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10 Romantic Facts About Kissing

Kissing is among our favorite ways to express our love. We, humans, do all year round to celebrate various reasons and occasions. We kiss to celebrate kissing in social gatherings and even with intense passion. From a simple kiss across the cheeks to the most passionate, breathtaking kiss, they’re all an element of human interaction.

Throughout our lives, we frequently forget how often we kiss. Consider your first kiss or the most romantic kiss you’ve ever experienced. They’re likely unforgettable memories. Can you remember your most exciting kiss? However many times you’ve kissed, or how long you’ve been with kissing, here are ten facts about kissing that you might not be aware of as of yet.


You will frequently observe kissers leaning in the right direction from a film kiss to a sculpture or painting. What is the reason for this? The first research on this was primarily focused on western couples who might have been inclined to the right side just because they saw them doing it in movies or other mediums.

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However, studies in societies that ban kissing in public indicate that two-thirds of people lean to the right. The person who is the one to initiate the kiss usually is inclined to the dominant side, which means that if they’re right-handed, they will lean towards the right side when they kiss. The person being kissed does the same, no matter if they are right or left-handed.


Kisses require an array of 146 muscles, including 34, from which facial muscles and 112 muscles of the postural. A group of British researchers examined couples’ kisses in the condition of an MRI scanner to determine these conclusions. This could be a serious exercise for the face!

The reason is that kissing can burn calories. A little bit, but it is contingent on the type of kissing you’re doing. You’ll burn between 2 and 3 calories in a minute by simple kissing and between 5 and 26 calories per minute in intense kissing. Walking the stairs will help you burn more calories, but kissing doesn’t have the same fun as kissing.


The way people feel comfortable receiving a kiss on their bodies differs for each individual. For many people, the neck is a favorite spot to be kissed. The neck is full of nerve endings, making it extremely sensitive. A neck kiss typically occurs close to the nape, at the point when the neck connects with the shoulders. However, the possibility of kissing someone anyplace on the neck could be a pleasure. Make sure you don’t turn it into the subject of a kiss that is a hickey.


The longest-lasting kiss in history was the longest time of 58 hours, 35 mins, and 59 secs. This record was set by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, from Thailand, who broke the record during an event hosted by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Pattaya in Thailand from February 12-14, 2013.

There are many other kissing records, like The Longest Kiss Relay, which included 1015 participants, and the Longest Underwater Kiss lasted 3 minutes and 24 secs. The biggest mural of Kisses is comprised of 41,692 kisses. This was accomplished at the hands of Pennsbury High School in the USA in the year 2019.

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Lips are extremely sensitive as they’re stuffed with nerve endings that are greater than those in the neck. This is why kissing causes a chemical reaction between hormones and neurotransmitters that is similar to the reaction to bungee jumping, exercising, or taking medications. The heart rate increases and your breathing is more pronounced.

6. The happiness of kissing

Kissing not only gives an adrenaline rush but also boosts your happy hormones. When you are with someone, regardless of whether it’s a kiss on the cheek or an intimate make-out session, the brain produces a mix of chemical compounds, including dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These chemicals can make you feel joyous and promote feelings of love and bonds.

Kissing reduces stress and helps us feel more secure. The kiss can cause levels of the cortisol stress hormone to decrease, and creating a sense of security will boost our sense of self-worth. As long as a pair has been together, they feel better when kissing.


The results of studies have proven that you’re likely to never forget the first time you kiss. Over 90% of people can remember the exact details that they first shared a kiss typically more vividly than their first time having sexual contact. Even twenty or 30 years later, you’re more likely to be able to remember the first time you kissed than the breakfast you had the very next morning.

As vividly as we remember something, the more vivid memories will be. This applies to positive and negative events. Experiences that are vividly lived, such as the first time we kissed, breakups and the birth of a baby, and the painful moments of childhood remain with us for the rest of our lives.


According to a well-known German study in the 1980s, women who kiss their spouses before going to work are more healthy, have fewer accidents in the car, and earn greater earnings than those who do not kiss their wives prior to leaving for work. But researchers who conducted the study didn’t conclusively conclude that kissing caused such a significant difference in the outcomes in the different groups.

It’s the positive outlook that is strongly linked to an active lifestyle that’s the main reason. What’s clear from this study is that the connection created by frequent kissing between spouses improves both emotional and physical health.

9. More intimate than SEX

Some consider kissing to be more intimate than sexual relations. Numerous studies have revealed women are far more selective regarding who they kiss than those they’ve had a sexual relationship with. The intimacy can, for some individuals, be quite sterile; however, for kissing, you must be able to connect with the person you are kissing. This is why prostitutes are often reluctant to be kissing their clientele.

Many couples question whether there’s something wrong in their relationship when their sexual relationship becomes less active. However, a decline in kissing is more concerning for your relationship’s state.

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10. Control Your SALIVA!

About a quarter of women claim to have improved their husband’s kissing methods. Women and men kiss differently. Studies show that males are more likely to exchange more saliva for increasing testosterone levels. Women are generally less impressed by this behavior.

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