’s learn more about its rich history, geography, population economics, and more.

Facts About Louisiana

1. The influence of the first French and Spanish colonists is still evident in the cuisine and culture of the State.

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2. Louisiana State Capitol Building is the tallest state capital of the United States. The building was officially inaugurated on May 16, 1931. It’s 450 feet tall and is 34 stories tall. In September 1935, the tallest of them all, Long, was killed at the State Capitol, which was constructed under his direction. 

3. The nickname of the state “the Pelican State” comes from the numerous pelicans who lived along the State’s Gulf Coast. (see the tables at the bottom of this article for the State’s names and symbols)

Pelican in Louisiana

4. Louisiana is among the nation’s top gas and oil producers. 

5. Hurricane Katrina (as a Category 3 hurricane) devastated some parts of Louisiana in August 2005. The storm destroyed an area of 73 square miles along the Louisiana coast. The storm killed around 1500 Louisianans. Additionally, the State suffered greater than 100 billion dollars of losses. Louisiana experiences hurricane season from June and November every calendar year. 

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Flag of Louisiana

6. The official flag of Louisiana was adopted in 1912, one hundred years since Louisiana was declared an official state.

7. The Mississippi River is part of the State and flows across the State of Mississippi.

8. The State of Louisiana has been controlled by ten different flags starting in 1541.

9. In 1823, the first natural gas field was discovered in Louisiana. It was discovered at a depth of 400 feet.

10. Louisiana, because of its fertile soil, was once one of the richest regions of America. Indigo, sugar, and cotton helped make the State’s politicians among the wealthiest Americans. 

11. Several popular films were shot in Houma, Louisiana, including Fight Club, The Butler, The Apostle, Skeleton Key, and Crazy, located in Alabama. Houma can also be the location for the comic-book collection Swamp Thing and Suicide Squad.

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Seal of Louisiana

Facts About Louisiana

12. Between 1682 and 1763, Louisiana was a kingdom colony of France. 

13. On November 17, 1762, France gave over Louisiana, along with 1762, the Isle of Orleans to Spain.

14. Rene-Robert Cavelier named Louisiana in the mid-1600s to honor Louis XIV, King of France. Louis XIV, King of France between 1643 and 1715.

15. President Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana in 1803 from Napoleon Bonaparte 1803. The purchase included 530,000,000 acres within North America that the U.S. bought in 1803 for $15 million. The purchase increased that of the United States. The purchase was a huge increase in the size of the United States.

16. Did you know that the initial Louisiana territory was broken up into 13 States? 

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State Quarter

17. Louisiana does not have an official language. English, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese are the main languages of the State. Louisiana.

18. Louisiana is one of the states with the highest rainfall in the U.S. Hawaii is the rainiest State in the U.S. 

19. Because of the presence of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, Baton Rouge has grown into an important port for inland shipping. 

20. Baton Rouge is the scene of an important battle in the American Revolution — the only one to occur outside of the 13 colonies at the time. U.S. forces allied with Spanish forces to destroy the British colony located here. The decisive victory brought an end to the British occupation of this part of the Mississippi River.

21. Louisiana leads other U.S. states to produce shrimp and crayfish. 

22. Louisiana also contributed significantly as part of the United States space exploration program. The State facilitated the development of C-5 boosters used in the Apollo moon-landing program. 

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The coat of arms of the State

23. Louisiana is the only state in the U.S. with political subdivisions called parishes and local authorities similar to counties. The State is home to sixty-four parishes. Notice this: Jefferson Parish is the largest parish in terms of population. Cameron Parish is the largest in terms of land size. 

24. Alexandria: Contrary to many beliefs, the city wasn’t named after the famous Egyptian research center. Instead, it gets its name in honor of the daughter of Pennsylvania commercialist Alexander Fulton who organized the first settlement here in 1785.

25. The Louisiana state license plates included the following nickname and words appear on them, starting with “Bayou State,” “World’s Fair Plate,” and the “Sportsman’s Paradise Plate.” 9.

26. List of the capital cities in Louisiana: New Orleans from 1812 to 1830; Donaldsville from 1830-1831; New Orleans from 1831-1849; Baton Rouge from 1849-1862; New Orleans from 1862-1882; Baton Rouge since 1882.

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27. The central geographic point in Louisiana lies within Avoyelles Parish, located three miles to the S.E. of Marksville. The State measures 130 miles in width. 

28. Monroe: the name of the city comes from the steam-powered steamship named James Monroe, which settlers consider to be the turning point in the town’s development from an outpost to an actual town. The ship itself was named in honor of five-time U.S. president James Monroe of Virginia.

29. In a way, the State’s form resembles the form of the capital letters “L” or a boot.

Map of Louisiana

30. Native American tribes like Chitamacha, Natchez, Bayougoula, and Chitamacha were the first inhabitants of the area that is today Louisiana. 

31. The State is also one of the largest producers of corn and soybeans. 

32. Driskill Mountain – 535 feet (163 m) above sea level is the highest elevation point in the entire State. And New Orleans – 8 feet (2.5 meters) lower than sea level, is at the lowest spot in Louisiana.

33. The territory of Louisiana is divided into three kinds of areas: lowlands, terrace hills, and lowlands.

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34. Lafayette, Louisiana, is home to the largest quantity of restaurants per person than any other city located in this region. Spicy and delicious food items attract the residents. The city draws a lot of tourists due to its Cajun culinary traditions, musical influences, and extravagant Mardi Gras celebrations.

35. Did you know that “Fat Tuesday” is a major celebration held before Ash Wednesday in Louisiana? New Orleans has the most well-known “Fat Tuesday” celebration. The event is also called”the” Mardi Gras festival. The festival has been taking place since the year 1838.

36. Kenner, Louisiana, was originally home to The Tchoupitoulas Indians. In addition, a group called the Wild Tchoupitoulas was created in the 1970s early by people of mixed heritage predominantly to perform at the Mardi Gras and honor the tribe. They wore Indian costumes and even recorded their album.

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37. Elvis Presley often visited Southern Maid’s Shreveport location from Southern Maid to get some donuts before attending the Louisiana Hayride Show. Elvis Presley sang the jingle to Southern Maid in 1954. It’s his only endorsement for a commercial he did in his entire career.

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