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24 Fun Facts About Kittens

It’s scientifically proven that no human can resist a kitten. Those little toes! You have big eyes! The whiskers are amazing! Explore these cute Facts About Kittens below!

For forever, kittens have stolen hearts. No matter what color your kitten is, they are cute. Although kittens are only allowed to stay as kittens for a short time, they can be a source of laughter and many memorable moments.

Most people have at least once held a kitten. But how much do we know about baby cats? These interesting facts will help you learn more about one of the most adorable animals in the world.

Facts About Kittens

1. The whiskers of a kitten are as long as the body.

When you look at a kitten’s face, its whiskers are one of the most obvious things. Although kittens are small, their whiskers can be quite impressive. To help them navigate the world, their whiskers grow as large as their bodies. This is particularly helpful for kittens who are still learning how to use all their limbs.

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2. All kittens are born blue-eyed.

The eyes of a kitten are one of the most attractive traits. When they are born, kittens have beautiful blue eyes. Their eye’s color changes as they get older. Many kittens will experience a change in their eyes’ color. Even cats with dark eyes used to have blue eyes.

3. Kittens can be blind or deaf up to two weeks of age.

When they are around one week old, kittens first open their eyes. Even then, they cannot see. They can also not hear clearly. During this time, they are completely dependent on their mom.

4. Kittens are only 3-4 ounces in weight at birth.

The newborns are tiny. Even the heftiest babies weigh only about half as much as a small lemon. In the first few weeks of their lives, they do a lot of growing.

5. Kittens are unable to regulate their body temperature.

While kittens are still very young, they don’t have the ability to regulate and generate heat like mature mammals. They are, therefore, extremely susceptible to cold. They need to be close to their mother and siblings to keep warm. You should first make sure that an abandoned baby is warm if you find them.

6. They are unable to go to the toilet on their own.

It will get messy, but kittens cannot poop or pee on their own. This is an important bodily function. Mama cats are aware of this and will help their babies. They will lick their babies’ stomachs and rear to stimulate digestion and speed things along.

7. When they are around three weeks old, kittens can walk.

Some baby animals can stand up by themselves within minutes of being born, but cats take longer. Three weeks is the minimum age that kittens can learn to walk. They are adorable and wobbly when they take their first steps. They start running and playing about a week after becoming mobile.

8. The dad of a littermate kitten may not always be the same father.

Although it sounds absurd, multiple offspring could mean multiple dads. One sperm can be used per egg. If a mama cat has sperm from more than one male during the same heat cycle, her eggs may be fertilized with sperm from several cats. This is superfecundation. This can explain why kittens from the same litter may look very different.

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9. They should eat every 2 to 3 hours.

It is exhausting to be a mother cat. Babies are very small and require a lot of food to sustain their development. To stay healthy, they must be nursed every 2 hours. Bottle feeding kittens can be difficult because they need to be fed every 2-3 hours. It is impossible to miss a feeding, so you must get up at least once every two hours and not leave the kittens alone.

10. It’s surprisingly simple to train them.

Cats learn to use the potty like dogs and children. You typically need to put them in a box and leave them to do their thing. Their mom’s guidance and instinct to dispose of their waste helps them figure it out.

11. Kneeling serves an important purpose.

Cats are often described as “making bread” when their paws move in a manner that looks like they are kneading. It’s adorable and serves a very important purpose. It’s done to increase milk flow during nursing. It’s an act that shows comfort when they get older.

12. Fleas pose a serious threat to your health.

Fleas can be fatal to any animal, but kittens are the greatest risk. They are not old enough to be treated with topical flea treatment. However, if they are infected with tiny parasites, they could develop other diseases. These diseases can be fatal because of their weak immune system.

13. It is important to spay and neuter.

Although a five-month-old cat may still look like a kitten, biologically, they are mature enough to reproduce. It is a bad idea to delay spaying or to neuter a cat. It is too common for homeless pets to end up in shelters, leaving behind unplanned litter.

14. They are very talkative babies.

Apart from the adorable squeaks, kittens also learn to meow shortly after birth. This is their way of communicating with mom and letting her know they are hungry. A litter of kittens can be quite loud. After they stop nursing, kittens start to meow at their humans to get what they want.

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10 Fun Facts About Kittens!

#1 – Kittens Can’t See & Hear Fully Until 2-3 Weeks Old

Eyes of Kittens open about one week old, But they can’t discern or hear anything until they’re about two weeks old. This means they are completely dependent on their mommy for their very small lives.

#2 – Kittens Sleep Around 18 Hours Per Day

Kittens save energy by sleeping for an average of 18 hours per day! This gives them plenty of energy to grow stronger and rapidly into the adult cats we have known. It’s even more interesting that specific growth hormones can only be released at night, which is why they have to rest to grow.

#3 – Newborn Kittens Purr

Even kittens who are just born can purr and often can be heard nursing or while their mothers are washing their kitty. Squeaks and squeals can be more apparent; if you take a closer look, you’ll hear their little motors going.

#4 – Kittens Have a Strong Sense of Smell

Kittens can perceive color when they attain full-sightedness, but they can’t perceive them as clearly as we humans can. They depend heavily on a keen sense of smell, which develops once their eyesight and hearing improve.

#5 – Kittens Can Be Right or Left-Pawed

Kittens may be right or left-pawed, just like humans are left-handed or right-handed. If you observe closely, you’ll discern whether your kitten is using the left or right foot when exploring new toys.

#6 – Kittens Can Fit Their Bodies Anywhere They Can Fit Their Heads

The kittens or cats can squeeze their bodies pretty much anywhere they can fit their heads; therefore, make sure you take the greatest diligence and care when you’re kitten proofing your home. Their adorable little heads are placed almost anywhere!

#7 – A Kitten’s Whiskers Are As Long As Their Bodies Are Wide

The whiskers of kittens and cats are approximately equal to their bodies’ length. They are used to navigating their surroundings and discovering new locations without needing to put their whole body on the ground.

#8 – All Kittens Are Born With Blue Eyes

Every kitten is born with blue eyes. They will get their full-grown eye color by the age of 8 weeks. Even the most dark-eyed cats were once blue-eyed when they first began to open their eyes.

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#9 – Kittens Have 26 Teeth

Cats with adult teeth have thirty, but kittens have 26 teeth. They lose their baby teeth when they’re six months old, and then the complete set of 30 teeth will become permanent and replace them.

#10 – The Average Kitten Litter is 1-9 Kittens

The average size of litter for cats is around 1-9 kittens; however, the biggest ever recorded was 19 kittens! This is many hungry mouths!


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