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5 Interesting Facts About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is stunning to behold, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Many people ask us, “What makes Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe so special?” We can’t answer that question in one blog post or conversation. We can, however, share some amazing facts about the area that will blow you away!

1. Lake Tahoe is deep enough that it can cover the Empire State Building.

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America at 1,644 ft. This puts the Empire State Building, New York’s tallest building at 1,454 feet, into perspective. It is the second-deepest lake in America and the third-deepest in the entire world.

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2. Lake Tahoe can be found in two locations at once

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Nope! About 2/3 of the lake is in California, and 1/3 in Nevada. It’s quite cool to share this amazing natural landmark with Nevada neighbors.

3. The lake could cover California.

Lake Tahoe has approximately 36.15 miles of water or 39 trillion gallons. Keep Tahoe Blue says that this water is enough to cover an area as large as California with 14 inches. It is enough water to provide 50 gallons per day of water for five years to everyone in the United States!

4. Tahoe South receives enough snow to cover three stories of buildings.

U.S. According to U.S. Climate Data, South Lake Tahoe receives approximately 408 inches (or 34 feet) of snow per year. A building story is generally 10 feet high, which means that there is enough snow to cover a 3-story building. However, this is only an average. 500+ inches of snow have been reported. Lake Tahoe is a great place to ski, snowboard, and enjoy other winter activities.

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5. It is nearly as pure as drinking water.

According to The Tahoe Fund, Lake Tahoe’s water is 99.994% pure. It is considered one of the purest large lakes in North America. It is 99.998% pure when commercially distilled, so it is pretty close. According to the federal Clean Water Act, Lake Tahoe was named Outstanding National Resource Water. Find out more about how we are doing our part in protecting Lake Tahoe’s natural environment.

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