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Top 10 Facts About Lil Mosey | Everything You Need To Know About Lil Mosey!

Lil Mosey may only be only 18, however, this Seattle-born native already has made a huge name in the world of music. He became famous in 2017 when he released his hit single “Pull Up” and is now making millions. Read more amazing facts about Lil Mosey below!

His videos and songs get thousands of viewers on YouTube on their own, and the artist is showcasing his talents to a new set of viewers in the form of one of the artists featured for the remix to Dixie’s “Be happy.”

Here’s everything you should learn about the rapper Lil Mosey.

Facts About Lil Mosey

1. Lil Mosey is his stage name.

The full title is Lathan Moses Stanley Echols.

2. He’s an Aquarius

He was born on January 25 2002.

3. His brother was the one who introduced him to music.

An interview was conducted by No Jumper, Mosey said that his brother was able to steal the iPod for a couple of days. After Mosey received it back and his older brother added the album of Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares to it and that album prompted Mosey to begin making the music he wants to make.

4. He quit school to pursue his musical ambitions

Lil Mosey told Big Boi that he was planning to quit school for a while however his mother would not allow it. He even signed a contract with her that if his debut music video received 30k views within three days, he’d be exempt from school. Although the video did meet this goal, he stated that his mom would never let him quit school.

The school didn’t end, however. In the days before They Were Famous reports that Mosey was eventually expelled in the 10th grade.

5. The first single was released in the year 2016.

Mosey dropped his debut track, “Off White” on his SoundCloud in the year 2016 however, he’s come a long way since the time he released it. The video music for “Top Gone” made public in the year 2020, garnered more than 9 million viewers in a month. In April of 2020 his track “Blueberry Faygo” was the first of his songs to be ranked in the top 10 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, according to Billboard.

6. He’s on Dixie’s “Be Happy” Remix

The rapper is included in the music video as well. The behind-the-scenes video will show Lil Mosey and fellow artist blackbear dancing and rapping in the green screen in front of Dixie.

7. He’s not a glitzy TikTok superstar

With more than 3 million users of TikTok, Mosey has found an audience for the app too. Mosey does share songs on the app, but the videos he uploads are of TikTok dancing, and is not too shy to poke fun at himself.

8. He’s signed with Interscope Records

Mosey is label-mates with your favorite artists such as Billie Eilish and Blackpink.

9. He’s worth millions

Based on Celebrity Net Worth, Lil Mosey is worth $3 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earns money through his music career, however the rapper also has his own label Certified Hitmakers.

10. He’s covered with the ink

He doesn’t have tattoos on his face at the moment, but he has tattoos on his hands, arms and the torso. The collection includes the words, “Thank God” on his skull and chest along with a snake and”Loyalty” on his hands “Loyalty” in his hands, as well as the dollar symbol on his fingers.

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