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10 Best Facts About Koalas For Kids

What’s grey, sporting a big head without tails, fluffy ears, and a spoon-shaped nose? The Koala, of course! Australia’s beloved and eucalyptus-leaf-loving bear!

Did you realize that Koalas weren’t actually born? This is just one of a hundred interesting facts about koalas. Here are the 15 best details about koalas.

1.) Koalas are found in the eucalyptus trees in the eastern part of Australia. They are grey-colored with a cream chest and sturdy, clawed feet that are perfect for living in the branches of trees!

2.) Cuddly critters, Koalas are about 60cm to 85cm in length and weigh approximately fourteen kilograms.

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3.) Although you may have heard them called Koala bears, These amazing creatures aren’t born in the slightest They are actually marsupials. A family of mammals, the majority of marsupials are born with pouches in which their babies are born.

4.) When an infant Koala, also known as a Joey born, it instantly climbs into its mother’s pouch. A joey is blind and earless. Joey makes use of its powerful sense of smell and touches along with instinctual senses to locate its way.

5.) A joey grows and develops inside the pouch for approximately six months. When it is strong enough, the child can ride on its mother’s back for the next six months, using the pouch for feeding.

6.) koalas grow up to grow into big eaters, moving up to 1 kg of eucalyptus leaf every day! They’re also picky and will pick the most nutritious and tasty foliage from the tree in which they reside.

7.) These magnificent mammals have their name derived from the Aboriginal * word meaning ‘ no drink.’ It is believed that this is because koalas obtain most of their water by eating the leaves they consume and do not drink.

8.) But check this out – the leaves of eucalyptus are extremely robust and toxic! Lucky for Koalas, they have a large digestive organ known as the cecum that allows them to digest the leaves in a safe way.

9.) Enjoy having a sleep? Well, so do our furry friends! Koalas do not have much energy and, if they’re not eating upon leaves, will spend their time lying on the branches. You wouldn’t believe it. They can rest for as long as an entire 18-hour period per day!

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10.) Although these beautiful creatures are protected under laws and not listed as endangered, their habitat is under threat. Tragically, approximately 90% of their habitat is lost to homes of humans, drought, and bushfires.

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Harrison Jones
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